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Discuss This Was Ducati’s move to the Open Class in MotoGP inspired thinking or lunacy? MotoGP

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Simon Patterson  says:

Was Ducati’s move to the Open Class in MotoGP inspired thinking or lunacy?

Last week Ducati made the shock decision that they would be running in the Open Class in MotoGP for 2014. Some have called the move inspired, and less controls on engine development plus sticky tyres and an extra four litres of fuel are worth a lot. But it comes at a cost - the lack of electronics of their own. With...

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  • Posted 163 days ago (12 March 2014 14:35)

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Jan 06

Posts: 11

rodgerslyon says:

Needs more answers

How about too clever for their own good as Dorna are catching them up now with Factory 2. 

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Mar 09

Posts: 5125

Nostrodamus says:

Dorna catching them up?!

That was a nothing sop to the true Open class competitors. Dorna giving Ducati a massive leg up is much more like it with the up spec'ed software that no one except Ducati has the resources to run with.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2490

supermario says:

Do you actually have a point nostro?

or is it just more whinging?

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Aug 11

Posts: 689

Bootlegger says:

And your point S'Mario ?

I'm listening. It's not like Ducati bent the rules. Dorna made them and Ducati opted to exploit them without breaking 'em. When Aleix locks horns with Factory 1 riders in Qatar please don't blame Ducati. They are just doing what's in their best interests. I like the Gigi/Tardozzi angle. Hardcore Structure. A structure that has been in absentia since, well 2011. You get the general drift no doubt. Spare a thought for Prezziosi. One bloody game engineer to tolerate #46 within the ambit of the budget at his disposal back then.

Come to think of it Superman, without Prezziosi's brainchild L-4 D16 you would not have a Ducati GP project to bitch about. It is a pity that Bridgestone shafted the Ducati project circa 2008 whilst they shod a winning horse. They (Ducati) have had to rebuild ever since. Bring back the tyre wars and tobacco sponsorships and logo's. Any fool and his dog knows that sugar/caffeine and sundry crap is no more dangerous to your health than 10 Marboro's, a fifth of whiskey and whatever else per day.

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Oct 10

Posts: 419

racingfan99 says:

It's neither lunacy or inspired. Simply neccessity - the bike desperately needs a lot of development work, or maybe a complete rebuild from scratch as seems the plan by 2015. So to make those forward steps the rules as they are meant they could not develop as a full factory team, so it was their only option. Nothing more nothing less in my opinion.

I do think as bad as CRT class was - its got a whole lot worse now with open of varying degrees and factoty 2 as well as full factory all on the one grid. Dorna meddling with the rules to this degree is now a shambles. The best bikes usually win races and the best bikes usually levitate towards the best riders and vice versa. now the cheapest bikes could win the races - produced by the manufacturers who are throwing all the big money around the sport - only to see everything against them and results being taken away. when Agostini was winning in 2 classes for MV and undefeated for 5 seasons, did the organisers penalise him for been the only factory bike? (all the Japanese had left the series for a while). Did the other guys who were all privateers and getting double lapped by him in races get better tyres? Did Ago have to race all season with 1 engine and a set of tyres? Of course not!

Dorna seem to thing getting more bikes bunched together at the front will make better racing but I think the racing means much less because it is so forced to close the gaps artificially

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Apr 13

Posts: 71

VeritasH says:


Made the best decision for themselves inside the framework of the rules, infact they even bent them a bit.

My understanding is all the factorys use the Magnetti Marelli ECUs, simply with their own software (somone correct me if I'm wrong), as an open entry they'd be required to use the Dorna supplied software and map that themselves.

The original Dorna software was pretty basic, so Ducati basically said 'Here you can have ours for free' Dorna jumped at this, and esentially Ducati is getting to pretty much run the software they used before, with an extra 4l of fuel and the lift of the engine development freeze. (A bullshit rule anyway IMO)

The factory 2 fiasco was to appease Honda and Yam.

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Nov 11

Posts: 785

Firebird3 says:

 FFS, why are MCN going over this again.......we have already said that it was a stroke of genius for Ducati to go into the 'open class'.  They didn't break any rules by doing so and the fact that Dorna are now  back peddling and bringing in another category has nothing to do with it.  The electonics on the bikes has dulled the spectacle,  so it wouldn't matter if they got rid of it anyway..

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Aug 02

Posts: 573

winger says:

I'm interested to see how Ducati manage this,they need this season to develope the bike,it's not in their interests to put in a result early in the season assuming they can!! but at some time with 12 engines on the go they are going to wheel out a big horsepower motor and HRC will not be happy which means everyone else will be!!!

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Apr 12

Posts: 155

aintnothin says:


I believe that if an Open category bike gets 1 First, 2 Seconds, or 3 Thirds, then it is automatically put into the Factory2 category (less gas, fewer engines).  Place your bets!

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Aug 13

Posts: 91

Well its a

Crazy decision,but,it may work out in the long run,But if not?,it won't make any difference,but if it does.?.it will be genius.LOL.

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