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Nov 06

Posts: 1113

admin says:

Poll: Has Cal Crutchlow's nightmare changed your view of Ducati?

In an exclusive interview in MCN today (Wednesday), British MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow reveals the full extent of his anger with Ducati. After being offered a ride in the factory team, Crutchlow was dumped weeks later in favour of his Tech-3 team-mate Dovisioso. In an explosive interview, Crutchlow says he was 'shafted' and 'lied to' by Ducati. So does this...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 August 2012 15:32)

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

wrong question

In light of recent results surely ducati would be mad to pick cal over dovi.dovi is fighting the top 3 every race while cal is fighting tarmac with his face.I also dont think his starting grid manner is helping him,you havent done enough yet cal to play the big shot.stop trying to land a big job and concentrate on beating dovi.also how loyal is cal to herve at tech 3 ?the man gives him a great bike and he does everything in his power to walk away,(as has dovi) if anyone is a victim it is herve who has been treated appallingly

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May 08

Posts: 25

Arsedownandy says:

If nothing was signed, then there was no deal.

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Feb 09

Posts: 233

tris123 says:

a bit naive

Probably better to keep quiet until contracts have been signed. Certainly no point pissing of Tech 3.


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Aug 02

Posts: 53

Tetley says:

Double-Dealing Ducaudi

I don't like Ducaudi's policy of using untruths to string a rider along, and they applied it to Cal, just as they applied it to VR46. However, Cal may have been spared a poisoned chalice. Dovi is deluded if he thinks he can succed where so many other top riders have come unstuck.

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Feb 06

Posts: 200

Banzai600 says:

The way I see it.......

As we all know, motogp and the stupid rumours that circulate are not to be believed until its all down in black / white. Riders of all ppl should realise this.

If cal was sounding off a while ago he shouldnt have been, he should know better. He's still signed to TECH3 and banging on about this illusive ducati deal.Look what happended to Peter Hickman !!

Anyway, now Cal is in the position of not getting the ride he thought and throwing egg on the faces of TECH3 at the same time.

Until TECH3 confirm him for next yr I would be a little worrried where he made end up. Great rider but dovi has outshone him.

You cant blame Ducati, they are not entirely at fault.

Has anyone spken to Herve Poncheral yet ? :huh:

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:

too bloody right...

It really makes me want to get out of my armchair and step into my new power ranger suit and go show them how superior I am. Now whats the weather forcast for sunday afternoon? Cloud with a chance of rain, bugger I'm off down the pub to impress the hell out of my mates, Just have to find a file and my Sliders will look awesome. What's a Ducati?

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

asstoot says:

No shame

Can`t see what`s, wrong-Ducati signed a rider with better results. It`s tough on Cal to have such an illustrious teammate, otherwise he`d have shone brighter. Also to all you angry Cal fans, remeber that the duke offer was on the table but Cal kept it no secret he`d prefer the factory Yam. Should`ve lunged at it at the first sight, hey ho.

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Jan 11

Posts: 4

pischow says:

own fault

He would have a ducati deal in his hands if he had ridden like in the start of the season. he have made way too many mistakes and ridden badly. It`s no braner that ducati choose Dovi. Dovi  has 5 podiums cal has zero. Dovi has experience from a factory ride and how to develop it cal has not. and now it looks bad for tech 3. smith is comming to motogp why? nobody knows he has also ridden so poorly that even pramac ducati would accept him to ride there if he paid for them. and if cal and bradley are in the same team. reputation of tech 3 is gone they won´t get good result next year. Maybe they have to start look elsewhere. there are way better riders than cal and bradley out there. In moto2  pol espagaro has been very fast. in sbk young talen loris baz have shined I would rather hire from wsbk jonathan rea or tom sykes to replace cal. Cal have had his opportunity to shine and he hasn`t. It´s time to leave and back to wsbk. and what comes to smith hopefully he don`t think that there is  a tech 3 spec bike waiting for him cause it`s not.

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Oct 10

Posts: 430

racingfan99 says:

For a fair few weeks now Cal has been mouthing off (FIGJAM), telling everyone he wants to be a factory rider, dissing people on twitter which he might think is clever and witty. BUT it’s not. Especially not when the guy at the other side of the garage on the same bike is actually doing the business and proving on track (where it matters) just how good he is. Dovi was runner up last year and should really have kept his job at Honda, he is very fast, very smooth, red hot on the brakes and just gets on with it and ends up on the podium on a satellite bike. He doesn’t need the figjam attitude – he just is. Don’t think Cal’s done himself any favours with Yamaha or Ducati, as I’ve said before Cal’s mouth/ moods will more likely spoil his career rather than his riding talent. As soon as things go a bit wrong for him; his results and confidence suffers that  bit more than some of the other guys. Cal’s a good racer and Tech3 are a good team.
Cal’s nightmare of dealing with Ducati is just a similar story to most others who have had dealings with them. Ducati are desperate to find a replacement for Rossi, and I guess an Italian is the preferred choice, they have taken the pick of what was available and who can blame them.
So once again the million dollar question, rider or bike. Because the irony is that next season if Cal stays at Tech3 in Motogp (hope he does and sorts himself out) he will in all likelihood probably be beating Dovi in every race. (By the way don’t think Bradley deserves the Tech3 bike, results not good enough.)
Dovi will no doubt have a far bigger pay check next year than Cal but the odds are that Dovi’s reputation will reduce with poorer performances.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:

racing fan99?

Are you a fan of racing by any chance? BTW, I love raspberry jam... never tried Fig jam.

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