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Kirsten Ash  says:

The fate of Mallory Park

Mallory Park has called upon its supporters to attend the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Meeting on Wednesday July 10. Upon recent reviews, the council have advised the track to be limited to just 92 days per year, which would result in complete closure due to lack of financial viability. In order to keep the local residents in mind Mallory Park had...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 July 2013 13:32)

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Not Just Mallory

I belong to a club which uses an airfield. It was bulit nearly seventy years ago and it's fair to assume that it's been operational as an airfield and a venue for motorsports events far longer than most nearby home owners have been resident. That doesn't stop the complaints though. What springs to mind is folk who move into a village and immediately complain about the church bells or a neighbour's cockerel crowing. The airfield was there and making some noise long before the people who are complaining moved into the locality. If they cannot consider the enjoyment of competitors participating in a sport in a controlled and relatively safe environment they need to think of the jobs and money that will be lost from the local economy if motorsports venues are closed. I don't even think that supervised noise testing is very successful because it's reached a stage when a complaint is likely to be made whenever an engine can be heard. It's time for the majority to speak up in support of Mallory before the day is won by the whingeing minority.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

Well if Mallory does shut, it will probably become a nice big housing estate with all the associated traffic roaring through the village and maybe some undesirable residents, lots of screaming kids being a nuisance, or maybe even a small industrial estate with lots of vans and lorries trying to squeeze through the narrow streets, knocking off door mirrors and scratching paint! And that will be every day at all hours, not just the occasional motorsport event. Residents of Kirkby Mallory, be careful what you wish for as the result might just bite you on the arse!

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Nov 05

Posts: 3

curryerc says:

Already buggered

They should have invested money in the circuit years ago and made it longer, faster and better for both spectators and peeps using the circuit either for races or track days.

Basically the Management and owners of the circuit have already buggered it so now it down to the developer make it into a desirable lakeside residence.

Close it down, not a very good circuit, much better ones around

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:


in reply to currvec there were plans to make the circuit well over 2 miles long but suprise suprise the council turned it down. the extension looked bang on and would have made mallory well able to hold wsb rounds.another circuit screaming out for another mile on it is lydden hill but again extension plans were thrown out by the local council.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Lydden Hill

had its extension turned down because of the noise that Mclarens F1 cars would have made when they wanted to test there. The same happened at Manston airport when Mclaren wanted to use that, the council turned them down even though they had jets flying in and out. The same councils that approved the channel tunnel rail link the M20 and using Manston as London's next international terminal, go figure??!!??

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


I am sure the site would be suitable for sale as a site for one of the new Nuclear powerstation or one of the proposed underground dumps for nuclear waste? Those are the kind of big money developments that local councils like. Or perhaps the circuit owners could consider selling the site to a social housing developer with the huge low cost housing shortage? There is a lot of profit to be made for a good sized site with existing usage like that.


Perhaps keeping it as a small and friendly clubmans motor racing circuit might be the better option for the local residents?

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Oct 08

Posts: 47

hondmog says:


Having some of the notes from the council meeting a lot of the complaints came from 2011 when Mallory had a car drift meeting  that didn't end till 11.00 pm, so not all the residents are wrong to complain

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Nov 08

Posts: 60

vitesse7749 says:


I used to live in Harleden, London, the only reason I liked it was being 2 miles from the Ace. This is yet another sign of nanny socialism, worse is yet to come if you do not stand for what freedoms you still have left. Our council spent all our money on housing the "asylum" sneekers.

Councils are inhabited by jobsworths and petty people with a little bit of power, the most dangerous type. Since I am now in Daytona I cannot make it to the meeting but rest assured if I could I would be pounding, screeching and playing havoc with these sad lonely sitontheirarse facists.

Do not allow them this assault.

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