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MCN  says:

Video: Honda Fireblade SP group test

With a blueprinted engine and snazzy chassis parts, the new Honda Fireblade SP has a price tag to match its European rivals. But does it beat them at their own game? We find out on sunny Spanish roads and around the track, with former WSB champion Neil Hodgson.

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  • Posted 177 days ago (26 February 2014 15:32)

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Nov 10

Posts: 263

Homer40 says:

You forget to add....

...the BMW is Stunning looking especially the HP4 version, however, you also forget to add that most BMW's have spent more time back in the garage ironing out glitches that the owners have spent riding them.

A mate of mine changed the oil on his HP4 only to find that the oil was full of littles bits of metal, in other words the engine was eating itself from the inside......not good for a bike costing that much.

The Aprillia RSV4 is to small be be a serious road bike, track yes, road no.

The Ducati Panigalle, again a stunning looking bike, but then for the price tag it should be and there is no way that the Ducati is a as fast at top end.

The Blade SP, having been to look at one, iagree there are some disapointing bits to it, no quick shifter, front brakes still have the 3 way tubes instead of the racing set up direct to the calipers, it is down on power (look at the WSB struggling to compete) shame really because Honda had a chance to really make something special, instead the made a bike which is good but just that...good not brilliant.

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Jan 11

Posts: 98

RageRider says:

Good video, poor sound!

Liked the video, really liked Neil Hodgson's honest expert opinion BUT the sound was terrible. I could barely hear some of the comments. (No it's not my equipment.)

If the sound gear's not up to it just do the interview in a garage away from the track or something.

As for the bikes I just don't think the Fireblade is exotic enough to warrant the pricetag and in that company it's a bit underdressed regardless of how great a bike it undoubtedly is. It's just not sexy enough, even the BMW has a genuine feel of exotica about it despite it's efficient German-ness.

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Aug 02

Posts: 176

sack1 says:

Do you..

 ..get the impression that the Fireblade is an interim bike? For Honda to field a sub-par bike for like money seems to almost gaurentee that there's something getting ready behind the scenes. I guess we'll find out.

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Jan 04

Posts: 150

venturer says:

fly-by-wire front brake, no way

 fly-by-wire front brake, no chance , i don't care, no way. i don't care if it's good enough for a plane or any other use.  

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Nov 12

Posts: 5

Matthew1971 says:

I agree...

 I agree with Homer40, the Hp4 and s1000rr have some of the worst build qualities Ive ever seen, I myself and numerous friends either got rid of thier beemers or are regretting ever making the purchase..


Its fine if your Neil Hodgson on a track for the day with technitions on tap but try actualy owning one with out parts rotting, failing, falling off or just never working. Even Williams BMWsales  staff themselves admitt most parts are "cheap and nasty" and "not fit for purpose........

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Feb 14

Posts: 17

Gixerguy25 says:

A small improvment??

I thought the HP4 was meant to be the 'ultimate superbike' with its electronic aids (suspension etc) but Hodgson says it is a 'small improvement' from the basic S1000RR - I like the bike a huge amount and I agree with him if I was to buy a bike it would be the HP4 no question, it's just an epic all-round missile - good enough to run in National Superstock as it is I reckon, no tweaks needed, but I have to say I was a bit surprised at how slow the Blade was to be honest compared to it

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Nov 11

Posts: 32

souroush says:

I agree too


I agree with Matthew and Homer40, about the build quality  and on the top of that I have received the worst service and attitude from BMW sales and service people ever. Beside , would you spend £16k - £20K on a bike to take it to the track and trash it ?

That is definatly not on my list . Not sure about others.

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Mar 14

Posts: 1

sqd8r says:

BMW owners must all be drinking the koolaid.

With the baseline S1RR so good it could only be an incremental improvement. Same thing applies to the Ducatis and their specials or any other make of motorcycle including this Honda SP.

As to build quality, I call BS. I'd love for someone from Williams BMW, as you say, to come on and say the S1RR is not up to snuff on build quality. I can't imagine any sales person saying a product they are selling that is the #1 superbike in the world and the flagship model of the brand has ''cheap and nasty'' parts on it. Sorry but I have to call BS until you get someone who clearly is in the wrong occupation on here to verify.

Any bike has ''little bits of metal'' in the oil upon initial run in. That's why most manufacturer's fit or the aftermarket offer magnetic drain plugs, to pick up the metal. Nothing new there. Also doubt that little bit of metal will lead to a bike in the shop. 

Funny the negative points here are not reflected in owner surveys... Worldwide. They must just all be drinking the koolaid because it's been our since 2010 and is still leading the sales charts despite all the cheap and nasty bits and catastrophic engine failures... lol. 




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Nov 12

Posts: 5

Matthew1971 says:

 Funny you shaould mention, surveys Worldwide sqd8r, heres just one taken recently

You only have to spend a little time reading through the US and UK forums to see how badly built these bikes are....

Believe me and I have no reason to lie, a Williams BMW salesman admitted that some parts were "cheap and nasty, not fit for purpose". Why would someone even make that up???


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Oct 11

Posts: 195

SundayRoast says:


You have to remember that Hodgson can ride around any issues with the HP4 and as such would not notice subtle nuances that we would pick up from predominantly riding the bike on the road.

All of these bikes are the pinacle of build quality from each of the manufacturers and so every foible will be only slightly more or less apparent.

Honda will always be slightly slower due to the electronics advantage and the HP4 will only truly gain the quantum leap forward when they make it "fully active" and link it to GPS so that it automatically adjusts when it knows the road conditions coming up. Imagine the fully active system at the IoM TT where it would set up hard for Bray Hill & Agos and then soften up to a degree, for everywhere else.

Aprilia is a fantastic bike, Panigale is pretty but extreme and the HP4 is a rocketship enhancement of the GSXR K5/6. You cannot use all the performance on the road and remain alive or with licence.

BMW quality is in question at the moment everywhere on all models but I do not believe they would ever launch something that was not fit for purpose. They just dumb it down a bit so that you buy the aftermarket alternative for more money. The Harley (and now Triumph) philosophy. 

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