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Steve Hunt  says:

US-made electric bikes from Brammo to hit the UK

American electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo have announced a UK distribution agreement that will see its full range of bikes being made available to UK customers for the first time.Its nearest rival in the US – Zero Motorcycles – had been trading in the UK until October 2013, when it announced that it was to withdraw immediately from the UK market,...

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  • Posted 267 days ago (28 January 2014 16:58)

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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Not In The Governments Interest

Electric motorcycles are not subject to any 'Government Grants' due to the fact they, along with their EU puppet masters want bikes to be phased out, not encouraged, that is obvious via the ongoing changes to licencing laws to deter as many would be new riders as possible,  as for cars, how many of these Electric and Hybrid cars are on the road here in the UK?, answer, a miniscule number, they are prohibitively expensive, (deliberately), hence the Government of the day, can decive the people by offering these grants to give an impression that they care, and have 'green' credentials, The fact is the electric vehicle technology currently offered to the masses is basic and low tech,(deliberate again), there are far more advanced systems/technology available,and cheaper too, but, not surprisingly, these are not for 'mass production' and kept 'on the back burner' so to speak, these are not in the best interests of the 'Hydrocarbon Establishment' , for whom a road vehicle is purely a means of raising revenue, and always has been, hence, if we all had access to the state of the art technology, it would save us a fortune in running costs, and lose the Government of each country, tens of billions in lost revenue,Its not going to happen is it, Here in the UK,something like 85% of the price of a litre of fuel is tax, and the majority of vehicles are designed to return something like 35mpg (40mpg for many bikes) on average, which is unacceptable, 200mpg technology is available,and that's for cars!,bikes could be much better still,  but that is not good for Government tax/revenue policy, hence it will not see the light of day, The oil is not going to 'run out' anytime soon, and the Hydrocarbon economy is going to be here for a long time to come if the establishment has thier way, to benefit mainly the 'banksters' and thier puppets in Government throughout the world, Cheap energy already exists which would benefit mankind, but its being supressed, the truth though will come out, its only a matter of time.

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Jan 14

Posts: 2

Edinkent says:

 Completely agree brevav2. "Green" energy and renewable energy doesn't stand a hope in hell's chance while the world's economy is driven by the oil industry and governments run by oil barons. It's such a shame. Our planet could really do with some brave steps in the right direction..which by the way I don't think that Brammo is particularly as it relies on fossil fuel driven power stations to generate electricity. If electric bike manufacturerd can bring to the market a long range (250 mile) commuter/touring bike, they'll get far better take up than trying to impress boy racers etc with torque figures.

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Tin foil hattery aside

Current electric vehicle technology is based on lithium.  That won't and can't scale up to be cheap and mass market , because there just isn't enough lithium on the planet.  There's no market solution to that - demand just makes it worse.

Cheap materials are: iron, aluminium, carbon and silicon.  Any energy storage that's not based on them is never going to be mass market, and all the greenwashing subdisies in the world can't make it so.

The current generation of electric vehicles is an embarrasing dead end, and I'm glad that bikes aren't contributing to the insanity.

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Jul 04

Posts: 20

yamahayzr500 says:

Going green might just kill you


Going green could kill you ?

My brother got an electric scooter he lives in Brighton wanted to save the planet and all that, but he soon got rid of it. It wasn't because it was too slow or the range of the batteries was no good, no he got shot of it because every time he rode it, he nearly got killed.

The problem is NO ONE can hear you coming, pedestrians and other road users alike. You watch after a few years of these electric bikes on the road we are going to hear how dangerous motorbikes are and should be BANNED because of the dramatic increase in accidents. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fellow bikers please remember






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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

Im sure its just a matter of time before they add sounds to them to make them safer. Here's a good example:

I'd like my electric bike to sound like a Porsche :P

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Jan 14

Posts: 23

truantray says:

I have ridden a Brammo, and the noise issue is simply not an issue. The bike does make a  gear noise.

Loud pipes do not save lives, this has been proven. Loud pipes just annoy people and make city councils pass motorcyle noise by laws. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that noise cast behind a rider is pretty pointless in termsof safety.

for more on this subject, see here:




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Jan 14

Posts: 60

plumbgod says:


Whats the point in riding something that you and others cant hear, utterly pointless and totally boring if you ask me. I like my bikes to be borderline anti-social without attracting plod of course

On a serious note its hard enough to be seen out there without the noise taken away, ive lost count of the number of times my loud pipes have alerted a simple minded pedestrian or a typical careless driver(list any german car/range rover) to my presence. Even riding defensively you can never predict what some old codger will do or some nitwit on their damn phone, if they cant see me ill make damn sure they can hear me thanks but no thanks

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Lightning Boy


Mar 07

Posts: 82

Electric may be the future

I do think that electic bikes may be the future, probably not with batteries as they exist right now, but they should be able to perform well enough.

TruantRay, sorry mate, you're just wrong. From direct personal experience I can state that loud pipes do save lives, in town. On the open road? Not so much, but as most accidents occur in built up areas, loud pipes it is. Loud pipes dont need to make your ears bleed though.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2856

James600zx says:


I've said this before but whilst the technology is cool I think electric vehicles are a cul-de-sac for three reasons.

First, battery technology hasn't and won't achieve the required light weight, range and lifespan to make electric bikes a significant part of the future of motorcycling.

Second, how do you think all that electricity will be generated in the first place? With fossil fuels, in the main, creating energy reasonably cleanly in power stations but then partially lost downstream on its way to the vehicle, nullifying that efficiency.

Thirdly and chiefly, there is no need to discard a century or so of internal combustion technology (and fuel delivery) when we can have bio-fuels created by microbial digestion of waste materials. That's the future, I reckon, not electric.

 Audi have been working with this company:


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Aug 02

Posts: 599

winger says:

Are electric bikes the future?? I don't know but one things for sure the internal combustion engine most certainley isn't,I'd suggest if the goverment was prepared to help a lot more people would look at an electric bike fot those short journeys and shopping etc

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