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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi splits with crew chief Jerry Burgess

Valentino Rossi dropped a bombshell during the pre-event press conference for this weekend’s Valencia MotoGP clash in Spain by confirming he will split with legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess for 2014. Burgess was informed of Rossi’s decision to replace him in a meeting this morning, ending their long and successful relationship together. Burgess has worked with Rossi throughout his entire MotoGP career...

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  • Posted 316 days ago (07 November 2013 17:21)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3353

Bultoboy says:


He wants to EARN another two year contract..

Don't talk such bollocks and stop twisting words and making yourself look dumb. He said "Next year I have to earn a renewal with Yamaha, so I'll have to be competitive". He knows he HAS to earn it as another performance like this year won't get him another one.

That aside, who suggested he's been happy trolling around in 4th? The bloke is a multi title, many times race winner and that desire hasn't disappeared, it's as strong as ever.  I'd imagine he's spewing at this year's performance.


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Jun 09

Posts: 851


 I'm shocked at this. Burgess wanted to retire on top when Rossi went to Ducati, but he begged him to carry on saying he couldn't do it without him and wanted to see out his career with the legendary crew chief. Bet Burgess wishes he hadn't bothered staying on now. I'm a huge Rossi fan, as people know, but this is the act of a desperate man.    

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Jul 12

Posts: 3058

wosihound says:



The game's up Bulto..

Close to losing it now..drowning in your own regurgitated shite. Not bright enough. 

wosi's inside your head..

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Nov 09

Posts: 315

diceman23 says:


 I have no respect at all for the spin on this. As has been said Burgess stuck with Rossi at Ducati because of the relationship he had with his rider. It has been clear over the last few years that it has been Rossi keeping Burgess in the sport. As a crew cheif he has been more loyal than anybody can expect. The spin seems to be that he has been given his marching papers. If the bond between Burgess and Rossi is half as strong as it is portrayed in the media I cannot believe that Burgess did not take at least part of this decision himself.  Whether he has been let go or simply not allowed to step down gracefully I feel Yamaha and Rossi have dealt him a huge slap in the face.


One thing I will say is this: If the man ever decides to release a memoir of his time in the motogp circus it will be top of my reading list. Jeremy never minced his words and he always knew his ****

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Mar 13

Posts: 16

I have been a Rossi fan for many years now but I fear perhaps Jerry is up to the job still but Rossi is just not able to up his game enough to cope with Markz and his Kamikaze attitude and his sense of invulnerability. I would love to be proved wrong but only time will tell.

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Nov 13

Posts: 1

Burgess replacement

 I'm guessing he'll make a move for Lorenzos chief. That way he can attack his rival and get in his head as well as give himself a better shot. Rossi is nothing if not ruthless as he proved when he had the pitwall up and wouldn't share data with then rookie Lorenzo whilst trying to get him fired. He is the joker but he carries a knife to stab your back.

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May 09

Posts: 881

CH987 says:

You're really not getting it are you Wosi

An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.

Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic, complimentary proportions.

Known for using the phrase
"Object of affection = Best Ever"
However, while people only really say that as hyperbole, fanboys truly believe it.

Troll the internet to spread the gospel.

Insult/chastise others for using public forums to express an objective opinion, no matter how constructive or, respectful it may be. (Go ahead and admit that it's a good game/movie/etc). This fact and anything else will be promptly ignored in favor of cherry picking the negative, and beating you over the head with it.

Tend to resort to petty annoyance replies when backed against the wall. Usually grammar attacks and non-replies.

."drowning in your own regurgitated shite"

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Mar 12

Posts: 456

what a fuggin' joke

 first it was the tires, then the machine, blame put on unfavorable tracks, the rivals bike is too fast, followed by the brakes and now the crew chief gets the boot, this muppet is getting his credibility shot again! all the excuses in the world on everything else but himself. He's been chasing his tail this whole season but he'd rather put the blame on the man that's been beside him most of his career (well except Uccio, lol) And what does Yamaha get outta this? they'll be having a confused relic riding one of two race winning bikes well beyond 2014 ..i bet burgess is glad to get off the sinking ship, probably tired of Flos excuses just like the rest of us .. hahaha...:laugh:

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1372

I honestly didn't think Flo could get more desperate.

I wonder if he'll climb out of the cockpit before he nose dives his burning wreck of a career so deep into the countryside that even the 2 championships that he actually may have earned are also overshadowed by his efforts to avoid blame and make up for the talent shortfall he's always been able to manipulate his way around?


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Jun 11

Posts: 233

Smackbum says:

You never close you eyes ...

Things had been on the rocks for a few years, so lasting the distance was always a pipe dream.  After the triumph of switching to Yamaha and winning the next championship, the tragedy of switching to Ducati and winning feck-all put a strain on the relationship.

Jerry was sticking it out mainly due to loyalty and being at a time of life when starting over with a new rider was not an attractive prospect.

So a somewhat clumsy announcement but I think they are both better off parting ways now, though if Rossi thinks that this is a turnaround moment he should take a look at the SuperBikePlanet poll.


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