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Andy Downes  says:

Bike tax changes causing confusion

Scrapping the paper tax disc has left the DVLA scrabbling for a solution to the problem of what to do once a bike is sold with remaining tax on it; something no one appears to have thought about before announcing the end of the current system.Moves to scrap the 93-year-old vehicle tax disc in October this year have thrown up...

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  • Posted 247 days ago (17 January 2014 12:12)

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:

Excuse me....

....eatcs01, the DVLA maybe based in Swansea but i don't think calling all Welsh people wankers is the answer. It would be like me saying David Cameron is a prick so all English people are pricks.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Leaving aside the xenophobia, it's always been my understanding that the VEHICLE needs to be taxed, not the owner as such. That's why the VEHICLE details appear on the reminder or SORN notice. Or am I missing summat here? I haven't seen anything published by the gummint or DVLA to the contrary! 

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Dec 03

Posts: 28

ninja12 says:


Scrap all this confusion, add it to fuel, the more you use the road the more road tax you pay!

install ANPR cameras at petrol stations  and catch them with no MOT or Insurance, simple

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Sep 10

Posts: 1319

SatNavSteve says:


Thats the most intelligent comment I've seen on here for a while, well done!

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

I agree with Ninja12, but bear in mind that ANPR cameras are springing up all over the place but there aren't the staff to look at each image and sift through them for offenders, they might not be that effective. More stop checks by les flics, VOSA, DVLA etc. would be a start. research the ANPR, build up a picture of "hot spots" then target them. Yes, it will hold up traffic but, given the current state of the roads, who's going to notice??!!

I can't really see this gummint going for the duty on fuel thing - we're the most expensive in Europe already and there's an election next year................

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Feb 12

Posts: 153

plumber01 says:

Bilysollocks, I think sad though it may  be,  we are actually one of the cheapest places to buy petrol in europe, diesel is cheaper in most of europe but my bikes tend to run better on petrol. I do think it a liberty that a diesel mini pays no road tax yet my bike cost about £70 pa, where is the logic in that !

as for ANPR camara sites, they wouldnt need them to detect road tax as it wouldnt exist if it was added to the cost of juice and you couldnt escape it unless you dont buy fuel.

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

I've always questioned what the road fund licence pays for. In the good old days it was to pay for the upkeep of the roads. Today, it is just another tax and I doubt the Gov't can justify what it pays for.

County councils maintain local roads, yet I doubt any road fund licence duty goes to them and if it does, then they are not spending it wisely.

Where does this money go?

If the Gov't can't justify the purpose of road fund licence then why continue it?

While I'm on the subject of costs. MOT's?

Why are they so bloody expensive? The price of a bike or car MOT keeps going up and up and up. MOT businesses know it is a legal requirement and are exploiting the publics' need to have one for their vehicle in order to make money.  Surely it's about time the Gov't introduced a standard price for an MOT. After all, it is a Gov't requirement our vehicle has one, so have a standard price set by the Gov't?

I resent paying £40 for an MOT. My local car MOT place charges £40. If they MOT 10 cars a day, that's £400.  Multiply that by a 3 man team, that's £1200 a day,  £7200 a week ( they work 6 days), £28800 a month, £345600 a year for checking bulbs, brake pads, rubber things and tyres. It's a bloody rip off!

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Big Bry 51


May 08

Posts: 5

Big Bry 51 says:

What no tax disc

Having worked with an ANPR  system and having first hand knowledge of how up to date the databases are and in particular the woefull inaccuracy of the DVLA database, this news scares me.

I am concerned as to how they intend to enforce this debacle.

So I sell my Blackbird (thats not going to happen just yet)  in the middle of the month, the new owner has to tax it before he can legally ride it!

So are they going to have a system in place to reimburse me for the days and months outstanding and then the new owner, will they be able to tax it for the remaining days of the month plus the next say six months, or is that to be abolished as well making all VELs payable for 12 months at a time?

I see this not as cost cutting but done to help them cream yet more money off us, the motoring public for daring to own bikes and cars.

Cynical - always when the Government are at play trying to make things easier for themselves.


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Aug 02

Posts: 3273

eatcs01 says:


WOW. That's more than my sister earns in a month... LOL

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Aug 13

Posts: 19

Aki800 says:

I'm going to go with the theory they plan to rob peter and paul. Sell you bike in the middle of the month and you lose 2 weeks of tax as you can only claim back complete months and the buyer loses 2 weeks as they have to tax it from the beginning of the month when they didn't even own it. Thats one big CHA-CHING for the government.

Not sure how they're going to get around the timescale it takes to transfer registraion but you can guarantee they'll f**k it right up!

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