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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi splits with crew chief Jerry Burgess

Valentino Rossi dropped a bombshell during the pre-event press conference for this weekend’s Valencia MotoGP clash in Spain by confirming he will split with legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess for 2014. Burgess was informed of Rossi’s decision to replace him in a meeting this morning, ending their long and successful relationship together. Burgess has worked with Rossi throughout his entire MotoGP career...

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  • Posted 352 days ago (07 November 2013 17:21)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5416

Nostrodamus says:

Good point RRHRC

Uccio has been waiting patiently in the wings for this moment. Can he step up from mouth guard duty to crew chief after all these years of understudy? Cometh the hour, cometh the man in Wosi's Camp Rossi?

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Sep 10

Posts: 26

4619 says:

 Jerry your well shot of him he's going down the pan!! Just a shame you never had crutchlow this year things could have been so different?!!

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Good gods, even Richard Milhouse Nixon knew when it was over...

Uccio must be very unsettled right now - he's about the ONLY thing left for Rossi to blame for his lack of performance.  " Ah, I getta the wrong breakfast cereal, and then my gloves, they are put on the wrong hand before I race.  I try my hardest, but without the right talcum powder in my panties, they ride up my bum-crack and my race rhythm, she is all shot to fark. These things I have to change so I can win again'.

Stoner must be pissing himself laughing.  Burgess took some shots at Stoner on Rossi's behalf and now he's been drop-kicked under the #46 bus from Tuvallia. Stoner did the same as Rossi when he entered the premier class - WC in his second year. Then he dominated the 800 era - two WC's and 33 wins. How many WC's and wins for Rossi? He won 23 vs 0  races for Rossi on the worst factory bike on the grid and came back after three years of not winning to take another WC on his first ride of a factory Honda ( a record that still stands for a return to the top position, Wosi old mukka).

Then Stoner decided to retire - as WC. HRC offered him five times Rossi's current Yamaha salary to stay on. No bullshit stuff from Stoner about the bike being incapable; no bullshit about his crew chief being unable to do his job. No bullshit about Preziosi being unable to design a winning bike.  He left his crew chief - Gabbarini - as one of the most powerful men in motoGp technical circles - Technical Director at HRC - not as a reject from the chocolate starfish licker brigade that Rossi has consigned Burgess to..  

Rossi stays in motoGp racing to sell merchandise - at which his organisation is very good. Burgess didn't fit any more; I expect Paris Hilton or a Kardashian as the new crew chief. It's all about **** and arse - and Rossi has exposed himself as a complete ****, while behaving as a complete arse.

Oh, how much we await Burgess's book.  He's a gentleman, but this move on Rossi's part will release him from the bounds of loyalty - he's been treated with the ultimate disloyalty.  HRC knew it of him years agoa dn had no place at the inn for him ever again; wait and see Yamaha dropping him like Nike did Tiger Woods for his transparent duplicity.

Rossi was a god in the 990's; now he's a troll.  Wosi, me old mukka, it's time to give up on venerating false gods. Every dog has its day and Rossi's ended when Stoner arrived on a factory bike. Stoner and Lorenzo have better records since 2007 and Marquez is about to blow the old geezer out of the water entirely.  Think: 'the once and past King' and you can glory in the best of Rossi, but to cling on to the coat-tails of a rouged but faded drama queen is sad, mate - really sad.        


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May 09

Posts: 884

CH987 says:

It's all about the 1%

Back in June Burgess was asked if Rossi still has a chance of winning the world title and he said,

“It would be a wonderful dream, and a small miracle… “Valentino has already won seven titles in the premier class, and the chances of that reoccuring is shrinking. We must accept it …”       “When you’re young you have certain characteristics like courage and the need to take risks that slowly disappears when you become older. At a certain point you need to feel more at ease, more relaxed and in sports even that 1% makes the difference.”

If you put that together with his comments whilst still at Ducati.

"We are not far, maybe we are missing only 1%. In these two years, Ducati has learned a lot, and for me it is disappointing not to finish the job”



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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Perhaps the fire is fading, to leave only glowing embers.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3216

wosihound says:

Hey up..

..all out today?

Make up your mind Lads..most of you have been slagging JB for the last 3 years saying he should retire, now he're all up in arms?? pleasing some is there.


Drop kick..enjoy the rugby fk knuckle?

I'm touched 987..a full-page post about your feelings towards wosi..really, you shouldn't have..blush sniff..

What do Yamaha get out of it?..clearly a lot more than some toothy has-been, pushing fireblades that can't cut it anymore, HRC? to the shops to trade in the TDM.



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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:

Comprehensively dissed

The only constant in all of this is Valentino Rossi's speed, he doesn't have enough of it and changing tyres, teams, teams again and now crew chiefs will not make that missing % magically appear, it doesn't exist.

Stoner and Burgess to replace Rossi at Yamaha might work though when he's done the honourable thing and ****ed off.

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Aug 02

Posts: 599

winger says:

The Titanic is sinking and everyone else will go under first.

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Jun 09

Posts: 851

I may have gone off Rossi

Changing Uccio for an attractive blond might better impact his results than firing his loyal legendary crew chief! And as for Uccio as crew chief, don't make me laugh.... He wouldn't win club races with him as the technical brains.

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Apr 13

Posts: 131

yaki says:

 May be Burgess wants to retire and Rossi is saying it for him,JB dose have a life outside bike racing and is no spring chicken.

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