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May 09

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ally600 says:

im really not sure about this

my son has come of an age when he wants to join me on the bike.............i gave him a little taster round the block earlier (very quiet road) and he loved it, my heart say's yes but my head and wife say no.......................whats your views

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  • Posted 256 days ago (13 March 2014 19:55)

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Aug 02

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Kamchat says:


I think it is fine ...all four of my kids rode pillion on my bike ....some liked it more than others. The youngest was about ten years old ..I don't think I would be happy with them being much younger than that.

Obviously the main thing is getting them decent kit if you are going out on the open roads and not just pootling round the houses at 30 mph.

My kids loved going on the Yorkhill Easter Egg runs ..your son will probably love it too as it's such a spectacle to be taking part with so many other bikes (many with kids on the pillion).  :winkie:

Kids on Yorkhill run

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

How old

is he?

I would personally never ever take anyone out on the bike with me and I've purposely taken pillions off my insurance. I choose to take the risk and I won't allow anyone else to hand their life over to me, regardless of how much effort I put into my riding.

That said whilst I feel I am basically a competent rider, most people on here have far more experience than I do and will be far better riders. I would love to have the riding (and for that matter life) experience that you guys take for granted.

THAT said, I've seen a youtube video where a rider with his son as a pillion got barged (physically, with contact) to one side by a stupid ignorant bitch of a car driver who got all of 5 meters further on in traffic because of it and refused to stop for the collision, just giving him abuse through an open window. The traffic was moving at a fixed pace and if he'd been on his own no doubt he would have been over taking it. As he had his son on the back, he was leaving a very sensible gap (not a criticism) in front and holding back.

It's all about your ability, experience, the perceived risk and so on. Ultimately he isn't just your son - he is your wife's son as well and you must take her concerns into account. There might be a compromise to be reached or she might be totally opposed.

If you plan on doing it, my advice would be to invest in the proper kit for him, no matter the cost. I'd go the whole hog, including chest and back protector (if it were my son, it'd be a motocross style armour suit with a top of the range abrasion resistant jacket on top, combined with extremely well armoured boots, properly good and well fitting helmet as well as hip / knee armourer trousers. I might even consider a neck brace given he doesn't have to look around much) and literally no expense spared. I'd get him an airbag jacket as well. I could deal with a broken leg or arm or something (kids do that anyway) but anything more serious and I couldn't deal with it if it were my son and I were in charge of the bike.

EDIT: As I say, I have little life experience so I may be a little over cautious (I think the young often go one way or the other). I'm only 28 with no family / kids so it's all projection.

EDIT: or am I 29? Bloody morphine.

EDIT: nope, 28. 29 this year. Crikey.

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Dec 12

Posts: 1456

Diablere says:

For me

the kids need to be teenagers before going on the back.

no scientific gage for this other than that feels like the right age! if their mother disagrees at this point , then i won't argue the point and the kids can then wait!

 only advice is go with what your head is saying and it has to be a mutual thing, ie your wife will have to approve!

hope that helps:smile

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Jul 08

Posts: 4516

ninjachica says:

Your Call

My daughter was around 10 or 11 when she started going on the back of mine.

By 13, she had her own full set of leathers / boots etc.

Short trips are great fun for kids ("give me a lift to school on the bike?") - but be guided by your son, as much as your wife.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

Ally this will sound a little bit

selfish but......... My Daughter has been riding Pillion since the age of about 11...... she will probably totally bypass the whole Bike thing and spend most of her life stuck in Traffic.....My Son has absolutely no interest whatsoever in my Passion...... And that's fine by me........ My Mum.....was always very worried about my passion for bikes........ Wrapping them in Cotton Wool is no answer either....... To ride pillion on a Busa, at full chat is an experience that most people will never least my kids have though.......:smile

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Barney Fartpants


Sep 07

Posts: 2218

Like others have said

Proper protection is essential!


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Apr 08

Posts: 9808

old(ish)git says:


doesn't matter what we think.If the wife says no,that's it.Mine said No! too...but didn't stop him buying his own 125 when he was 18...even used some of the money she'd saved for him to pay for was that collision I had a month after buying the er6 that put her off the idea of pillion for the kids.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


I'm waiting for mine to go out of date and then I have to debate the cost / benefit of replacing them.

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Feb 11

Posts: 2660

gungerdin8 says:

my lad

loves it

he been on the back since 8 rys old ?

nice n steady like !

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

If they can reach the pegs...

and have something to hold onto, and you get them the right riding gear, why not?? If your kids are determined to be bikers like I was when younger and your parents aren't keen, its better if they help out to make sure you have the training and the gear rather than have them do it behind your back and take short cuts. Better the devil you know....etc!

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