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Kirsten Ash  says:

The fate of Mallory Park

Mallory Park has called upon its supporters to attend the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Meeting on Wednesday July 10. Upon recent reviews, the council have advised the track to be limited to just 92 days per year, which would result in complete closure due to lack of financial viability. In order to keep the local residents in mind Mallory Park had...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 July 2013 13:32)

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Nov 09

Posts: 4

dogwhisperer says:

Mallory park closure

More from the minority trying to tell the majority what to do.

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Jun 13

Posts: 2

70sheydays says:


The local residents will need that noise expert when they build masses of new homes. Months if not years of build works and all its joys,then a small town on there doorstep And regarding good neighbours they will have hundreds to choose from and some wont be so good then they will be begging for that track to be returned

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Jan 13

Posts: 31

TTdaft says:

completely barking!

the circuit was established long before any of the current residents moved in to the area and has a long rich history....

The council completely ignore compromises (estbalish with an acoustic consultant) and an independent report on the local economy!!!!!!!!! and they want to restrict the number of days they open without assessing the business impact.......

bstrd, bstrd, bstrd, bstrd jobs worths....when are these people going to wake up!!!!!  I wouldn't be surprised if envelopes were changing hands!

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Oct 09

Posts: 39

Vortex52 says:

First come first served!

Firstly I would like to ask: Who came first? The track or the residents? It is like building a house development next to an airfield and 10 years later start a movemet to remove the airport....if you buy a house or build it next to a potential noise source it is at your own risk!!!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:


Bang on - exactly the point I was going to make. This circuit has been there ages (since the 1950s). You buy a house with the local sources of noise in mind. To me things like railways and motorways come to mind. You can't buy a house nearby and then complain about the noise, asking for them to be moved. It's insane and a perfect example of how businesses are being made to suffer for this stupid over PC society we have. That track pays 145 mortgages.

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:

mallory park

and to think many years ago i remember there were plans to make the  track over 2 miles long would have been brilliant.seen some superb meetings there. race of the year /post t t. i live near brands but mallory on race of the year day was awsome.perhaps big earth banks around it like assen would sort the an awful shame if it is closed.perhaps m c n still have the extension  maps in there back numbers then we could all see how brilliant it could have been.i fear with an aging population we will seee more of this not in my backyard selfishness.

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Dec 03

Posts: 28

ninja12 says:


It's like a customer said to me who lived in church street opposite the church ! He was going to complain about those blinking bells !!!! Put up with it, you knew it was there when u moved there tough you sad gits!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 87

Popski says:

The writing's been on the wall for years about the future of Mallory, not only have the numbers attending, compared to the 60's/70's, massively declined but modern bikes have overwhelming power outputs that in order to moderate speeds the circuit's been reduced to a large extent to little more than a karting lap full of chicanes. I used to attend regularly in days gone by when 'Works' MV's and Hondas were being entered and compared to modern stuff they were more or less gutless. Sadly the circuit to my mind has developed into a track too small for the machinery that uses it. I totally agree that the bellyaching by the local residents is 'out of order' as they were aware of the implications of living next door to a racetrack when the purchased their property but I've no doubt that they got together some time ago anticipating that if they created a big enough stink some local luminaries receiving appropriate 'backhanders' and wishing to 'make a name for themselves' would help them in their crusade. 

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Middle Class Morons.

I hate the total fuckwit middle class around Mallory (and generally) who moved to live by a motor racing circuit then decided it was not socially acceptable to their middle class idiocy. The same idiots who sit outside the village bakery on cheap aluminium patio furniture on Sunday mornings with the Times newspaper thinking they have made it in life and are sat in some cosmopolitan perfect fucking society. When in reality they are just much more up to their necks in debt than anyone else and reliant on an employer who may not survive the bankers slow kill of the economy. The same fucktards who love the sound of church bells at 7am on a Sunday morning and can smarm in their idyllic, borrowed money, chintz curtained lifestyle's. The type of people who keep the windows closed because it smells nasty outside in the countryside.

Selfish c**** ! Do one !

Sadly I think the middle class, clueless fucktards will win.

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Jun 10

Posts: 394

Play them at their own game

First come first served doesn't hold water legally, and alleging corruption is just going to get people's backs up when you want them on side. Play them at their own game. The history of Mallory Park should be argued to represent a 'non-designated heritage asset' as defined by para.12 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), when set against the underlying principles of that document and the three definitions of 'sustainable development' - it begins with the 'economic role' – contributing to building a strong, responsive and competitive economy. Creating jobs and sustaining wider economic benefits to the local economy, if the facility can set out its stall properly against definable noise standards, the balance of judgement as 'sustainable development' should go with the circuit? (Yes mother, back into my box now)

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