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YAMAHA Video: Yamaha MT-09 takes on rivals MT-09

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MCN  says:

Video: Yamaha MT-09 takes on rivals

Yamaha's new three-cylinder 847cc MT-09 is one of the most exciting new bikes to come out of Japan in years, aiming to be the best in one of the most interesting emerging classes; the middleweight naked. We've already ridden it at its launch and we were impressed, bar a couple of niggles, but now it's time to pitch it against its...

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  • Posted 340 days ago (16 October 2013 16:48)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8119

snev says:

Pile of Rubbish

 Wouldn't catch me buying one.............!

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Jun 11

Posts: 563

ratchetman says:


Wish I had of bought one instead of a Ducati

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Jun 10

Posts: 29

Ugly bike competition?

 Why can't we have some classy good looking bikes in this sector. These must be designed by transformer nerds. Also the blatant Yamaha copy of the Street Triple is not quite looking the "New exciting sensation" it was touted as is it? What a load of hype over an ugly, flawed and limited naked middleweight. I'd rather have a CBR 600f or SV 650 anyday.

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Oct 12

Posts: 131

flydnb says:


I have ridden the mt 09 and its fuelling seemed fine to me as did the riding position ,its obvious triumph spend a lot on advertising with mcn with this really biased shootout, its not a sports bike its a motard/roadster so pitching it against more sports bike orientated nakeds is not the right way to compare, it really needs to go against the ducati hypermotard, the aprilla dorsoduro and the ktm superduke.. i would describe it in the middle of these groups in all fairness, when i rode it it was light fast smooth and most importantly fun, and i had no issues with the fuelling. 

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Sep 13

Posts: 7

DeadllHead says:


I've ridden 3 of of the 4 bikes in this test, the Yamaha being the odd one out.

The Truimph was very nice, good handling, excellent brakes, lightweight but ultimately it didn't excite me and truthfully I found it a bit dull.

The Kawasaki was heavy and even though it felt good and was well balanced you did feel the extra weight when turning in, the brakes were OK but not patch on the triumph, power delivery was smooth and overall a very good bike.

So far I pretty much agree with what MCN have said so far until we get to the MV.

This was the most recent bike I have tried and I totally disagree 100% with what MCN said about the bike. To say the bike is way way behind the other 3 is frankly bullshit. MCN seem to have a real hatred of the brand for some reason. They mention one of the big plus points of the triumph is how light it is but neglect to mention the MV is lighter with a lot more power. They also give you the various performance figures from the Yamaha's different modes but again neglect to mention the 4 modes MV have. Did they actually ride it in the correct mode for the street? One of the most incredible comments was the mention of the terrible handling, well sorry but that's laughable, the thing is super light and turns in better than the other 2 bikes. You only have to see other reviews/video and ALL say how good the handling is. Brakes are excellent but not up to the triumph. The bike is proper hooligan to ride and i personally found it the most fun to ride out of the 3. They couldn't pull a wheelie?are they kidding me?The bike has a very short wheelbase, the thing is well known for having a light front end.What a joke.

Did anyone else notice that the bike also only appeared at the beginning and at the end at no point did you see anyone ridding it?

Why did we not get each of the 4 riders views?

While the MV isn't perfect it is a far far better bike than what they are saying here.




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Feb 12

Posts: 238

Titosfuneral says:

 Had a quick ride on an MT but it's not for me. I'm just a bit too big for it. Have to agree on the suspension comments though. Very nice, bit wallowy if you're big.

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Aug 02

Posts: 15

Fixer says:


 The two bits that all road tests seem to ignore are fuel consumption and passenger comfort. I found the MT-09 the second most comfortable bike for my wife (beaten by the NCS700) and, although I haven't ridden it yet, it appeared comfortable for me and at 5ft 8ins I can flat foot it on the floor. The price is attractive, I like the design (Marmite Design Co) and it will probably be another bike I'll buy.

I managed to get 52mpg from my KTM RC8 on tour but only 42mpg from the 990SMT. I couldn't live with the SMT's consumption so it was sold.  The MT09's figures are similar to the SMT's but it is lighter so I expect it will ride as well, but be smoother with 3 cylinders than the 2 of the SMT.

I am prepared to be proven wrong but at £6.800 the MT09 seems a bit of a bargain,



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Mar 05

Posts: 58

Neevesy says:

Dear Mr Deadllhead,

Thanks for your comments - you can read the full test in the paper and see how we came to our conclusion and why the MV came out the way it did (check out the Brutale’s up and down torque curve).

The MV isn’t actually lighter. They quote dry figures and the others are wet. We weighed an F3 675 recently – the claimed weight is 173kg and the actual, fully-fuelled figure is 198.5kg. The Brutale is 6kg lighter, so you’re actually looking at around 192kg. The Triumph is 182kg wet, the Yamaha 188kg…

But weight was never the problem. Yes, we changed the MV’s modes along the way and the fuelling was still bad, the bike tied itself in knots when pushed hard and it’s hard to wheelie because the power is too aggressive.

The bike was ridden all the way through the test, except at the beginning when it had a flat battery, and the other riders’ opinions are all in the paper, too.

We’ve got no agenda with any manufacturer and MCN is confident enough to tell it how it is. We treat every bike the same:  we test them, give our honest opinions and that’s the end of it. I’m sorry you don’t agree, but if you rode the bike we did, I think you’d change your mind.

Michael Neeves, Senior Road Tester, MCN.


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Sep 13

Posts: 7

DeadllHead says:

Actually I believe the 800 I rode was the exact same bike you rode;  it was a press bike lent by MV. When I tried it it had just come back from being trashed by one of your fellow mags, and boy did they trash it, I believe that is why the battery was playing up, it did with me. The battery was replaced after I tried it and the mapping was updated,  by my local MV agent who had the bike on loan. I'm disappointed you slammed the bike so badly, dispite your paper previously liking the bike in a 4 page spread, with the headline 'MV's best Brutale yet'

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Feb 12

Posts: 153

plumber01 says:


Nice road test, and yes it only a snap shot of a days test, and it sounds like you did your homework weighing them etc,  my biggest issue is those chicken stripes on the Yam, I hope they werent there at the end of the day!  Surley as chief tester you could have blistered them up a bit..............and dont tell me it was cold, or a bit wet claim to have been on closed roads . Actually do you think the triumph is starting to look a tad dated, I have ridden one, I thought it a bit dull, then I was advised to ride it like it was stolen, and it was a very very very good bike and I can see why its such a winner.


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