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Andy Davidson  says:

Is this the end for Mallory Park?

Mallory Park racing circuit has been placed into administration and all future race meetings have been cancelled. The move comes after recent legal action was taken by Hinckley and Bosworth District Council for breaching noise levels and increasing noise complaints. MCN reported last month on the recent £2500 fine plus £23,000 court costs imposed on Mallory Park Motorsport Limited as a...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (30 September 2013 16:43)

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Oct 12

Posts: 1

sidewaysid says:

What a load of crap

I pass Mallory at least once if not four times a week, even when there is some form of practice going on the sound is hardly heard, trouble like this with complaints about nise level usually comes from rich, jumped up ass holes, who hate motorsport, and have moved into some half million pound pad without even thinking about the closeness to a motorsport venue.

Jesus they didn't even have complaints when 2 strokes with exspansion chambers were fitted in the 70s. I say we all get together and find the ones moaning and delve into the reasons. Mallory has so much history and if it were closed it would be tragic, the 1000 bikes weekend is one of the best weekends in bikesport.

Come on support Mallory park

Phil Clark Oldham Lancs

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Aug 10

Posts: 13

SlowerthanU says:


As I get older (sadly not much wiser) I look around & there doesn't seem to be a great deal of live & let live going on.

Everything whether it be School playing fields or public amenities that have all been sold (all for the same basic reasons, greed & selfishness) - all gone either built on or had the arse torn out - maybe there are some reasonable arguements from the locals, about noise more often perhaps - But the end result is that it all plays into the hands of whoever has their eye on the site/business for whatever reasons...........

The only answer is to make your bike as quiet as possible for track days, they may come up with other complaints but lets be honest its not too big an ask - those noise levels aren't going to increase any time soon & maybe there is still a bit of an attitude of loud as you can get away with which although in the spirit of bikes etc. is heading only one way.


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Jul 07

Posts: 41

PingCrosby says:

Let's wrap everyone up in cotton wool so they don't hurt themselves

 Modern-day life eh, it's the pits

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Aug 09

Posts: 18

nickhowes says:


What a shame.  Some of the best meetings I've ever attended were at Mallory Park, whether the Race of the Year, Transatlantic Trophy, BSB or club meetings.  The complainers are clearly not going to be influenced out of their complaints, but I'll bet that Titan will now develop the site for housing, so let's hope the complainers and council get their come-uppance and beget their own problems for the future.

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May 05

Posts: 1

sparkyhughes says:

Just Sad

The UK has such a great racing heritage, it's sad to see how, track by track, it's getting destroyed by these idiots who knowingly buy property nearby, then start moaning about noise - often standing for local office simply to get a "louder voice" when complaining.

My first ever track day was at Mallory. Sadly it looks like there won't be any more. I remember watching the likes of John Reynolds (with a cast on his badly broken leg) cranked over around Gerard's at speeds which scared and amazed me in equal measure. Despite being a shortish circuit, Mallory has such a great mix of tight bends, sweeps and elevation changes, something you just don't find in the modern, homogenous tracks.

And as someone else posted, spare a thought for the poor buggers who used to earn their living there.

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Mar 04

Posts: 55

ivanhoe says:

Planning madness

For the last 70 years and more there has been a selection of Amusement Arcades, candy floss and fish and chips premises on our seafront.

If anyone asked for planning permission to open one of  the above premises close to a school the application would be thrown out


Our council has built a school next to  these establishments.  Cue to close the premises as being too close to a school.

Location : Whitley Bay.

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Jan 13

Posts: 4

Bbrad says:

Mallory Park

When will it stop?

 Why do these people buy next to a motor racing circuit and then complain about the noise and disruption?

I do have sympathy for those near expanding venues such as Alton Towers but come on you whingers :

                                   GET A LIFE & LET OTHER'S GET ON WITH THEIRS.

 Donington Park : A major A-road, a motorway, an airport, rock concerts and a racing circuit; people buy a

house nearby and complain about noise.


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Feb 03

Posts: 45

mjf65 says:

Greed rules

 If its proper NIMBYS your after come to Castle Combe, professional moaners with their weekend retreats. I was at a Mallory track day this summer and talking to one of the marshals it's all about greed, basically the owners want to build houses and now the media twats are talking the price of property up Mallory is ripe for being turned into another twee Leicestershire village. So sad but inevitable.

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

"Why do these people buy next to a motor racing circuit and then complain about the noise and disruption?"

Because they can buy cheaply, then watch the property value rocket when wheels have been oiled and palms greased (and I don't mean in the pits).

Several of my town councillors live in the same street as the local "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club" property baron, in plush houses that he built and then sold to them for... well, you do the sums.  It's pretty blatant, but they wear the appropriately coloured rosette and so will keep getting elected.

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Oct 08

Posts: 609

hello4646 says:


Find out where the two people who complained about the noise live. Every Sunday morning at 6am rock up on the bikes and rev the nuts off them to wake them from their slumber. As many have said on here. Why move into a village where you know there is a race track.

It's like moving to either Silverstone or Donnington then complaining about the noise. Saying that. I used to live in Silverstone and many people who did move into the village did complain. Idiots! We as kids loved it when the GP was in town

If the track is to close them lets hope at this point the two people in question have a nice view over the country side and that they build 1000 homes on the race track land right on their doorstep.  Lots more traffic and noise for them 

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