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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi splits with crew chief Jerry Burgess

Valentino Rossi dropped a bombshell during the pre-event press conference for this weekend’s Valencia MotoGP clash in Spain by confirming he will split with legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess for 2014. Burgess was informed of Rossi’s decision to replace him in a meeting this morning, ending their long and successful relationship together. Burgess has worked with Rossi throughout his entire MotoGP career...

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  • Posted 349 days ago (07 November 2013 17:21)

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Oh, Wazzer, really...

JB hasn't 'retired' - he's been stabbed in the back by Rossi. Even a perrenial tree-dweller with the IQ of a middle-order primate such as youself should be able to discern the difference.

I know you're swimming with the fishes mate, when you have to resort to deflecting my comments to another activity.  Better hope JB doesn't turn up in Hayden's garage and once again, Hayden beats Rossi -  on a second string experimental Honda. '06 reprise!

Now wouldn't that be a giggle for us all? 


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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

WOW there's certainly no loyalty from Rossi. Burgess has been with his through thick and thin. I hope that the decision is mutual. Seems to me Rossi is blaming everybody but himself for his lack of speed.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Why not?

J.B can go and be a legend some where else with a younger rider with a brighter future. He is 60 so if he was to carry on untill he wasa 65 say what is the point of staying at yamaha? Lets hope Jerry doesn't close his snap on tool chest for good but goes and works with another team and helps a non spainard get to the front, I bet Suzuki would welcome him back. As for VR as the song says " and now the end is near , I'll do it myyyyy waaaaaay".

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

I don't think...

... I've ever seen so many sour grapes in the one place, and after years of lambasting Jerry for his association with Vale, we're now subject to screeds of faux indignation at him being let go. Most amusing.

Anyway, it appears Rossi really does want to continue on after 2014 (imagine the frothing then), so as Wosi says he's rolling the dice, taking a chance, striving for more. The mark of a winner who doesn't give up at the first sign of trouble, and stomp on in a huff, bottom lip dragging.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:


You have almost hit the nail on the head.
I really hope the true story comes out soon.
wosi you are one ignorant person.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


We get that he's been stabbed in knuckle dragging dingo fiddler, by you lot!

It's not ol wosi who's desperate...what about the oft' misquoted "80 second fix" jibe that is internet folklore in your circles, borne out of Burgess shattering the Antipodean dream and rejecting Caseys advances to have him as crew chief? Disgraceful..

Swimming with the fishes?!..More like trying to net a mermaid, with that hopeful Hayden fantasy pal..I bet you typed Stoner to start with? haha..

Giggle like a scoolgirl while you can..because there's gonna be plenty of crying time into the pishy Fosters, waiting for your next compatriot to be a WC in that paddock.

Val's basically given JB a years holiday on full what self respecting lazy arsed Aussie would turn that down?


PS: Buell..I know :lol:


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Nov 09

Posts: 315

diceman23 says:

 Wosi even you with your yellow tinted specs on must see that the way this has been handled is incredibly disrespectful. JB and VR have been a partnership for years and if that partnership is to be dissolved so be it. However it wouldn't have been hard for to allow JB to step down with a little dignity. As CHR said you nailed it in your first post : "There's a wiff of sour grapes and a lack of respect about this I don't like."

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Mar 09

Posts: 5389

Nostrodamus says:

One of the interesting points to come out of this

Is the fact nr.6 does not see himself as too old, still thinks he's got it and can compete.

Quite contrary to all the excuse making bedwetters who say age has got the better of him.

Of course I think nr.6 is quite dillusional (about his ability to compete with the Aliens, his age has nothing to do with it), but I have to admire his desire.

Poor old Jorge. Seems Bradley Smith is his main Yamaha support hope. Oh dear....

And Doubter. What's this 'years of lamblasting Burgess for his association with nr.6'  nonsense all about. I've never read such a thing from anybody, anywhere. You've been delving into the Wosi book of B/S. Not even the slightest hint of sophistry. Very poor work.


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Oct 08

Posts: 610

hello4646 says:


You is out of date, again old boy.  Now then pop pickers.  This year, Rossi is up from No6 to No4, not half, lets rock  not too bad for an old boy!!! 

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


..ripping the pish out our simple Aussie cousins aside, Yes..I'd like to have seen it handled better.

But as I understand things, which I didn't fully when I typed the words you highlight - and probably still don't now - one of the main reasons Rossi made this decision was because HE wants to ride beyond 2014 - earning and keeping his present factory Yamaha seat on merit/results - while JERRY would not commit further than the end of 2014, because he wanted to retire then.

IF Rossi secured an extension to his current contract, they would have to find a new crew chief anyway so why not sort it all out now, meaning that going into the first half of next season, which will be crucial in Valentino proving he's still good enough and deciding his future, everything is settled and motivation is high.

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