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Matthew Birt  says:

Yamaha explain Open M1 test refusal for Jorge Lorenzo

Yamaha denied Jorge Lorenzo’s pre-season request to test an Open class spec YZR-M1 because it made no sense in letting the Spaniard evaluate a bike they had no intention of him racing.MCN exclusively revealed earlier this month that the double MotoGP world champion had requested an Open-spec YZR-M1 test because he felt 24 litres and access to softer compound Bridgestone...

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  • Posted 207 days ago (28 March 2014 14:10)

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1510

Honda is a company, generally companies aim to make money but most self made excessively rich peope aren't driven by the money but the will to succeed and the prestige of that success. It may be foreign to people who rely on government handouts so I won't harp on. There is a lot of that sentiment in the Japanese as a race.

Honda are doing what 99% of others in their position would do and if you say different, you're a liar.

Ezpeleta was happy taking HRC's money regardless of where they finished and did nothing constructive to drought proof the series while he preened and promoted one single rider. And before you all get mortally wounded, the vast majority of the blame is not with that rider.

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Aug 13

Posts: 3389

DeGrasse says:


What is there to get from bigots like you? SloMos have little to share apart for patting each other on the back trying to reinsure each other that they matter.

You don't, retards, not everyone loves to drag themselves in manure and stay put at the low end of the food chain, i mean, look at your posts, laughable.

Get a grip. ps 63 million+ French says: STFU.

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May 09

Posts: 884

CH987 says:

Ok DeGrasse you win. Rossi is the best rider ever, a development Guru and has a huge cock. Lorenzo can barely ride a bike, can't develop a fart and and can't slide a bike. Kenny Roberts designed all motorcycles and invented sliding. DeGrasse is the font of all knowledge any anyone that says otherwise is a slomo troll.

So can we talk about something else now.

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Feb 12

Posts: 91


 matt birt you need a new editer cuz there is zero content on this page worth looking at..

including comments by 99% retards.




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Jul 11

Posts: 1892

CHRainmaker says:

I must say Bennygaywossi, you're looking devastatingly handsome today..

 ..err, just out of curiosity... 


..who would be in your 1%?..Wink wink..

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Jul 11

Posts: 1892

CHRainmaker says:

CH, we could talk about..


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Jul 11

Posts: 1892

CHRainmaker says:

Hey Gassy...

 Do you mean 65.8 million Frenchie's say STFU?..


..don't do yourself out of a few million on our account..

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

When you say cheese

 are you talking about the brigdestone tyre compound that they dont have any of?

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Nov 13

Posts: 197

l8apex says:


DeAsshole said: what people don't understand is that Rossi's bikes had the more "traditional" Yamaha balance and could be ridden fast by a much larger number of riders with different style, the opposite of "Lorenzo bikes", that's optimisation of chassis design and setting ranges available to the other guys........................................ Interesting to know that from 2004 to 2007 anyone not named Rossi achieved a total of seven podiums on the Yamaha M1. From 2011 to 2013 anyone not named Lorenzo achieved a total of 23 podiums. I thought the Rossi bike was easier to ride? The reason 2008-2010 was omitted was for the simple fact of Lorenzo. If anyone cares Jorge achieved 34 of the remaining 39 podiums between 2008-2010 for anyone not named Rossi.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5383

Nostrodamus says:

Hoops you sir?

Tis an interesting point you raise Alex and a shame our resident T.V superstar Mr Birt hasn't found the time to post a short thread on.

There's something very fishy about this 2013 rubber coming to Texas. Now my understanding is Bridgestone make and bake their tyres well in advance, then ship the damn things well in advance to the required destination. Hard to believe they've cocked up in the manner they claim by not having produced enough 2014 rears to met Texan demand. The situation has the rather odious waft of a back down in the face of rider complaints. Bridgestone say this is a one off occurrence. They've also stated a revised tyre will be available from Le Mans (the least demanding track on rubber, so no wonder they nominated this round) which just leaves Argentina - a place virtually everyone will have zero data on, and grippy Jerez, where the 2014 rear shouldn't be such an issue.

Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing to see the 2013 rear in Austin. But you wonder why they can back down and bring 2013 rubber here, when we had exactly the same situation in 2012 with the second generation 2012 fronts (which brought howls of protest from in the main the HRC boys) when there were no complaints from the riders about the first generation tyre.

Japanese face saving, or is there a bit of meddling going on behind closed doors? Who were squealing about the new rears the most? The Factory Yamaha duo.

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