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MCN  says:

Video: Honda VFR800 first ride

The V4 VFR was one of Honda's most respected bikes of the 80s and 90s until it somehow went wrong with the VTEC version in 2002. So this surprise and mostly all-new VFR800F has raised both anticipation and scepticism in equal measure. MCN got a world first ride to see if it's worthy of the name.

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  • Posted 195 days ago (09 April 2014 16:10)

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Apr 05

Posts: 3

Neil1052 says:

WOW fantastic marketing opportunity guy's...   FOR TRIUMPH that is !

OH NO Honda missed the boat yet again ;)

Need to bin the Vtec, make it 1000cc +, give it more HP, make it lighter, bigger fuel tank, AND a sensible price ?

After 30+ Honda's I would like to like them, (I sold my last one in the 90's), got sick of waiting for a decent new VFR or Blackbird replacement, rode all VTEC variant's,  so I moved onto Triumph's, 8 Triumphs later, the 1050ST & 1050 Tigers are much better everyday bikes, yes, even running them in all weathers.

Oh and don't forget that  3 cylinder grunt & soundtrack ;)


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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:


 'Fact' checked? Motorcycles are far too dynamicaly complex to be judged from any spec sheet. Weight? surely any less than 200kg makes open road riding plain flighty and I'd take a sub 1000cc V4 or V2 over any straight four or triple for what they FEEL like. Shame about the VTEC though!

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Oct 05

Posts: 538

evilamnesiac says:


 Read the post before mine, Alexcario specifically states its heavier, which is simply not true. Personally I couldn't care less about spec figures, are you say, it makes little difference on the road. But if someone is making a statement which is 100% untrue, they should be called on it. Weights mean little when your rolling, the VFR1200 is 10kg heavier than the blackbird, but feels significantly lighter, there is not alot between the varadero 1000 and the GS, but the GS feels like half the bike. weight distribution seems to be the new 'thing' for manufactuers and you can tell on alot of modern bikes.

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Jun 10

Posts: 30


 Whoa whats going on? 

Honda VFRs with steel pipes and no centre stands. 

Triumphs being better everyday bikes, better built, better quality and more robust than Honda VFRs? 

What is this, SILLY DAY?

As much as owning Triumphs has been a characterful and exciting experience the quality, corrosion and niggles wasn't fun. Nor was the aftersales experience. This saddens me cos I would love to be a Triumph man. If you've been fortunate with your Triumphs then thats great but Ive lost all confidence in them and I really want a Honda V4 and I don't find ace build quality and reliability boring in the least.









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Oct 10

Posts: 189

zoobaz says:

Fair enough on the stainless pipes!

mine was a 2002 model which I bought in 2005, so it was just coming up for it's first MOT (which it failed - on rotted downpipes..). so if they changed them after that then fair enough... my 1992 K plate Trophy had stainless downpies though, so in my defence it did take Honda another 10 years to catch up.

I guess the reliability wasn't dreadful - just not what I was used to. like I said, the engine was great, it handled well and was comfy, so not all bad.

I'm personally not bothered about it still being 800cc - it felt quick enough and the fuel economy was OK, increasing it to 1000cc would incur big development costs which I guess we'd end up paying for in the asking price!

I don't want to go on about Triumphs, but the Sprint GT was a better tourer in my oppinion - ok it may be a little heavier but it's a sports TOURER - not a SPORTS tourer... and the power is where you need it - you don't really need a massive top-end on bikes like this, hence I think the VFR is OK at 800cc.

whoever said the price is a bit much is right though - when you think about it, a 12 year old engine design should have recouped Honda the development costs by now - so they really should be able to offer it at a better price..

But I'm going to reserve judgement until I've ridden one - I've known loads of bikes before (Hondas included) that don't look like much on paper but all those little things add up to really impress on the road

Like Evil Amnesiac says - it's not all about the spec sheet!





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Jun 10

Posts: 30

 Fair point Zoobaz, 

I suppose what i wanted from the new VFR was a comfortable practical sportsbike rather than a sports tourer per se. Rather like the original VFR 750. Trouble is who makes these sort of bikes anymore apart from Kawasaki with the SX and I really don't like the adventure styled bikes. Yes the price is too high but like you say the proof will be in the riding. 


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Dec 05

Posts: 47

gjw1992 says:

long term tests

Noted that the vfr is among many of the new release bikes  that are on long term test with mcn. Could we have more feedback? The reports have improved in the last couple of years, but even more feedback would be appreciated. All the good and bad things about living with and using the things - even just short sharp notes about how easy/difficult it is getting the bike through the garden gate/into the garage for example.

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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:

Long term tests?

 Give them to a courier for ONE month to get a more realistic idea!

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Aug 09

Posts: 18

nickhowes says:


 I've owned a VFR750, 2 VTECs and am currently riding an early VFR1200.  I've loved them all and don't understand all the opprobrium heaped on the VTEC.  It handles beautifully and anyone who has a problem with the surge as the second set of valves chimes in is just a bit picky IMHO.  My pillion and I love the 1200, but it clearly upset the journos for not being a Blackbird.

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Jun 09

Posts: 195

Pads1982 says:


 But speaking as someone who does 14k plus a year I'm not risking the gamble on the valve clearance service the vtec entails. Quotes of over £400 is a joke, get rid of the vetec like you did on the cross runner and I'll buy one as this is my ideal bike but cost of running is my biggest concern I certainly won't be taking the risk and would walk right to the heavy sister and 8 k service intervals of the 1200

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