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Liam Marsden  says:

Valencia MotoGP: Marquez takes historic MotoGP title

Marc Marquez has made history in Valencia today by becoming the youngest ever MotoGP world champion in his rookie season. Marquez only had to finish fourth to secure the championship, and after an incident-packed race crossed the line in third place to take the crown from race winner Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo had a good battle with Dani Pedrosa in second, the pair...

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  • Posted 312 days ago (10 November 2013 13:56)

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Aug 10

Posts: 288

vtwinmark says:

Don't think anyone is slating him for being at the end of his career.

The issue I have is was his total reluctance to help his team mate/Yamaha unsettle the Honda's, even in the 8 or so laps that Lorenzo knocked to pace back to roughly that of Bradl,. back in 8th at the time. Slow enough for the pedestrian Rossi to at least show a wheel to one of them....but no, even he dropped his pace.

Strangely enough, once Lorenzo had given up waiting and cleared off, Rossi upped his pace, even managing a sub 1:32....odd.

Not saying for one minute that it would have made a difference, but would have given Marquez something to deal with...

And this was Jerry Burgess' farewell performance??  He must have been thrilled...

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Jul 12

Posts: 3054

wosihound says:

Making sense of numbers..

It wouldn't have given Marquez anything to deal with, because he could have finished 4th and STILL won the title.

Like Lorenzo at Aragon, when he was leading, MM first let JL go then signalled Dani through and he would have done the same with Valentino. Had Rossi been in a position to run at the front, which as has been pointed out all season he hasn't, the only possible way he could have influenced the outcome was to punt Marc off.

So get your story straight kiddies. I don't see any other mid-packers copping the blame for Jorge losing the championship?..which was all of his own making.

With respect Bob, you do talk some shite..along with struggling to count beyond using your fingers.

Did you not watch Assen and the sea of Yellow? Valentino Rossi is a legend. He may not be the force of nature he was in his pomp..but I was talking to your missus the other day and she says the same thing about you.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11938

preunit says:

Nice one


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Jan 12

Posts: 1612

doohanfan says:

steady on Bob

I am a Lawson, Doohan, Stoner and now Lorenzo fan, but fair's fair.

I also remember Lawson's Cagiva days quite well, and winning a 500 race on a Cagiva as he did was no small achievement, equivalent to winning on a KR3 or on a premier class Aprilia  imo, and a win I greatly enjoyed at the time. My point was that he is remembered for his world title wins more than that though, and is regarded as a Yamaha icon in his retirement. Valentino has possibly screwed himself in terms of being a Honda or Ducati icon, but I don't think there is much doubt about him being a Yamaha icon given his 4 titles for them, some of which were against fairly reasonable opposition, and an icon of the sport in general, like him or not.

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Oct 13

Posts: 2

deniski says:

 Marc Marquez ! 

Getting his elbow DOWN :)

And what about the 16 year old girl in Moto3 

coming in 8th...... Go Ana !

She's going to be in the top 10 regularly next season

I reckon.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1364

Wosi, I don't include you as a Flo fan anymore, so If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. It's clear you have put those seven brain cells to good use and finally seen him and his career for what they are. I'm a bit dubious about the lightning speed in which you've hitched your wagon to the Marquez train but as they say, any port in a storm when you're unlikely to see a pommy champ any time soon. Shame that!

Doohanfan, as I said elsewhere, he'll be known more for his personality than his championships, obviously the popular part only, because no one wants to dredge up the surrender monkey/blame shifting/silver spoon/backstabbing/manipulative traits do they?

Oh and he can sell t-shirts, a real important feather in a bike riders bow.


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Jul 12

Posts: 3054

wosihound says:

Trailer for sale or rent..

Hardly grinding his back bumpers am I Bob, unlike certain fans from your neck of the woods for example? Just echoing comments that've been forthcoming from all respected members of the racing fraternity.

World Champ at 20 in his rookie season on the underdog Honda. Impervious to pressure. Level headed and mature enough to realise win or bin is not the only way..and the Championship ain't just a BONUS that comes at the end of the season.

Not in the eyes of most sensible members of the racing fraternity, that is.. 

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

he'll be known more for his personality than his championships

You could say the same of your compatriot.

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Mar 11

Posts: 474


 I dropped off Marquez the moment it became apparent that Dorna was trying to handoff rossi's fans to Marquez courtesy of the staged mutual bone smoking sessions, of course rossi's fans are all too happy to jump on the next silver spoon train I blame it on hundreds of years of living under the monarchy, no way I will associate myself with the yellow shower of spastics.



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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:

WELL DONE.......

         To the boy,a World Champion on a 4 stroke Honda,something that does`n`t happen very often.Yamaha are still clearly the best out there,over a season,on so many different circuit`s. I know that the record`s show Haydon won it in 2006 but that was down to the championship leader cracking under pressure,something he`s still prone to doing.                                                                                                                                                    Lorenzo was alway`s fighting a losing battle in this race,needing 3 rider`s to finish between himself and Marquez. with only 3 other Work`s bike`s in the championship,and Marquez on 1 of them!                                    Even though Lorenzo poodled around for a lot of the race,no help was forth-coming,the mid-field runner`s were just not upto the job.of helping.Mind you,only 1 of them was riding a Work`s bike,and the chance of him helping in any way,shape or form were remote,to say the least. I think the only help he would ever give Lorenzo would be with his underpant`s,and he`d probably expect money for that too!                          Anyway,well done once again to the World Champ,i think many more will be heading his way,unless Stoner make`s a come-back,with JB as his crew chief.    Now THAT would be stomping!!!

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