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MCN  says:

Turbos or superchargers: Which are you most excited about?

Turbos and Superchargers are set to make a comeback on motorcycles, with Suzuki's Recursion concept looking most likely to be the first to bring the turbo back, and Kawasaki looking close to releasing a supercharged Ninja. But which are you most excited about?

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  • Posted 155 days ago (16 April 2014 09:11)

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Mar 10

Posts: 22

nakedbri says:


A re-birth of loony idea. How long before we see two wheelers for the raod nudging 300bhp??? Joking aside, even if they are biasing towards improved efficiency, the resulting power and torque advantages will sill lurk and I have no doubt that before long, someone will re-map the ecu or develop a chip that will extrapolate the untapped performace some will seek. As a thought, it wasn't too long ago this was done in a scooter. Remember the Peugeot Jet-Force? A 125 cc missile that would cream almost anything 500cc or less to 60? All but the very fastest on four wheels would be able to keep up too until it ran out of puff. I am imagining this in a larger capacity motor, it's frightening and exciting all at the same time. The real trick is making it easy to live with, otherwise it will just end up as a collectors bike, or on drag strips. Anyhow, nice to see the idea being toyed with again.

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Feb 09

Posts: 83

brevav2 says:

No Thanks!

Turbos' or Superchargers?    Neither thanks, not interested, Based on the fuel tax rip off perpetrated by the establishment, the last thing we need, Instead, 80MPG or More? less complication?  Yes please.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:

Personally I'd welcome Both

 With the leap in technology and Efficiency gained over the many years since Turbos were introduced on Bikes..... I can't see what the problem is...... Well done Suzuki........can't wait to test ride the Recursion.....not to mention the Possible  Hayabusa Replacement mentioned over on Visordown......(Turbo or Supercharged possibly ?????)

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Aug 02

Posts: 12

paulfielding says:


How about both? The supercharger gives you the low-down oomph and helps to negate the effect of turbo-lag, then when the turbo spins up, hold on tight!

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Feb 12

Posts: 152

plumber01 says:

superchargers, 90mpg ???

I think its got to be superchargers not turbos, the reason they may use them is not outright power but fuel efficiancy, most petrol is spend changing revs, not really keeping them them constant, ( and bikes do this a lot)  so put a compressor on the engine and you can use a smaller cc unit, but up the presure and it accelarates like an engine twice its size, but doesnt use twice the fuel, job done!  a Turbos gets "lag" building up to required revs, so not as efficiant  as a supercharger.

However both of these add weight, and the supercharger needs electricity, so you need a larger alternator , so more weight!   there is of course the issue, about 180bhp and 85pounds of torque from a 1000cc engine seems about tops,    so maybe some madman may just decide 250 bhp and 120  could be fun.............easy with a compressor , we just needthe  valves to cope with it in a production bike!

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

 when do superchargers need electricity? They're mechanically driven by the engine.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:

Back in the Days

When Turbos were fitted to bikes, Diesel cars were Few and far between and downright agricultural........ Advances in Technology and knowhow have completely transformed todays modern Turbo diesels ....

 Superchargers have been around for 100 years or so....Bentleys used them to "Blow" away the opposition and they were instrumental in improving aircraft performance during WW2......... but.....they haven't really taken off in the way that Turbos have on modern cars.

If MPG is more important to you, then there are many existing machines that offer 80 plus........ Personally I'm more interested in having fun on Two wheels........ Bring it on........ 

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Jan 10

Posts: 1675

albert88 says:


superchargers are drived from the crank usually by belt ,some use an electro magnetic pulley like an aircon compessor ,so it can be used whenever needed. so ,yes some need electric.

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Jun 11

Posts: 563

ratchetman says:

no difference

Bikes will go the turbo route because they are driven by the exhaust gases so dont take any power away from the engine like super chargers. they will also be small variable vane turbos with gasolene dirct injection.(very high pressure) These turbos drastically cut down turbo lag. The reason why manafactures will choose this route is fuel consumption and emisions. Not performance. The modern day bike has already got more than enough performance. So engine capicity will get smaller with the same amount of power as present day bikes. but they will have alot better fuel consumption along with low emissions. Plus I can see common rail turbo diesel bikes being developed by manafactures    

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Jan 14

Posts: 23

truantray says:


Bikes are already too powerful as it is. Turbos and superchargers just add complexity and cost, reduce reliability.

What is the point? Want litre bike performance? Buy a litre bike. These are marketing tools to justify higher prices and will not affect insurance brakets.

Yes, modern superchargers are electric, driven by regenerated energy, stored in supercapacitors, and add power without dragging on the engine like old belt driven superchargers, and spin up to high pressures in milliseconds to fill in low end torque.  Great fun, just bring lots of $$.

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