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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi splits with crew chief Jerry Burgess

Valentino Rossi dropped a bombshell during the pre-event press conference for this weekend’s Valencia MotoGP clash in Spain by confirming he will split with legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess for 2014. Burgess was informed of Rossi’s decision to replace him in a meeting this morning, ending their long and successful relationship together. Burgess has worked with Rossi throughout his entire MotoGP career...

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  • Posted 319 days ago (07 November 2013 17:21)

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Sep 11

Posts: 5

aussiefrank says:

yeah bout time

no one likes to shag the same goat for ever..... same goes for crew chiefs, I applaud the decision and I hope Rossi finds a chief who can inspire him to beat the bejesus out of those spanish cheats! ok so they are not cheats but I'd still like to see Rossi.... or any non Spaniard win just for variety, perhaps a Brit will do it...Cal?....Smitty?........Mr Bean?   yeah right thats gonna happen

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Sep 09

Posts: 107

mickofield says:

 It is a big risk for Rossi but one he should take at this stage in his career. If he can't get back on the podium next year he will know it's time to retire!

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Oct 13

Posts: 437

Not sure what to think....

 I have no idea what the reasoning behind the change Rossi being genuine? Did Yamaha push JB out? Who knows! However what i did think when i though about this was what if JB had told Rossi he didn't think he could win anymore, or that he didn't want to continue anymore. We all know that those two are a great team, so lets just say for the point of this post that this is what happened (obviously i am only speculating) . Now if you were Rossi would you go out into that press conference and tell the entire world and more importantly your rivals that your own crew chief, who has been through it all with you, didn't believe in you/ want to work with you anymore? 

Is it possible that this approach is constructed to cast doubts into the real reasoning behind this move? I don't know what the reasons are but im sure the truth will out sometime. I hope it doesn't turn out that Rossi did kick him out, would be an awful way to end what has been an incredible working relationship.


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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

Just shows how big rider power is in MotoGP when things don't go right ie Dovi did it and know Rossi.

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Wosi, you are CORRECT!

Rossi needs some incentivation to continue racing.  Hell, when you have just three wins in your last 70 races to your name and you have to face the fact that Stoner had 8 times as many in his last 66 races, you just have to dump on someone.

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

Hard pill to swallow for Rossi

 Rossi hasn't realized yet that he's just not fast enough anymore to consistently fight for wins against Jorge, Dani, and MM. It's normal. We see it in many athletes in various sports who are still "good" but on the decline and not "great" anymore. He's making a change to see if he still has it and if Burgess was holding him back. I don't think he has "it" anymore. Father Time is undefeated.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3077

wosihound says:

Eight times better than Rossi.

What about this year's stats for Stoner, Knuckle-dragger?

What's that..he quit?

Well what about that back-yard tin box series? What, 20th..and he's quitting that too?



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Feb 13

Posts: 1275

AlexDAbomB69 says:

I am going mad

 I just read on here about the press conference that Yamaha held and now its gone????????

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Apr 11

Posts: 3366

Bultoboy says:

The split

is no big deal, it happens in all sports, in all walks of life.

The manner of the split, that's what people will talk about. Why announce it now, what was the need, why couldn't it wait until after the race weekend? What seems fact is that Rossi made the decision some time ago and that it had leaked out through the media in his home town, so if that's true he's not kept it as close to himself as he should have. The leak appears to have forced him into telling Burgess and then announcing it officially before 'the net' gets a proper hold of it and Burgess finds himself the subject of some awkard questions for which he'd have no answers.

What's confusing is the reason. Rossi has blamed just about everything he can think of for his lack of success over the last few years. After Ducati, he finally has a good bike under him again but has been hammered by his team mate. He still appears to accept that he isn't fast enough, therefore what's left to blame or change? But how does changing crew chief change his chances of finding more performance, either from himself or from the bike? This is what doesn't make sense. He says he wants to try new ideas, to work in a different way. It would seem Burgess hasn't been consulted on what this 'different way' is and as bike set-up is purely down to the requirements of the rider, why does he think that Burgess and current crew can't follow this 'different way' . Personally I can't see what difference a new crew chief will make. The single most important aspect of a team is a capable bike. Put a good rider on it and they will win. All of the mechanics in the top echelon of bike sport know what they are doing and if you shuffled them around the teams, I'd bet the same riders would still be winning. Rossi has the bike, it's a clear winner, he's a fast rider but not the fastest and he seems ever more desperate to find some sort of miracle cure for the fact that he isn't quick enough.

What I think is wrong is the way it has been handled. I've no particular feelings towards Burgess either way, sometimes he comes across as straight talking but affable, sometimes he's been as ungracious as Rossi in his remarks about other riders or teams. However, Rossi and he have been together for some time and I think the way that Rossi has handled it is piss poor. If it's true the story leaked from Tavulia, then realistically there's only one source who has told one too many people.

A shabby way to end a partnership

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Feb 13

Posts: 2

peader says:

How is Burgess to blame???

 Shocking really,

How is a (great) engineer to blame for Rossi's lack of form! 

He better get some exceptional results next year otherwise he is just blaming other people for his own failings.

I've loyally followed Rossi his whole career but think he's now blaming others for his own failings and it's a step too far.

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