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MCN  says:

Why don't you commute by bike?

Commuting to work by motorbike can save you a lot of money and time, and add enjoyment to a potentially miserable journey. So why don't you do it?

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  • Posted 231 days ago (05 March 2014 15:33)

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

@snave's point about maxi scoots

I'm off home on the Burgman 400 soon, tucked inside my Urbano muffs and under my Termoscud invalid blanket.  It's not wind-in-the-teeth biking, but it is two wheeled transport, free parking, filtering, and it'll still win most traffic light grands prix.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

I take the bike

 in summer when its quiet at work but in the winter its our busy time so van or car for me, but after easter quiet time and off on buying trips around Britain on the blade.

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:


..... It's cheaper, more comfortable and safer to run my diesel car.

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Jul 07

Posts: 5

davyh says:

Its no fun

I commuted for 12 years by bike and its no fun at all. I've seen too many motorcyclists knocked off when they've been filtering, so I'd rather sit in the car in a queue than do that. At least I'll get home at some point and not have to go via a hospital. Plus knocking the ice off your jacket in freezing fog makes you wonder why you're bothering. You can't use a bike in the snow either. Feedom? I don't think so. A car is freedom. Fill it with fuel and luggage and off you go in any kind of weather. No need to stop every 150 miles to refuel and stretch your ams, legs and neck. You blend in with other traffic on a bike in the dark, making you invisable to people who already aren't paying attention. I do commute on my bike but only in the summer and if I can be bothered to get the bike out and put all my gear on then take it all off when I get there, then put it all on again at home time.......

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Feb 12

Posts: 37

AHA1 says:

It's the second best option

 In Central London where I commute daily, IMHO it's the best option for any journey too long to walk.  Walking is often simpler and easier plus it's free (apart from shoe leather) and good exercise.  Keep your eyes open and your brain switched on and your experience is much better - whether walking or riding!

Cycling has most of the disadvantages of biking but few of the advantages (but also keeps you fit and parking is usually no hassle.)  Public transport and cars are to be avoided except as a last resort.

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Aug 02

Posts: 441

snave says:

 I commuted for 18 years by bike and spent the extra weeks holiday - and the money saved - abroad.

Early on, I also shared a colleagues wife by the simple expedient of being able to leave work at the same time as him, knowing I had an hour and a half at his house before he got home. He knew I knew he was cheating on her anyway so...

Go measure that value... along with the regular-as-clockwork journey time, the ability to go four times as far in the same time (or even `all the way`, woo-hoo!). I once stole a many-hundred thousands account from a competitor by being able to get on the bike and drive bacjk into Central London on a Friday afternoon. He threw a paddy when he got there and simply would not believe I'd already been in, got a signed agreement and left when he'd only had to travel 4 mile across London.

Lots of reasons to commute by bike. but equally huge disappointment at the crap they pass off as commuter transport these days. Frankly, it has to be a scooter.






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Oct 08

Posts: 22

commuting I do

I only commute when weather and conditions are suitable. I do it because I enjoy it and dont when it is too cold. I travel 24 miles on mostly country roads or dual carriageway so donty get the benefit of filtering unless the dual carriageway blocks up. There is no financial advantage and time saving is nil considering you have to put on helmet, protective gear. change shoes and trousers at work and lock up bike. If I was a city bod it may be different where there is grit and no cow poo and roads are relatively straight.

It is actually cheaper to use the car as it is diesel, even without considering the extra cost of the bike.

Therefore I use the bike april to October as it is no fun trying to skate your bike on frost, damp and muddy bendy roads. It is only fun when dry. I also prefer to remain alive to enjoy it. At 58 bones take longer to heal and is not considered cool by colleagues - just mad


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Mar 14

Posts: 1

grrrr says:

It's why I bought a bike

The only reason I bought a bike was to commute.  So not only is there not a "I do commute by bike" option but there isn't a "I use my bike for commuting and nothing else" option.

I commute by bike because I can always get parked and although I don't save any time when the traffic is light, there are days on the Edinburgh bypass that the commute by car can take an extra hour!

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Jan 08

Posts: 17

benCBR6 says:

Why DO you commute by bike?

  1. It's by far the quickest way to travel during rush hour
  2. I loath public transport
  3. It's much cheaper
  4. I want to get the most out of my bike all year round
  5. Despite bad weather it's still a good way to travel - I'm not soft!
  6. I enjoy riding!


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Jan 10

Posts: 126


Its obvious by reading the replies that most MCN readers use their bikes everyday for work , the pole questions are not complete and pretty rubbish, whoever decided to put them together slap their wrists Mr Editor.

Going to work everyday on a bike is pure pleasure even in the worst of the weather.

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