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Nov 06

Posts: 1124

admin says:

Stoner shares pictures of injuries

Casey Stoner has shared pictures of the right leg and ankle he injured during qualiyfing practice for the Indianapolis Grand Prix. The Australian managed fourth place in the race despite confirmation he had several small chipped bone fractures, a 10mm fracture on the talar dome below the tibia and fibula, contusions to the anterior tibia, posterior tibia and medial malleolus, and...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 August 2012 11:53)

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Jul 09

Posts: 739

trailler says:


Have a look at I.Hutchy's leg after he got run over at BSS meeting..........real nasty!!.

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Respect !

    Its a shame that Casey feels he needs to show these pictures publicly,my guess is hes been reading all the Trolling shit on these & other forums slating him.He dosnt have to prove a thing to me,I respect him for the hard core racer he really is.

    Sadly you can garantee these pictures will NOT stop the anti Casey Trolls from vomiting theyre poision on here.Im sure such coments as its just a scratch & he needs to grow a pair etc etc will soon apear.However the coment so far are very posative & sensible.Lets hope that this trend continues !

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Apr 11

Posts: 129

moany100 says:


i admit to not being casey's biggest fan but he did'nt need to race with that injury and obviously didn't want to let himself his fans or his team down BIG UP TO HIM

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

The poor little baby

Now competes with a lil effeminate daddy for her bottle. Why does Adrianna allow him to suckle on his daughter bottle. I always knew he want people pity and sympathy, but when at home the baby should not have to compete with a grown ass man for mommy's affection. Let alone having to fight for her baby toys and milk bottle. I guess he is sucking on that milky looking bottle to get his incontinence going for more sympathy from wifey. What a loser, for posting a swelling. How about an iron rod....oh his injury just need some Iodex to ease the swelling. lol.

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Jun 11

Posts: 566

ratchetman says:


I dont particulary like Caseys attitude towards other riders and joe public but you have to admire the guy. He could have easily not raced . But he knew that if he didnt the championship would be all but over .So respect to the guy not only did he race but came away with a decent result   

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:


none of us wussy's could stand that on a pedal and pop

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Aug 10

Posts: 288

vtwinmark says:

Can we see some pics of the blisters on Rossi's braking fingers?...cos from what I saw last week, he was never fckin off 'em...

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Aug 12

Posts: 5

That's gotta hurt!

Anyone here ever had a broken ankle or even just sprained? It's a nightmare and hurts like hell for a good month or so! To ride a moto gp bike at this level with that injury takes some balls, a big crash like that would have scared the hell out of most guys enough to decide against the race! Especially when you got a new born and your on your retirement season. I think Stoner deserves some respect for showing how comitted he is to winning this championship. Shame the guys attitude is sour and he moans about pretty much everything but he's proved himself by riding injured when I thought he would have been the first to opt out with a good excuse! Must say when my bro broke his ankle (yz 85 over the handlebars job years ago now) his whole foot turned purple and blue and looked worse than Stoners swelling. But it was months before he could even walk on it nevermind doing any riding or sports! Ha ha I remember decorating his cast like a tech 10 mx boot looked wicked!

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Mar 09

Posts: 233

torryboy says:


apologies rev misread your post bud.

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Sep 11

Posts: 23

2vforeva says:

Hurts like all !!!!

Moody2Showtimesays - Anyone here ever had a broken ankle or even just sprained?

Yup done all the ligaments in my left ankle in multi- bike crash on track. Yes is hurts like hell, worse it took ages to heal, limped for months. Even with daily physio it took two weeks to ride a bike again.

All these guys are amazingly driven to get the job done. Injuries unfortunately are part of the game. The riders reaction to them is what always amazes me.... Ride? Why not!


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