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Apr 14

Posts: 6

GrandPrix46 says:


Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm a keen biker myself, and was wondering if you guys could be kind enough to fill out a questionnaire I am conducting on behalf of a project I'm doing at University, regarding the British Motorcycle Industry. 

The purpose of the survey is to gain feedback in regards to a Research project into the elements influencing the demise of the British Motorcycle industry; and how the development of international brands impacted the UK industry. Your responses are key in my investigation, as it will help me plan proposals to the research.

Thanks a lot, most appreciated...  Wink  

I've exceeded the character limit of 4000. Hmm, only 3000 here though. Ah well... I'll add another post.

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  • Posted 208 days ago (01 April 2014 23:12)

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Apr 14

Posts: 6

GrandPrix46 says:


1.) Do you own a Motorcycle? 

       Yes                  No                   Previously, but not anymore

       No, but maybe in the future

If you have answered “no”, or “Previously, but not anymore”, please state why? Proceed to questions 9 and 10.  

2.) How would you rate current British manufacturers on a whole in comparison to other brands within the market? 

1 (Low) ? 10 (High)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3.) What motorcycle manufacturer do you currently own?    Tick where appropriate

Yamaha   Honda Ducati Suzuki Kawasaki Triumph BMW

Norton         Other (please state) ------------------------------------       

4.) Why do you own the motorcycle/s you do?

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Apr 14

Posts: 6

GrandPrix46 says:


This really is ridiculous, only been on here two minutes. How is the above post exceeding the 4000 character limit? Anyway: 

5.)           What price do averagely spend when purchasing your motorcycle (s)? (Tick where necessary)


£0 – 999              £1000 – 2999               £2000 – 3999          


 £3000 – 4999                £4000 – 5999   


£6000 – 7999            £8000 – 9999                 10000+       




6.)           What’s your preference when purchasing a motorcycle? First or Second hand?


First                  Second         Both   







7.)           Do you purchase your motorcycle (s) online?


Yes             No               Explain ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Apr 14

Posts: 6

GrandPrix46 says:


8.)  How do you keep up to date with motorcycling?


Magazines     Online     Newspapers (MCN etc.)                             

9.)           Gender

Male                 Female              Prefer not to say                  

10.)          What is your age range? 

16 - 21              22 – 27               28 – 33           

34 – 39             40 – 45             46 – 51 

52 – 57              58+

Cheers guys (and girls), much appreciated. 

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Aug 10

Posts: 124

Perki6 says:


1 - yes

2 - 8
3 - Triumph
4 - freedom - thrill
5 - 4000 -5000
6 - second pay no vat
7 - yes - ebay etc
8 - online 
9 - male 
10 - 24

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Oct 11

Posts: 2673

Piglet2010 says:


  1. Does a Honda Deauville count as a motorcycle?
  2. Sqrt (-1)
  3. I wish I owned one of the major motorcycle manufacturers, since then I would be bleeding rich.
  4. The State of Iowa issued me titles.
  5. I bought my motorcycles with US dollars, not British pounds.
  6. Both is quite tricky, eh?
  7. No. Too hard to get a motorcycle through an Ethernet cable for online purchasing to work.
  8. Who said I did?
  9. Hermaphrodite.
  10. 0-4 years.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8513

aehewitt says:

Morning... :)

1`.Yes i do..



4.Honda is the best..


6.Second hand..

7.Browse online, buy in shop.

9.100% Yorkshire female..:biggrin:

10.21+a few more= 50.:sleep:

Your welcome...  :smile

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Mar 03

Posts: 2926

obewan says:

Here ya go




have owned many - like the brand, the range and generally the fit (bikes are not very adjustable as standard and am too tight to buy aftermarket parts to make the bike fit me I am only 6' 0")

8- 9999

First hand

Peace of mind, Ease of PX of old bike, long term relationship with the dealership


Bike Mag, MCN (The Comic) and MCN online

ahem 50 male

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Aug 05

Posts: 7586

babyblade41 says:

her's mine


Like to swap I get bored easily
6k-8k  8k -10k
Both there are some good second hand deals during the winter
No as they won't fit through the letterbox
I don't

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Nov 04

Posts: 3836

750FLYER says:


1- YES
2- 7
3- Suzuki
4- I only do trackdays now so a sportsbike is essential and the Suzuki was my road bike before I stopped riding the roads
5- £4000-£5900
6- Second.. You lose too much money buying brand new.. Better deals are used bikes with very low mileage.
7- I never have so far but I would if I found the right bike there.
8- Online
9- Male
10- 40-45 

Seems to me the demise wasa bought around by racing.. Namely the TT. Back in the day there were many UK manufacturers and the TT was where they came to show their stuff, for years Matchless and Norton and Triumph and many other Brit builders competed against each other infront of the world's eyes and then along came the Italians followed by the japs and they wiped the floor with us.. and still do.

We just don't build enough good bikes anymore, simple!


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Aug 02

Posts: 29395

Kamchat says:

Ok ...

1. yes

2. 5

3. Suzuki

4. Because It is the third of these I have owned and over the past 9 years I have grown to love this particular model of bike. I'm a 'faithful kinda chap'... and I'm still 'in love'.

5. 10,000+

6. New

Why wouldn't you rather have a spanking brand new machine that hasn't been thrashed by someone else? .....  (Money obviously, but if I can afford new I will always be willing to pay extra for it, I had plenty of second hand bikes when I was younger and bringing up a family).

7. No, I'd rather deal face to face with a real person when it comes to buying a bike. But I will check out prices on line before going to a dealers.

8. Online

9. Male

10. 56   

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