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MCN Staff  says:

MCN Asks: Do you break the speed limit?

Every week we ask our readers the questions that matter in motorcycling. This week:  Do you break the speed limit? Do you break the speed limit?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 September 2013 14:16)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8502

aehewitt says:


Im a very naughty girl......   :)

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Jul 13

Posts: 39

phantombiker says:

Who the hell

wants to trundle down an empty road at 30mph.

I just use common sense.

But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I slow to below the speed limit at times if I feel it's required to ride safe.

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:


...Of the year award goes to.........MCN

If you ride a bike or drive a car everyone breaks the speed limit from time to time (unless you live or perminently drive around inner London)

Your on your way out and there is an open road with a 40mph limit, are you telling us that you only do 35mph?

Same applies to 60 or 70 mph roads, if they are clear and the conditions are good...go enjoy, just watch out for the cash machines (that is why they are there) because they know most people exceed the limit, it is not the point to stop you speeding it meant to raise revenue for the exchequer and the Police. If no one sped at all, they would have to invent another tax to hit us with.

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May 06

Posts: 119

magmann says:

Hello MCN vacant heads...why not create a forum where readers can post vids of speeding along the highway? How they laughed--all the way to the Magistrates Court. Sorry, I know what is must be: you have a fourteen year old working in the office who thinks up these questions and 'surveys' for you. Anyone from 'Brake' going to look at this survey? We already have enough enemies...

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Jan 13

Posts: 31

TTdaft says:

In order to be objective should there not be a 'I never break the speed limit' option?

The inference from the questions is that all bikers break the speed limit!

I do know some bikers who don't ever break the limit!!!


How about a survey that asks bikers,

how often do you see other road users in 2 ton chelsea tractors recklessly breaking the speed limit?

I know what the result would be, EVERY DAY - 100%

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Jan 13

Posts: 31

TTdaft says:

Oops, the question should be:

'how often do you see other road users in 2 ton chelsea tractors recklessly breaking the speed limit WHILST ON THEIR BLOODY MOBILE PHONES!!!!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


Our enemies do read through the forums.  And they will use what we say against us. Best not to willingly provide them with ammo or you'll find more scameras, higher fines and restrictions against MCs in the future.

I'm sure car forums do the same, but  the likelyhood of banning cars is much less probable.

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Jan 13

Posts: 31

TTdaft says:

I just checked view results, 945 bikers have answered yes they speed, 92% of those deliberately!!!

I'm with Magman and X2 some taxpayer funded research agency will one day take up this survey and use it in an arguement that bikes should have limited speed or limited power....................

The poll is through poll daddy does anyone on this site know, are their polls made available to all and sundry? i.e. a master data source of public opinion? So anyone answering the above is shooting the lot of us in the foot!



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Oct 05

Posts: 15

jaywalk says:

The truth....

I just told the truth and the truth is I speed every time I go out , not by much but I do speed on every ride I take. This is a point I make because I speed in my car every time I drive as well so I don't see how this will fall into the hands of our so called enemies.

It seems on these forums it is becoming them vs us when we should all be doing our best to make roads safe and that may mean coming down on the small minority of Bikers who go berserk on our roads on 200 mph plus machines not designed for our roads. lets manage ourselves before we force other people to do the job.


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Jan 04

Posts: 877

fogie says:


 Let's face it,  speed limits are there PURELY to raise money.Not for safety. I really don't mind trundling through built up areas, in my car or on the bike,.. but on the open road,.. just go. The volume of traffic, and Mr. Sleepyhead in his bloody Rover will dictate your speed..... and as for those buggers on the phone........

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