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MCN  says:

Would you really take a BMW R1200GS round the world?

Fancy an adventure bike? BMW’s new R1200GS Adventure costs £12,600 for the base model, £14,750 for the XE and £15,350 for the TE model. We’re talking big money here, but would you really take a bike worth a deposit on a small house around the world?

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  • Posted 237 days ago (07 February 2014 10:07)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

Seat height would kill it for me. What is it on one of these, about 870-900mm?  I'd look like a kid sitting on his dad's bike! Manufacturers still haven't realised that seat heights are killing bike sales. Theres a lot of people who won't buy a bike simply because they can't reach the floor and feel unsafe and bikes like this are the worst offenders. I've known many people who buy a bike simply because they can reach the floor, even if its not a bike they intended buying or are not suited too but because they feel safe sitting on it. More development needed by all manufacturers. You wouldn't buy a car where the seat was fixed in one position and thats why almost anyone can drive almost any car!!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 3277

eatcs01 says:


The BMWs all have an adjustable seat height, and they also do suspension lowering kits.
Would I take MY 1200GS around the world? YES, as it's what I have in the shed. It's also not worth £13k anymore.
Do I nod and wave to other riders? YES. We're all in this together.
Do I take the piss out of sportsbike riders who never take their race replica on the track? Of course I bloody do, especially when they keep banging on about taking GSs off road, although they usually fail to see the irony.

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Feb 14

Posts: 273

TheApexTwin says:

So sports bikes are only suited to the track? Try telling that to Guy Martin or Michael Dunlop.

The point is, the GS is supposed to be (or was originally) designed as a hybrid off/on road bike. It's just that the market for it has become a luxury motorway commuter bike, and BMW (being a business) are catering to the perceived customers.

Do I take the piss out of GS riders with their shiny panniers cruising the M1? Yes. It makes me feel better about being skint and riding a battered R6.



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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:


Yes they do have adjustable seats, like a number of other bikes but they weren't designed to have suspension lowered and still have the same handling characteristics. Thats the bodge that is done just to suit smaller people. I've seen a GS with lowered suspension and a lower seat and it looked ridiculous, like someone had dropped a 10 ton weight on it. The engineering of bikes needs to be a lot more efficient to properly have lower seats, not just some half-arsed bodge! And BMW would have to get their quality control better suited before I took one round the world. How many thousand are having fuel pumps changed?

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Feb 14

Posts: 1

zeddy1200 says:

Too expensive !

Taking the bike around the world means that you require a Carne de Passsage: a deposit that you loose, when you fail to take the bike out of a foreign country. For Iran this is 200%, for India 400% of actual value. So you smash your bike in India, the loss at hands is 5x the actual value.

For some this might not matter, but I prefer a 10 year old Transalp, that can be repaired almost anywhere. Spare rubbers are easy to find and if all fails, I don't worry to take a long bus ride home. No thanks, I don't need one of these 'Adventure' bikes (except the old KTM LC 640).

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

I would love to go around the world on a bike. I'm not sure this would be my first choice though. It appeals to many and it has proven credentials but it's not not for me.

Personally I would go for a 100% road focussed bike and take in the best roads with the best surfaces and best overnight stays. I've got to be honest here. Off road riding is gruelling for long distances and I would not get any enjoyment from picking one of these up ten times a day covered in crap. It's not my idea of a round the world trip.

Neevesey reckoned the GSXR750 was a great bike to do this and I'm thinking he's on the same wave length as me. I might not plump for a GSXR but I would get more enjoyment using something like a Speed Triple, Ducati Streetfighter or something in that range than the Beemer.

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Nov 12

Posts: 245

ColonelClaw says:

Yeah of course you could. Mind-you, you'd also need a full backup team of mechanics, with parts flown out to you from Bavaria at your request. Some security guards to make sure it doesn't get nicked overnight wouldn't hurt either. As the GS weighs as much as a tank, all that riding might get tiring after a while, so a comfortable car in the convoy that you could relax in the back of would round things off nicely.

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Oct 12

Posts: 353

73mach3 says:


how many spare bmw do i get?

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Apr 10

Posts: 55

Long Way Round? If only...

The truth is, like most keen bikers, I would love to be able to justify a three-month sabbatical to travel round the world. Evidently Ewan and Charlie did it supporting charities and with great intentions. However, for the rest of us (see Mondo Enduro), it is an entirely different kettle of fish. These guys had an entourage of backup supplies, medics, and security as well as a storage point for the documentation. what is more, a famous face is a strong assset when you need to ask for favours.

as much as I admire them for having made some great television and suffering some really challenging moments, i cannot escape the idea that the had a privilege which remains out of grasp for the great majority of the brotherhood of bikers.

I admit a dislike and distrust for the Bavarian Beasts. Still, given the chance I would jump at it and relish every single moment of it.



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Aug 02

Posts: 2746

spondonste says:


If the route was purely on tarmac or very very smooth trail runs then I would consider taking a BMW R1200GS. The reality however is that many undeveloped parts of the world do not have those types of arteries. The BMW R1200GS is FAR FAR FAR too heavy to realistically be used on anything other than tarmac roads in the developed world. If you look at web pages like horizons unlimited you'll very quickly see what the right tool for each job is (in terms of bikes for terrains) and the beemer is only adequate for some of them

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