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Matthew Birt  says:

Suzuki re-thinking MotoGP strategy after Ducati Open move

Ducati's decision to move to the new Open class has already forced Suzuki into re-thinking its 2015 MotoGP strategy, and is likely to put pressure on Honda and Yamaha to do the same.Just three weeks after declaring its intention to run as a factory entry to have the capability of developing its own electronics software, Suzuki is not ruling out...

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  • Posted 262 days ago (07 March 2014 10:48)

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

What a complete mess Dorna has made of MotoGP. So now we have a 3 tire race where a manufacturer  could be off the podium because the bloke that came first has a bigger tank!


It reeks of desperation. Time to switch to WSBK before they **** that up as well!

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

I have to disagree

I think its actually well thought out. Dorna have wanted the factories (Honda) to go this route to help keep costs down and improve the spectacle so that we don't end up seeing the same 2 or 3 people up front week in week out on either a Honda or Yamaha. They've found a way for the factories to now want what they were rejecting a while back. Thats clever marketing.


Dorna are making Motogp a big boys version of Moto2. The rules are slightly different but the essence is the same. Standardised electronics and rubber, allowing the difference to be made by good old fashioned bike design and set up, and the size of the riders balls.


I know the purists will say that its not the ultimate and therefore goes against the spirit of Motogp. Sadly the ultimate performance is dictated by purse size, so then only the richest win, which isn't really racing in my book. Its cock measuring by the factories.


If Moto2 is anything to go by, the racing will only get better, and teams like Ducati and Suzuki will actually be able to compete bringing closer racing and a greater spectacle to the race going/watching masses.


Open class is the way forward. I wouldn't be surpised to see everyone adopting it by 2015.

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Nov 09

Posts: 315

diceman23 says:

Honda won't let them

 If the rumours of rule a change to create a "factory 2" Class this year effectivley designed to Penilise Ducati and the Open Yamaha at Hondas request are true then Suzuki will be in whatever Class Honda decide they should be in. Its a bad joke yet another major rule change weeks before the start of the season and all because Honda have thrown their toys out the pram. FFS 

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May 13

Posts: 153

WillRTW says:

Factory 2??

As I understand it the only difference between 'Open' and the possible 'Factory 2' entries is the marginally less fuel in a race (24 to 22.5 litres) and slightly less engines (12 to 9) in a year. There is still the softer rubber, engine development and unlimited testing which Ducati (and Suzuki) really want and need from the 'Open' class rules. 22.5 litres of fuel in a race and 4 more engines a year more than factory teams is still an advantage, especially when considered with the continual engine development and unlimited testing. I agree with SM, grown up Moto2 is the way to go for good racing and I think Dorna are eventually starting to win that battle.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Thats because

 Moto 2 works for the viewing public. It was down to two guys at the end but how many others won last year. Its a giant crock of sh!t. Why doesnt Karel Abraham ask for his own class whilst we are there, open 4 we could call it with PBM coming in the " I made it in my shed" class

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Jun 11

Posts: 568

ratchetman says:

Laughing gas

 Laughing gas has got it spot on. The rule book for MOTOGP is to complicated and a mess. Why DORNA just didnt cut costs by doing away with the electronics and leaving the riders to supply the  input I dont Know. And before people say tis dangerous with high sides ect the bikes in BSB arnt exactly slow but they run with out the electronics. MOTOGP is still far to expensive. It now has a very narrow viewer band (BT  subscribers only) This will mean less sponsorship and even less money  RIP MOTOGP. I have got sky and I must say the 1st round of WSB didnt disapoint 

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Apr 12

Posts: 190

aintnothin says:

Unless you are

one of the 4 Yamaha/Hondas, why wouldn't one not want to run Open Class (unless the rules change again)?

looked at Qatar test results for today.  Nicky is 3 tenths slower than he was last year on the Duke.  I have no idea if this piece of information actually means anything...

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Feb 14

Posts: 12

therockgod says:

war of motogp

 I can see in my crystal ball some really dark clouds ahead in the moto-gp paddock because of the ECU software and its different understanding to different manufacturers.
First the upgrade bought by marelli in sapang 2 test were not run by any team because ‘it was too complicated’ or in other words all teams expect Ducati don’t have the kind of resources to utilize the new software to its fullest, so stick to what you can do.
Second, Ducati asking for changes to the software aka introduce there M.Marelli stuff to refine the wheelie control and TC etc.
And if they get on podium (ducati) , Dorna will reduce there fuel from 24 to 22.5 and engine from 12 to 9 which I may say is not that bad …
Prepare for a war aka the 2014 matogp season !

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Jul 12

Posts: 89

hurdyfurdy says:

Not so daft after all......

Uncle Carmelo has made another sharp move here.  He's made it no secret he wants all bikes in open Class by 2017 to save costs.  Less fuel, tyres etc isn't how it's done.  The major cost for ther teams is software development.  Honda say they want to keep developing their own to improve their road bikes. Rubbish. Their very expensive software helps them win and only they can afford to spend so much on it.  By persuading the teams to take the standard ECU and software it allows teams other than Repsol Honda and Factory Yamaha a chance of a podium.  If Ducati are still crap this year they keep the 24 litres and 12 engines so no penalty there.  If they do well they only get 22.5 & 9.  Still not not too shabby. Their real advantage is no restrictions on engine development & testing, not how much fuel & engines they have.

In 2015, Suzuki will enter as Open Class & Dorna will reduce the regs for factory to 18 litres and 3 engines. At some point it'll become better for Yamaha and Honda to go Open too. 

Result - race winners & podiums from Honda, Yamaha, Ducati & Suzuki.

Tell me why that would be a bad thing?


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Jul 12

Posts: 89

hurdyfurdy says:

Meant to say

Dorna want to cut costs in order to make MOTO GP more competitve and entertaining for the viewers.

By reducing software costs (all teams eventually in Open Class with standard ECU/software) Suzuki & Kawasaki can afford to join the party and actually compete for podiums.  If that dilutes the purists view of Moto GP being the pinacle of cutting edge research too bad.  The software Repsol use isn't going to make it to the next Fireblade but the Magnetti one might.  It's well known that Yamaha were struggling to afford to keep up & if things had gone on as they were for a couple more years it would have been which Repsol will win every week.  How exciting would that have been?

Close racing and fans seeing wins from 5 or 6 different riders sells tickets and TV rights.  This year Aleix Esp has a good chance of leading the odd race - at least until his soft tyres go off.  A bad thing? I don't think so -I can't wait to see that!

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