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Jul 09

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CaNsA says:

Brand new bike full of rust from Victor Devine Glasgow :(

If you are thinking about buying a new bike I would avoid Victor Devine in Glasgow....

Full story on Bike Chat Forums.

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  • Posted 229 days ago (08 December 2013 12:08)

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Sep 12

Posts: 14

Marmalade2 says:

Victor Devine

It's quite funny.
Victor devine are posting on their facebook page that people are leaving fake reviews and denying any issues but then declining to comment on the thread.

Worst dealer in the world award goes to victor devine. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 2722

spondonste says:

Welcome to the world of cost reduction

The problem is not with the dealer but with the manufacturer as the rust is a function of cheap metal and poor painting.

The unfortunate reality is that for over a decade now manufacturers have first and foremost been trying to reduce production cost and this means cheaper materials, thinner paint and poorer quality coatings. It can only EVER mean poorer quality goods however manufacturers like to sell a myth of quality based on glossy finishes.

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Feb 14

Posts: 2

JohnJohnson1 says:

Victor Devine

SpondonSte, you are half right. The issue is indeed a quality one however going by what has been said on that other site it is rather more worrying that Victor Devine has refused to abide by the Sales of Goods Act.
The Sale of Goods Act is there to protect me and you from this very thing happening, that way if you are sold a crapper and 3 days later it rots then you have some come back and you have the right to have the bike Repaired, Replaced or if you cant reach an agreement with the seller then you are entitled to a Full Refund. And if i'm honest with a bike being only 3 days out of the showroom only a replacement or a refund would be acceptable to me.
Victor Devine has done an incredibly stupid thing, not only has this been plastered all over the web but they could opened themselves up to a very costly legal judgement had they been taken to task over it, which in my opinion they should have.

In the end it looks like Honda have stepped in and saved Victor Devine from that pain but I'm surprised at Honda allowing a dealership to act in this manner. After all its not only Victor Devine's rep on the line here.

I'll be giving this dealership a wide berth.

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Sep 09

Posts: 848

Rogerborg says:

Exactly that

Regardless of what Honda initially said when the bike was brought back in, responsibility lies with the dealer to sort it out.

It appears that Victor Devine are in complete denial about that: they genuinely seem to believe that it's just not their problem. Given Honda's historical quality and willingness to fix issues, I expect they've rarely been put in a position to find out to the contrary, but lemons like that CBF125 might change things.

On a personal note, I've been in there twice, once with a chumrade and once as an interested buyer, and the ostentatious disinterest by the "sales" staff on both occasions was astonishing.  I literally could not buy a bike from them, and wouldn't waste my time bothering to make another attempt.

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Jan 11

Posts: 7649

snev says:

Morning Roger......

Are you coming to play on this Forum, or just" Dipping yer Toe in"?........ Why not Stick around for a while we're a friendly lot over here.................:smile

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Oct 05

Posts: 1

DJRikki says:

Victor Devine Rust Bike Owner

I'm very happy with the eventual outcome and with Honda stepping in at the 11th hour and upgrading my bike. They didnt have to, they could have stuck to their previous plan of letting me do battle with the dealership which would have just taken up a lot more of my time. I was in that planning stage as VD ignored my letter before action (recorded and signed for delivery too) and I had already recorded a video going around the bike pointing out everything that was wrong with it and was going to register a domain name so people would be aware of what they could be in for if they bought a bike there. Thankfully though it never came to that as Honda stepped in and Im now quite happy with the 2 wheeled 125 Im learning on - plus Ive realised that bikers treat noobs like myself with a respect that is lacking elsewhere in the world, and especially at Glasgow Honda dealerships.


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Sep 09

Posts: 848

Rogerborg says:


There are only so many hours in the day, and so much wrong on the internets that needs corrected. 

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Apr 05

Posts: 302

drsqueelgood says:


I'm wading into the debate as I too own a CBF125. My bike has quite a hard life in that it was bought purely to get me in and out of London 5 or 6 days a week. I ride it in all weathers and it's fair to say it hasn't really stood up that well to the elements. Paint missing from all of the frame welds, rusty bright work and flaky wheel paint have all affected my bike.

At the warranty and period of 2 years my excellent Honda dealer, knowing full well the issues surrounding this machine, called me in for an inspection. They photographed all of the defective areas and sent them off to Honda. Honda didn't offer a great deal of resistence and consequently 650 quids worth of replacement parts were ordered and fitted free by my dealer.

Speaking to the dealer they said that provided the machine has been well looked after, Honda have not refused a claim from them to date. They also said that Honda sell so many of these machines that they'd rather replace the parts than re configure the whole production process.

Needless to say, it's unlikely that machines in warmer climes (Spain, Italy and some areas of France for instance) are having the same issues as the UK so the overall costs to Honda are probably quite low.

I Paid 2400 from my bike and it's nearly three years old. The motor is strong (although it uses a little oil) and i've saved a fortune compared to a rail ticket. So I'm generally happy.


However, and

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Nov 02

Posts: 1325

norris says:


Manufacturers smaller models are now being manufactured in China/India with a corresponding lack of quality. Even some of the so called premium models/makes are now sourcing components from China that are simply not to the same standards. Honda alternators a case in point, when their suppliers moved manufacture from Japan to China which has resulted in failures of that component across a number of Honda models.

Remembered taking a picture of this 2 year old 9000 mile YBR 125 Yam used for commuting.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9516

old(ish)git says:

a lot of ....

these new 125's get seriously neglected by their owners though.There's a bloke (not a youngster) where I work who has one of them ybr's and he doesn't even oil or adjust his chain (because he doesn't know how).

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