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MCN  says:

Cal Crutchlow signs for Ducati

Cal Crutchlow has taken a massive career gamble by accepting the tough challenge of transforming Ducati’s flagging fortunes in MotoGP next season. The British rider rejected an improved pay deal to stay with the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 squad and will be reunited with former teammate Andrea Dovizioso on a factory Desmosedici in 2014. The former World Supersport champion had until last...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 August 2013 16:42)

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Mar 09

Posts: 38

thedokter46 says:

er bolox

valentino did not take the ducati backwards in any way at all nor was he unable to develope the ducati ...................... ducati were not interested in listening or doing a major rebuild of this death trap if ducati had of been less ignorant less untrusting less arrogant less suspisous less of a bunch of top class mugs and tried listening to the best team in gp valentino and jerry the bike would of been far better for it and would of been movong in the right direction ...................... honda have a 90 v4 smashing the place to bits just like that unlike ducatis 90 v4 !!! .......................... ducati have mangaed to tell marco melandri he was a  moron who needed psychological help cos he dared to tell them the bike needs sorting they treated rossi like he was a cnut full stop and they are taking the bike in such a bad direction its going to kill someone,,,,,,,,,,, er dovi said quote everything needs changing also the massive crashes at sachenring ect ect ect are proving one thing that piece of utter garbage not fit to be ridden by a ape it is scrap infact i would use it for anytthing just bin it .................. crutchlow is a mug full stop u want the works bike u have done fuk all cal u dont have a tittle vale is more than just a rider for yamaha he is the biggest bar non star in the paddock draw and attraction cos he is still the greatest rider of this generation and is proving he may not have the old speed but he is getting podiums not by luck but by graft and deserved ....................... cal wants it now now now well uv got it fella if he isnt back in wsb withing 3 yrs ill eat my bollox live on youtube he has signed his own death warrant forgets scotts coming up pol and sooner or later new top class stars from moto 2 and 3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  cal is so short sighted and all for now no big picture man he is going to end up out of gp why??  his own self impoertance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i really liked the guy he is a great rider but wake up u clowns he isnt good enough to do a fuking thing of any use to improve the ducati they dont want telling they want u to adapt anf to ride they know best ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and ppl you forget what he has been riding was origianlly developed for 7 yrs by valentino rossi ok clowns the 4 best bikes on average are the yams welll were until they gave bradly one he has proved again he aint good enough cos by now he should be right on it he aint its a joke to be honest the easiest most well sorted and everyman bike curtasy of valentino and jerry is the m1.................... honda have finally after 10yrs since vale left for yam in 2003 caught up ducati should be banned until they actually build a bike that is safe and competative getting beat by a crt its disgusting utterly disgusting ............................ cal and dovi what a pair of muppets both spat dummies over what they percieve is thier right to have a factory bike both have ended up on the worst bike ever built and getting worse week by week ...................... delusional muppets on here oh cal will do it were saying the same about dovi he aint he cant he wont niether will cal but well the sheep in here continue to chat garbage and continue to be wrong yr on yr on yr er can i ask do u lot work in pr for say the tory govt cos u really do chat the biggest load of old bollox and drivel iv ever herd for the last few yrs and have been wrong everytime thats cos u aint got half a brain between ya collectively and would be a danger to humanity if u did have one inserted to replace the bubbles currently residing in ur empty heads

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Feb 13

Posts: 1273

AlexDAbomB69 says:


 are currently developing a new engine for ducati with a kers type system for 2015 apparently and it will be a more compact V4 based on technology from their LMP cars which are now extinct as VAG have handed all sportscar racing to Porsche. If this is true the Ducati could have a 15% power advantage over their rivals. Honda are also developing a new Moto gp bike if the road going RCV rumours are true as this will become elligable for WSBK. Honda alledgedly are working on a hybrid system that can be found on supercars that could boost performance by up to 25%. Suzuki didnt enter the championship in 2014 as they are also developing a kers type system for there bike, so to enter next year would be a false start for them. 2015 will herald a new era in motor cycle racing and Cal may have jumped at the right time. Its down to who gets it right first, and Audi already are ahead by a long chalk.

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Aug 11

Posts: 448

ChupaChump says:

The right move IMO

He was never going to get the Yamaha factory ride he craved so Ducati was his only real option.  Cal was earning chicken-feed at Tech3 and would have been made to play second-fiddle to Pol who IS NOT the new Marquez.  Hope Ducati can find something for next year to get the bike further up the grid.  Go Cal - now he can stop kissing Jorge's Spanish ass...

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Jul 11

Posts: 1846

CHRainmaker says:

Saturn.. know I always regard you as a voice of reason and what you say is a perfectly rational and fair point. I'm not suggesting for one second that Rossi took the development of the bike backwards or was in anyway responsible for it's current situation , on the contrary in fact... That's why I do think it's a good time for Crutchlow to go - people have had their arses kicked over the shambles of the past 2 years and there now does seem to be some sort of structure and impetus in place to get to grips with sorting this machine out.

The bottom line is, he's obviously weighed up the options in front of him, both financially and with respect to future results and this is his decision.

The toss pots who reckon he should do the honourable thing and stay another year at Tech 3 are missing the point. Where the hell do they think he can go in 2015?.. Suzuki? - who's to say they won't have a shit bike or will want someone else, if and when they enter the championship?!.. There doesn't appear to be a place for him in either the Yamaha factory team or HRC, so his best option was Ducati.

What makes it all the more sweet of course, is the anguish it provides to the likes of Wosi and his cronies, they're drowning in the pain of it all.


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Aug 13

Posts: 1

Trippple says:

Why not support Cal?

Dear me - some angry people here today, obviously that affects spelling and coherence. Cal riding beyond expectations this year, and who wouldn't move for the money. If you're British, why not support him instead of the constant barrage of over-the-top criticism and using every article published on the subject to post some kind of Rossi love-in?

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May 09

Posts: 261

JustBe says:


 Well that's his career fucked.

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Apr 13

Posts: 73

Bullshrimp says:

Well I for one...

...would love to see Cal make this work. Somehow the thought of our dashing brave compatriot wrestling this big red beast into the sunset does seem somewhat unlikely. He will give it 110%, I am convinced of that but like Iannone has just found it that will probably get him nowhere other than A & E! Ducati have their work seriously cut out to put a race winning bike underneath him and Honda & Yamaha are just too far ahead of them at the moment. I sadly suspect Mr. Crutchlow is in for a very long couple of years...

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Nov 03

Posts: 2140

saturn392 says:


Like I said further down if you weigh up the options Ducati was his best choice. The doors are closed for factory Yam and factory Honda and unless you are on one you're not going to be WC.    Maybe if he gels with the Duke he may make a difference who knows.

Wosi's an OK guy - bit controversial maybe but along with the controversial Nostro they are some the link-pins of the forum - even the Rev if he toned it down a bit.    They would be sorely missed if they weren't here.

I'm not beyond a bit of trolling myself if it livens things up -   Rock on my man !

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Mar 09

Posts: 5175

Nostrodamus says:

At some point WWB

Reality must interrupt one's absolute self belief. Dovi's been in this game long enough to know he's not of Alien standard, as good as he is. Crutchlow appears still to be peaking. Dovi might have more racing cunning, but Cal had him for sheer pace during 2012.

There's little doubt that the two chaotic Rossi lead years at Ducati set Corse back, as he demanded and dismissed a skip full of parts without understand, or crucially being able to adapt his passive riding style to suit the Duke and it's unique requirements of dynamic body english input. That said Ducati's current lack of development forward movement is concerning. One has to think that there's some good stuff on the boil though. Ducati is a retail product marque built on racing sucess. Audi will be accutely aware of this, and I should imagine they will be investing talent and money to righting the Corse ship.

Iannone (ha, ha, what a joke, a Rossi clone if ever there was one. He'd be quick on the M1 though). Dovi is alas also a little too two stroke tiddler neat in his riding for the Duke.

Cal? Well given one of his many self proclaimed riding styles is that of Stoner (although I don't actually believe him), he's got as good a chance as any of the post Stoner era racers of the D16. He's a blood and guts trier, which will stand him in good stead. Good luck to him. He's signed because Ducati offer him the best opportunity to achieve his ambitions. Money would be secondary to this. How will he do? Who knows. He won't be afraid of the D16 as Rossi was though.

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Jan 05

Posts: 162

nigel100 says:

missing the point

most of you are missing the point dorna has announced today that factory teams can have 4 members from 2014, if Cal had waited a week or two this would have allowed yamaha to give him a full factory ride, which they wanted to do. Instead the plank goes and commits career suicide, Sadly in 2 years time our great white hope will be back in bsb . And if you think cal is good he isnt a stoner , or a rossi or even a dovi and none of these guys could get the ducati to be competitive.

Such a waste there are only 3 people happy with this stupidity  Cal , his manager and his bank manager

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