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MCN  says:

How will Cal Crutchlow fare at Ducati?

After months of speculation surrounding Cal Crutchlow’s career, the Brit has signed a two-year full factory deal with Ducati. How do you think he will do?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (06 August 2013 13:19)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:

I'm sure he will give it his best shot, but it will depend on next years bikes. It could go either way but I'm sure that, after watching him, it won't be through lack of effort. Surely Ducati can't allow the poor run of bikes to continue, it isn't doing their reputation any good. Good luck to him anyway, I hope it pays off for him.

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Nov 05

Posts: 58

andyinvienna says:

I think the pole is a bit premature, it depends if Audi can get in the right people, if the bike suits Cal, and a lot of other variables. If Ducati are serious, they have to up there game, I am not a Stoner fan, but you have to admit he was the only one to make the Ducati work, I hope that the package for next season is far better than whats been in the past, it would be nice to see them up the front again, but can they turn it around that quick, I am not sure, but I am sure Cal will give it the best he can, and I hope he is successful.

It has not been a good ride for Rossi or Hayden, both world champions in their own right, but maybe with Cal's hunger, just like Stoner, he will be able to master the Duke


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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Every rider likes a bike that works for him or her. Rossi liked the M1 but coudn't get the Ducati to work for him. He had experienced something that worked very, very well. The Ducati was poles apart from the Yam.

Cal doesn't have much experience in MotoGP and he doesn't have much experience of developing a MotoGPbike. Give him something that works and he could be up there with the best but I fear this is the end for Crutchlow in MotoGP with this move to Ducati unless the Ducati engineering team come up with something superb for him to test. My feeling is, he'll have a year on it and be back in WSB or BSB.

It's a mistake from a career point of view but money in the bank screams.


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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Make a Ducati work?

 Everybody seems to forget that from 08 onwards that stoner may have won on the duke but he also fell off it as much,it's an inherent bad design & needs to start from scratch , it's pointless throwing good money at it hoping that it'll work in the end. This is where Audi money comes in. Best of luck to cal . Just remember Suzuki at back in 15 

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Jul 13

Posts: 39

phantombiker says:

Not the right poll options

Cal will easily beat the CRTs but not Dovi. Dovi proved that he was the better rider in 2012.  I rate Cal and wish him every success but I really do believe that he craved the prestige of a factory ride more than winning. 


Is it possible that Yamaha shunned him because of his silly, schoolboy "humor" in front of the TV cameras?

The Japanese are very serious people and Cal's antics may have cost him the factory ride on the M1.

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Apr 13

Posts: 3

MesserN says:

 History itself tells the story... A rider with some podiums and overall good perfomance, leaves Tech3 to sign with Ducati. Mid-season results, apart from some good FP's and QP's, are not so good. In fact at some races he 's struggling with the CRT's.

Sounds familiar?

Well in fact i believe Cal is going to be better than Dovi, but not by much....

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Feb 10

Posts: 93

Professional racers......

 ....... only have one thing on their minds...... Financial gain.... I for one think Cal Crutchlow is a professional. Ducati knocked on the door and he let them in..... That simple. We all know Ducati are not in motogp to make up the numbers, they have serious expectations and serious backers. We on the outside can only speculate as to rewards Cal is likely to generate from his involvement there.... whatever may be published. Iam pleased he has signed up and is going to bank his share of the motogp cake...

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Feb 12

Posts: 238

Titosfuneral says:


 The interesting thing about Cal and Dovi was that Cal was faster than Dovi, but he couldn't overtake him because of Dovi being the last of the later breakers. Whenever he did get past Dovi he tended to pull away and more often than not outqualified him. I think this highlighted a weakness in Cal's riding style that he seems to be working on.. ie breaking later... so on balance, I think he'll be faster. HOWEVER: Dovi is a class act and it's possible his riding style suits the Ducati more than Cal's high corner speed style. I think it'll be very interesting to see who wins this one. Cal's ultimate commitment may be the deciding factor, one way or the other.

(Btw: How long before he has a public argument with the tech guys at Ducati over development? Answers on a postcard to....)

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Oct 05

Posts: 323

BrandsR6 says:

Agreed - poll answers could be better

I think that he'll do better than a lot of other riders have on the Ducati and hopefully he'll beat Dovi too.

Even though it's probably not the best career move, I can't say that I blame him for moving on for a massive pay hike.  There's only so long a rider will slog their guts out on a non-factory bike in the hope of getting a factory ride in a year or two, which might not even happen!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 2737

spondonste says:

Ducati and Cal

Cal has not been the most spectacular starter on the grid this year and normally looses places on the run up to the first corner. The same was true last year. Last year Dovi would often get in front of Cal at the start of the race and Cal struggled to overtake because Dovi was so good on the brakes. Maybe that situation will remain next year and maybe it won't. Generally however Cal is capable of faster laps than Dovi but simply struggles to overtake him.


The Ducati MotoGP team manager has stated that they're not introducing anything new this year but instead just trying different combinations of last years 'fixes'. The results this year to date show that something fundamental needs to be changed with the bike. Ducati's designers have been stuck in perfecting a flawed design concept of minimum weight and stiff chassis that doubles as an airbox because they believe this is the approach to follow. They have refused to listen to the riders and simply believe that they know better because they can measure things. Its this intransigence that is the main cause of the problem. Ducati need to understand how to get the best out of the tyres and design a bike to do that because this ultra stiff chassis concept doesn't work for the motogp bike nor really for the Panigale. The design path they're following leads to unpredictable front ends that can suddenly let go without warning and limited traction at high angles of lean.


Maybe they're creating something over this year to address the problems but in the last few years they haven't done that irrespective of how many times the riders have asked.

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