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Matthew Birt  says:

John Hopkins plotting racing return in 2014

John Hopkins is plotting a return to racing in 2014 in a bid to end an injury-ravaged spell that threatened to end his career. The American is currently taking a year out of racing after undergoing major left hip surgery earlier this year and was undecided on whether he still had the appetite to race. But the 30-year-old, who was recently linked...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (04 September 2013 10:19)

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Mar 12

Posts: 507

Go on Hopper..

 get that Suzuki testing role, i think he'd be a valuable addition to their team! what better than a man with previous Suzuki experience

Since i cant comment on the Yamaha amazed by Marc Marquez thread, id like to say i hope that grubby Lin Jarvis aint wringing his hand together plotting MM's defection to Yamaha in the future. Cant stand Lin, nor that other crook Wilco. DONT DO IT MARC, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

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Mar 12

Posts: 507

aaand its gone..


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Oct 08

Posts: 653

hello4646 says:


On MCN - You give us a forum to comment on.  And quite rightly you have taken it down from time to time due to the likes of BENNY and Co.  Like R Racer says.  Can you explain what you intend to do in the future with the forum.

Due to recent press coverage of the girl that took her own life due to abuse on a website you have to be careful on how you police the site.  I guess you stopped Benny creating a new profile with the word Benny it after an e mail was sent.  But you cannot stop the likes of him creating new ones with other key words in it.

I have no idea why someone would bother creating a new e mail address, then have to setup a new MCN account each time MCN deleted that username.  Most of us come on here to have a bit of light hearted banter and show our support for our chosen riders.  

I also believe we have a responsibility to tone it down and just have a bit of fun on here and not just come on here to attack people on every post like the likes of Benny

Are you intending to make it easier to report abuse and more difficult for a user to create multiple acocunts from the same IP/MAC address 

Over to you MCN 



PS - Would be good to see Hopper back on a Suzuki MotoGP bike 

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Dec 12

Posts: 49

widdy says:

The weekly MCN

 I think it's the end for me buying the above.

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Jul 09

Posts: 279

AdieMonk says:

It differs among ISPs, but each time your router connects to the Intenet it may be given a different IP address by your ISP, so you can't block purely on IP address to stop a specific poster.  And even if you could, that poster could use a smartphone or tablet using 3G to post, again giving you another IP address each time you connect.  Very difficult to protect yourself against from MCNs perspective, but not impossible.


That said, they need to sort something out, as clearly some people are more offended than others.  Often I find the views on the forum expressed by punters are more interesting than the actual articles posted by MCN.  Sure, some posters post in bad taste, but live and let live I say, you don't have to read the posts and you can choose to ignore them.  By far the most annoying posts on the forum are spam, but you can ignore these too, i do.


I'm not saying it should be a free for all, the nutters taking over the asylum etc, but every one of us has an opinion and is entitled to voice it, no matter what their preference.


So try and play nice children, no being mean to other posters and no telling tales, or you'll be grounded this week with no pocket money, ok?  Good.


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Jan 12

Posts: 1935

doohanfan says:

I don't have much problem

with a free for all myself, but I guess the legalities are getting complex these days, and if there is a declared complaints policy then ignoring non-vexatious complaints is not really an option, particularly for a site associated with a long term professional publication/serious commercial enterprise which pre-dates the internet by a margin.

Plenty of other forums associated with non-internet exclusive organisations have become defunct as I understand it; I think may even have had one at one stage that they found too problematic and eventually terminated.

I actually give David Emmett credit for keeping his pretty well exclusively internet thing going, acknowledging that he would quite possibly delete my posts on the grounds of  Stoner fanboyism if I posted on his site.

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May 12

Posts: 189

rocketri17 says:

the only reason I come here

is for the comments 

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Nov 09

Posts: 315

diceman23 says:


It'd really like to see Hopper back and the test rider role may well be ideal for him but after all the injuries I've got to say part of me thinks it'd be healthier for him to stay away. Recently many of us including myself have been less than complimentary about Ben Spies and I would like to say how dismayed I am by his recent (new) shoulder inury but that said until he is fit he is taking up a valuable seat in Motogp. IMO Ben should take a leaf out of Hoppers book and take the time out to fully recover before trying to make a comback. While under contract there will always be immense pressure to comeback quickly and to be quick when you comeback.

MCN- Please sort out the forum.  

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Nov 09

Posts: 315

diceman23 says:

Devils Advocate

Wasn't just Benny lads malicious comments, personal attacks and flame wars hijacking threads was getting a regular occurrance. You can't have an open forum then single one person out for exclusion.  

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Oct 12

Posts: 369

73mach3 says:


very true it was not just benny! lots of back and forth it takes a min of 2 and lots of times it was alot more. benny can have his opinion just like every one else on here we just need took be a little more polite! alot of the post i hate to say where fun to read and i looked forward to them.

on a britter note looking forward to hopkins coming back!

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