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Anonymous  says:

Banned from parking in business park

I work on a business park which is running short of parking spaces and has no bike spaces at all so I use a car parking space. I am being told that they are going to ban motorbikes from parking in the business parks with a £100 fine. Is this legal? As a relatively new biker do we really have to deal...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 July 2013 09:57)

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

parking your bike

Society is waking up to the fact that cars are the scourge of on our life, they are used for crime of all kinds they are kill thousands each and every year and they are anti social, motorcycles are seen as a real alternative by people with any kind of intelligence, however in order to try and keep the number of motorcycles down some people take it on themselves to try to force motorcyclists to drive cars.

Helmet bans and so on, there are many places I simply don't spend my money in because of their attitude, Is don't need their services, I can buy a pint of beer in a supermarket and hold a party if I'm that desperate for social gatherings or a pint.

I save a fortune now, those places where I have to deal with they either get a cheque in the post, so they have to wait and cheques get lost, or I find alternatives.

We have ourselves to blame because so few motorcyclist set up businesses and services and those that do don't promote themselves properly to encourage motorcyclists to use their businesses and services.

Stick two fingers up to those companies that are not motorcycle friendly and watch them go bust, get your friends to boycott their companies and services, turn the tables.

I've even used companies from over seas rather than use a bike hating company in the uk.

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Jun 06

Posts: 43

exsup says:

F##k them

I work for myself and have a lot of respect from my customers so I was shocked one day when a machine failed it was nice and sunny and I decided to go up and have a look at it on my bike I got there sorted the machine and told the production Manager that I will send him a new control card. You can imagine how I felt the next day when a salesman I know called me and said that the Production Manager was not happy because I sent some bloke up on a motorbike when he expected some one more senior I told the salesman to call him back and tell him that it was me the MD who came up on the bike not some bloke his attitude changed but it does leave a bitter taste.

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

If they're running short of car spaces why don't they insist that any car brings at least 2 people in to work ?

Problem solved, and it'd create far more space than banning one bike. Unless there's more than one of you, in which case, you could get at least 3 bikes in one car space.

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Aug 10

Posts: 7

tamashiihyu says:

There is a requirement to provide parking for motorcycles

Below is an extract of the Parking Requirements for all new developments in the Swansea area and they are not unique to this Authority. it is a none negotiable requirement. There is an obligation to provide 5%, or, 1 in 20 parking spaces for the parking of motorbikes. This policy was published in 2012 and had been around for some time. So the question is how old is the business park? If the Planning Authority had done its job properly and they have a responsibility to do so, then there should be permanent motorbike parking provision there. There is a possibility that if there is no provision then business park is operating outside planning law. The local planning enforcement officer would be able to advise, enforce, and fine continuously until it is put right. My learned Architectural friend should know this! Extract>>>>>> APPENDIX 4 MOTORCYCLE PARKING STANDARDS 1. Motorcycle parking should be located in a safe, secure and convenient location where other vehicles cannot encroach or obstruct the motorcycle parking area. 2. Motorcycles are prone to theft. For reasons of security, motorcycle parking facilities should be located in areas that are visible and therefore allow for informal surveillance. Surrounding high walls or shrubbery should be avoided as they could provide cover for thieves. In certain instances the introduction of CCTV or other security means could be necessary. In particular these facilities should be located where other larger vehicles, such as vans, could not be used to steal the motorcycles. 3. Robust anchor points must be provided to lock the motor cycles to, but the design of the anchor points must be such that they are able to accommodate a wide range of motorcycle wheel sizes, but without affording easy leverage for bolt croppers or other equipment used for the purposes of theft. Care must also be taken to ensure that locking facilities do not present a trip hazard to pedestrians, disabled people and particularly people with visual impairment. 4. Covered motorcycle parking would clearly be of benefit to riders, particularly for long term parking, as would the supply of convenient litter bins as riders have little space for carrying surplus articles. It is also important to consider the supply of lockers for storage of riders protective clothing and helmets. 5. Motorcycle length and width dimensions are generally reduced when parked, as the front wheel will be turned to a locked position. The effective length and width vary between about 1600mm to 2300mm (length) and 650mm to 900mm (width). A bay size of 2.8m x 1.3m is recommended. 6. A further consideration is that of disabled riders. It is suggested that provision be made for disabled riders by way of special marked-out bays of increased size. Any rider experiencing e.g. reduced mobility, will benefit from extra room to position themselves to the side of their bike when manoeuvring or mounting. As the rider population ages, this may become a common issue. 7. Motorcycle parking bays should not be surfaced with bitumen based material as itcan soften in hot weather, causing the stand of the motorcycle to sink and the bike totopple. Concrete surfaces should avoid this problem. 8. Further guidance is available in Manual for Streets. TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT MOTORCYCLE PARKING PROVISION All classes of development 5% of provision for car parking

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Feb 09

Posts: 4735

philehidiot says:

now THAT

is a sexy piece of legislation.

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Jul 13

Posts: 1

Brimstone says:

This type of discriminatory crap really pisses me off - My own company (Investment Managers and Financial Advisors) rented premises on a fancy Business Park, and on one occasion, instead of driving to work in my grown up business express, I rode my CBR600RR in and parked outside as usual. Within nano seconds, some jobsworth appeared, and not recognising me in my gear, rudely told me I couldn't park there, and that I would have to move. So, much to the amusement of my staff, I rode my bike into the foyer of the office  and parked there.

The guy came storming in, but turned a pale shade of green when I took my helmet off, and he realised the almighty cock up he was making. He mumbled some apology, and later in the day, the agents for the Business Park called me to apologise, but when I pointed out to them that it could easily be one of my clients arriving by bike, and what would they think of such treatment, they didn't really have an answer.

Gave them notice and relocated my business elsewhere. Stuff them ! 


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Sep 11

Posts: 84

monkeyninja says:

The Man from the Ministry

I have worked for the Government (Dept for Business) for quite a few years and since the late 90s a great deal of my work has involved working with Industry and this sees me travelling around the country for meetings at some small and many large businesses.

Whenever the weather allows I will don my leathers and travel on my bike, then change into a suit for the business meeting.

I have never been discriminated because of my mode of transport. I have never been refused entry (although sometimes I have had to explain I wasn't a courier!) and it is always a talking point and an ice breaker. Of course, the fact that I'm there to help companies and not add to their burdens usually helps!!

Last time I was at the opening of an large and expensive mill in the North West - I arrived on my bike and was made just as welcome with all the senior management as if I had been in a car.

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Feb 09

Posts: 33


 Brimstone, I wish I had of been there to see that! Would've made my week! Legend!!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

I feel rather certain that if 100 + bikes turned up, on legitimate business of course, that the argument may be a little short lived? Of course, in this day and age, the policy makers (policy not being law, of course) are doing their shareholders a world of good with their attitude. Or, maybe not. Idiots.


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Sep 13

Posts: 1

Osborna123 says:

Whether you turn up in a car or on a motorbike is irrelevant as one space will be taken up regardless of the method of transport.  Such a simple piece of logic was clearly beyong his IQ...

If I was in your position I would take great pleasure in asking the staff to help wind him up - by each asking the attendant if this 'vehicle is ok to park?' the next morning.  No doubt after the first half dozen he would get the message.


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