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Steve Farrell  says:

Last-minute changes to bike test rules

Wranglings over what motorcycles can be used under new bike test rules are continuing with only weeks to go before the January introduction date. In August the Driving Standards Agency said the test for an unrestricted category ‘A’ motorcycle licence would have to be taken on bikes of at least 67bhp under plans. But now the DSA has said that...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 November 2012 16:58)

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Nov 12

Posts: 6

birchie1 says:

Just a thought,

Everyone seems to be concentrating on the age/bhp issue the one group of people that noboby seems to have thought about are the 5ft to 5ft 5' petite ladies who can ride very well but take the A2 as an option because they struggle to manoever a stationary 500cc + around on the mod 1 test area!! How many ladies will now not be able to take their test when the new one comes into place??

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Poor show, Steve. Trolling is the lowest form of journalism.

As I'm sure you've very well aware, it's not a "last minute" change. The 50kW / 180kg minimum limit was only ever proposed to come in at the end of 2013, not the start.  The headline should be "no change, everyone happy."

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Feb 10

Posts: 410


3 strikes u pass

This is ridiculous, A1 A2 and A categories.

I understand the need to estrict youngster's and even in a lot of cases `BORN AGAIN BIKER'S',at a more mature age as some of them can be bloody irresponsible but this smacks of beauracatic bullsh*t to get more money.

Why don't they just ban motorcycling altogether and be done,i mean let's face it,they've been trying for years haven't they. I'm not surprised they haven't banned bikes over 500cc and restricting them to 20bhp.

I mean A1 125cc,15bhp,wow,you can still kill yourself if you're not careful.

A2 47bhp wow,that'll mean a Honda CB 500 no doubt or something heavily restricted,more bloody money,unless of course,you just hire bike for test,but i suspect a lot of people want a bike for useage not just to pass their test.This cat is restricted to under 21's,fair enough.

A category,unrestricted,yeah so far,but in some cases not a bad idea,i mean going from 47bhp to say a Hayabusa is lethal,unless that person is mentally responsible,but in today's society well.......I still reckon,once you have passed this last test you should be restricted to 100bhp for a year,after that anyhting happens it's on your head be it.

In some respects,this is a good idead but again we see JOE PUBLIC suffering because of idiot's who ruin it for responsible people who want a bike to ride for pleasure,thus bringing stupid tests like this in and also the beauracrats who are out to screw as much money as they can from you.:mad:


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Nov 03

Posts: 471

kl595 says:

Just go back to 125cc limit as a learner. Then for the test -  a bit of cone work, a road assessment by a chap ,or a chapess, some random highway code questions and a simple pass or fail.

Why do we complicate things, so much, with age and horsepower restrictions. It's just a bike not a multi-million pound fighter jet with a complicated weopons system for God's sake.

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Mar 10

Posts: 120

MudDoctor says:

It's a bit like school,

When an individual or small group of kids does something really stupid, perhaps beyond the scope of common sense, and suddenly such activity is banned. The kids who behave responsibly are suddenly cast in the same mould as the "bad" kids, in a method used to protect the stupid from themselves.

A government, elected or otherwise, has a duty to protect it's citizens collectively. While they can go about it in a cack handed way, such as in this case, I undesrtand what they are trying to achieve.

It would appear that most of the posters here are riding gods, never had any training and could ride a 1000cc sportsbike before they could walk. Good for you.

There are others out there who are not so similarly gifted, even though they may think that they are. There are plenty of bikers out there who, because they drive a Ferrari, think that they can handle a powerful sportsbike. Some can, some simply can't.

So, what is the solution? The government either takes a "weakest link" approach and legislates for the lowest common denominator, or introduces a complex graded licence and number plate scheme that can identify, at a glance, that the rider falls into various licence catagories, from Darwin Award, Numpty, Don't Let it Breed, Harley Rider, Weirdy Beardy, Average, Good, Rossi Wannabe, to Riding God. It would be a nightmare to police, and perhaps insulting to some riders, and possibly (cough) seen as discriminatory.

While it is certainly insulting that the same approach has yet to be taken for car drivers, (have you signed the petition yet?) there are allegedly some moves being taken in that direction.

If I was 17 or 18 years old, I would almost certainly be raging about the clusterfuck that is current and future motorcycle legislation, but as a mature rider, I can perhaps see what is, in a misguided way, an attempt to save lives. I remember how I rode a bike when I was younger, and must admit that I am probably lucky to be alive today.

Young people hate being told "you're too young to understand", and I was no different, but with age comes wisdom (you'd think), and I would like to see some of our young riders grow up to be old riders.

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Sep 10

Posts: 30

Histy says:


Thats great, We have just had to work our asses off to buy some new bikes in prep for the changes to the 67bhp. We sort that out and they then say you don't need the until 2018, they will be no good by then! DSA please offer a grant!

Histy -

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Oct 12

Posts: 133

flydnb says:

so at 43 and i pass my test on a 125 what can i ride after?

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Oct 12

Posts: 133

flydnb says:

i forgot to add ive done my mod 1 on a 600 and passed but failed mod 2 so was thinking of stepping down to a 125 for mod 2 because i will be riding trails enduroros mainly anyway.


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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:



The idea of democracy is that if we don't like what people are doing then we can vote against them and hopefully kick them out. The EU commission has no such problems with elections or pesky issues like being accountable to the people.

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Dec 10

Posts: 12080

preunit says:

flydnb dude

Just redo the mod2 as it stands today, get the fcuker outta the way, or it'll be like going it to a pub and legally being able to order only a 1/2 of Fosters...........wont be long before that'll royaly piss you off.

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