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Nov 06

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admin says:

You ask/you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police?

You ask, you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police? A friend of mine claims to have out-run the police who attempted to catch him when he was speeding on a dual carriageway. I think he's telling the truth. I ride a Blackbird, and must admit I'd be tempted to gas it if I thought they hadn't got my...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 August 2012 12:44)

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May 10

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idontstop says:

I just responded to this and it if it gets repeated..sorry. Will type it again.

Its a tricky one...I have loads of stories of running from the police. Once with a passenger on the M25...was picked up at around 100mph...saw the lights in my mirror...quick conflab with my passenger and his reaction was the same as mine "GUNNIT"...accelerated to top speed.....put some distance on them...took next exit...ducked into a housing estate...back road....jumped off bike...2 cigareetes later....cruised into local pulled over at a road block...held for 10 minutes...original plod car came screeching to halt..copper says "No thats not them" and screeches off...we went on our way...laughing.

M11- around 11.30PMish buzzed a marked car at over 170mph...put some distance and made sure I was out of sight...then sat bolt upright and dropped to eventually caught up with me and pulled me over...I just went mad at them telling them how a guy on exactly the same bike as mine had just come past me at a stupid speed and that riders like that give bikers a bad name...anyway...plod bought the story hook, line and he was getting back in his car he was looking at me with a look of confusion..I couldn´t resist a cheeky wink...his face was picture...he jumped out of his car and told me "I will be watching you from now on..I know it was you"..."Ok" I said "but it really wasn´t me...thank you though for watching my back...I feel safer"...his face was a picture as he drove off...hilarious.

Country Lane - midnight in a chase and it was intense..this guy was really good and knew how to drive....I was shitting my pants.....anyway...pulled some distance and then spied a dirt track into a wood...I took the dirt track (old gixxer 1100) and laid the bike on the ground.....huge sigh of relief as the plod car went screaming by...couple of fags later and I cruised home...that was really close.

20 odd years later and I realise what a complete prat I was....a full on idiot. Selfish arsehole who could have killed himself and others. So NO don´t run from the police but more importantly don´t put yourself in the position to be stopped. You don´t have to race around to have fun...get an open face helmet and cruise around...its great fun. If you need to race around...GO RACING! I have some great memories from my youth and "pig baiting" but it was more luck that stopped me from either killing myself or others and getting caught. At the time I was invincible.....I thank God Im still alive. If I could go back in time I would punch myself in the face and take the bike away.

That being said....if I was riding today and spotted the lights in the mirror...I know I would grow horns and the temptation to run would be just too great....hence I don´t even speed anymore. Its like a bloody drug! Speeders Anonymous anyone? Ive been slow for 15 years now..and proud of it.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This post is the fictional writing of a mentally ill minor....*wink*

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Aug 12

Posts: 6

A Police Rider Responds

I think the point a lot of readers here are missing is that almost all Police Officers who ride bikes love bikes and are Bikers too, I have lost count of how many officers I know have private motorcycles with small number plates, loud race pipes and ride (sometimes to work like their hair is on fire), However we are all adults and as such have to make judgments on whether our behavior is illegal or not,and if we break the speed limits..when we caught expect to receive suitable punishment... I personally do not agree with speed cameras on poles, they are dumb and do not have the benefit of discretion,not all speeding is dangerous, Most police officers i Know use discretion when they stop and speak to a rider who is a little over the speed limit, and if their attitude is good and they are receptive to advice and are polite, they will usually get away with a warning and words of advice, at worst a speed awareness day. this depends a lot on how busy the roads are and whether its a built up area or a fast empty road... Failing to stop for police is a separate and much more serious offence,you will not get away with a warning.. If we all ignored all the laws, then your bike would have already been stolen by anyone who fancied it and torched so you wouldn't be able to ride it anyway. Common sense has to prevail, If you think you can outrun the police, you will fall into a new category and the offence goes from traffic to criminal..dangerous driving can be punishable by a prison sentence, and attempting to evade the police will move you into that category,.. 3 points for speeding is far less serious than prison.. remember the car/bike/unmarked superbike/helicopter chasing you will have a radio fitted, so he can radio ahead to other officers and access to the police national computer..he will know where you live. saying your bike was stolen when it wasn't goes into the category of attempting to pervert the course of can get up to 7 Years in prison for that!! So no Don't try to outrun the police, by doing so you risk your life, the lives of other road users including families in their cars, and risk prison.. I go to the isle of man and go on track days to experience the thrill of speed.. if you would like to know the statistics of a normal day, out of 25 motorists stopped for various offences half of which were bikers.. only 5 got a ticket, the rest got warnings.. of that 5 ticketed only one was a biker, who failed the attitude test and wanted to tell me how I should be catching burglars instead.. shame.. because up to the point of his comment i was going to let him off!!.. If you speed...dont do it in towns, if you get caught, be nice.. if you still get a ticket.. it probably wasn't me!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8400

snev says:


What? Cops are human too??? only joking, I know a few Traffic Cops, including Bike Cops and I can relate to your comments. Without going into detail, the Thrill of Biking and Speed is running through all our veins, it's just a shame that we can only have our kicks by doing something "against the law" and being "pursued by the law".

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Jan 11

Posts: 8400

snev says:


Great tales of youthful Bravery, I have many a story to tell including the time when I went fishing for Bass and caught a "Big Bugger"so rode home with a little "haste" got off the bike, Gutted the fish, had a cup of coffee and read the paper. Knock on the door.... WPC Someone  asking if I owned the bike outside? and had I just Ridden down the road at @155mph with a fishing rod strapped to my back??? I don't think so Officer I Said... OK and enjoy your Baked Fish supper. she replied and by the way your Rear tyre is worn, I wouldn't want to go very fast on that!!! 

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Mar 09

Posts: 5

bluebirdxxx says:

Out running

Never try to out-run the police, they have bikes, cars and dogs all of which will go faster than you running.

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Aug 09

Posts: 178

busaman195 says:

bluebirdxxx...on a bike mate not on foot!!

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Oct 11

Posts: 2635

Piglet2010 says:


So no traffic citation quotas in the UK then? Here in the US they will deny it, but many departments expect every traffic plod to issue a minimum number of citations per month – keeps the revenue up, plus makes the insurance companies that fund the politicians happy, as they get to jack up your rate. But they are more likely to pick on squids – cruiser riders generally get a pass.

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Aug 10

Posts: 507

shawno76 says:

All depends whether you value your job.  Yes, you may outrun the odd patrol or unmarked car and make it to your parents house in time for tea.  Just hope the APR didn't do it's job properly, you know the multi-million system developed for Airport Parking (haha)  If it did, that steady income where the cheques don't bounce will be replaced with butt clenching nights in a cell hoping that big Ron isn't feeling horny.  In short, don't be a cabbage (unless you have a revolving [or flip up] number plate like Mr. Bond)

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Dec 04

Posts: 22

Ozzie3 says:

Outrun or take it like a man

I have been riding a bike and driving a car for over 40yrs.Everytime I go out on my bike I speed to some degree or another as most of us do..In 40 years I have had one ticket for speeding(ironicaly in the car). I was as annoyed as anyone else 56mph,roadworks deserted M6.But when i think of what i have got away with its best to take it like a man.Dont run it, only complicates the issue and you will never be found not guilty if caught which is 99% certain.

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Jul 05

Posts: 44

occytherp says:

on the chin time

Just got my first 3 points in over 30 years of riding and driving for speeding as a result of AVOIDING a collision. Went to court and pleaded my case that myself and my pillion would have been hit from behind had I not taken action, made no difference whatsoever. You will not outrun, outtalk or outsmart the Police so take it on the chin and live to fight another day. Having said that, my previous chilled attitude to coppers has been tarnished and now I wouldn't piss on one if they were on fire.

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