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Andy Downes  says:

60mph M1 limit proposed

A proposed 60mph limit over 32-miles of the M1 motorway to cut air pollution could see the lower limit enforced for ‘several years’ if enacted. The Highways Agency has just launched a new consultation which would see a 60mph limit imposed from 7am to 7pm over 32-miles stretching from junction 28 near Matlock in Derbyshire to 35a at Rotherham in...

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  • Posted 319 days ago (06 January 2014 13:21)

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May 06

Posts: 42


60mph limit

  We should be ramping speed up not going slower, these limits are crippling the country and are the thin end of the wedge. I can get across France far quicker than getting up north. What happened to the recomended 80mph limit that was supposed to be coming into force ? We are way past the point of telling EU to go stick it !!

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Feb 09

Posts: 241

tris123 says:

Yeah slow it all down

made such an improvement on the M25, never get any traffic jams since they put in the variable speed limit!! What’s next if that doesn’t work, slow it down to 30mph.

Here’s a thought, why not try and encourage more people to use bikes or car pools i.e. only allow motorbikes or cars with 3 or more people to use the fast lane. Way too many cars in rush hour with just one person in.


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Oct 12

Posts: 99

Looks like my car numberplate is going to have to stay dirty for a good while longer then...

On a separate point Tris...I do around 45-50000 miles a year in my car for work,always on my own,why should I not be allowed to use the outside lane?

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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:

 Well I'd predict even More pollution due to gridlock caused by 'backing up' And 60mph isn't a safe filtering speed!

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Sheene Fan7


Mar 03

Posts: 252

Sheene Fan7 says:

waste of time

"New European Union air pollution rules come into force this year"

yeah and what's the betting lots of countries will not bother with it, but we will

its like every other green crap everyone has to do it to work

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Jan 11

Posts: 127

petedj says:


Thought this poxy government was supposed to be raising speed limits to 80mph on motorways? Still will stop all the nice people who run the speed cameras starving to death.

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Jul 09

Posts: 134

chriswren says:

32-miles stretching from junction 28 near Matlock in Derbyshire to 35a at Rotherham hmmm thats up north? do we really care.....    I thought everything was slower up there any way.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3

C_ED_99 says:

 " Can't say how many years the speed limit will need to be retained"

Assume that it will never go back to 70, because either the politicians will forget about it, or by the time the pollution levels drop sufficiently there will be a new lower Euro pollution target...






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Nov 11

Posts: 14

60 mph limit!!!

What a crock of s**t, another example of the British government rolling over like the little lap dogs to Europe they are, if you look on the motorways the majority of cars, wagons, buses and bikes are fairly new with very little traffic over 5 years old, the majority of the 'older' vehicles the highways aagency speak about do there driving in the built up areas such as towns and cities where the issues of pollution is most prevelant. The highways agency should be promoting more use of motorbikes in these areas to cut the pollution. One more point, bringing the speed limit down to 60 is nigh on bang on the maximum spped of the wagons, imagine the tailbacks? when there is no overtaking, thats going to put the pollution up. What we should do is what the other countries do in europe, ignore it instead of forever giving in.

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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

E.U Nanny State (again)

(Yet) more E.U meddling in the affairs of a Nation State....oops, i mean 'Member State' or 'Region of Europe' to be Politically correct, Ha, Ha,    Forget 'Air Polution' this is a 'Red Herring' to obscure the real agenda, indeed 'agenda' is the term....United Nations Agenda 21, (look it up), via increased restrictions and creeping legislation to make private vehicles obsolete, (along with private housing, land ownership, etc, etc,)  The 'Green' loby is a part of this, via fearmongering such as 'Global Warming',(the planet hasnt warmed since the mid 90's), Remember AL Gore's(hypocrite and controlled scaremonger of the 'System's claim that there would be no ice at the poles by 2013,due to Global Warming Yeah, right,  opps, of course its 'Climate Change' now isnt it, All a pack of lies to justify massive tax hikes, and place further restrictions on the global populace, while using the mass media to convince us that we are all guilty of destroying the planet, In a word 'BOLLOX'   Dont believe all the bullshit, lies and deception via Government and media Mind Control, Do your own research, find out the truth, If the 60mph limit is approved, it will remain, and be rolled out nationwide, Make your feelings known, They rely on Apathy.

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