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May 14

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acheungy says:

Yamaha X-Max 250 Overheating 2006

Hi There,  hoping you guys can help me.
I've just bought this bike, and it stays at half temperature on the guage for 25 mins and then temperative climbs quickly into the red if I sit still.

If I can ride off quickly the temperature comes down quickly but shoots straight back up again when I sit still in traffic.

I checked the fluid levels and they are topped up with the correct coolant. I also listened out for the fan. I expected this to kick in just before the guage reached the red but it came on well into the red and didn't stay on long enough to actually bring the guage down at all.. 
My friend says the fan should bring the guage down by around 10degrees, but shouldn't it bring it back down to 1/2 level?
Do you think its a thermostat or Water pump problem?

I haven't felt any adverse problem with the bike, as never leave the bike on when it hits directly into red.

Is it safe to ride in the red for a while?


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  • Posted 139 days ago (07 May 2014 14:59)

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Jul 10

Posts: 162

ranorthe says:

Temperature Switch

Start with replacing the temperature switch for the fan.
I'm not familiar with that machine but you should have two sensors, one will be analogue for the temperature gauge and the other will be an on/off for the fan.
Replace the on/off one and see if that cures it.
The fan should stay on long enough to bring the temperature down significantly, maybe not to 1/2 but certainly the temperature should never enter the red and the fan should come on well before it gets there.
After that if the problem persists then yes, maybe have a look at the water pump.
Be careful you don't overheat the engine and blow your head gasket.

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Mar 09

Posts: 8934

jaffa90 says:


Also is the coolant circulating as in a hot radiator and bottom hose?

It could be a weak mixture and a fast tick over, also has the bike not been used for a while? Does it have an air filter?      

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Nov 07

Posts: 2424

smidget says:

High Coolant Temp

There are numerous components which can go wrong and some of these have already been mentioned.

Things to check.

Air lock in system.

Pressure cap.

Radiator fins.

Temperature sender unit.

Temperature gauge.

Last coolant system flush and coolant change.

Thermistor sensor. (ranorthe calls this the on/off switch).

Water pump, impellor intact and still attached to drive shaft, shaft is not broken, pump drive. (Again ranorthe  has mentioned this).

Jaffa makes valid points also.

Results possible from running an overheating engine, seizure can result in machine and rider becoming damaged beyond repair, distortion of engine cases have been known, head and other gaskets too can become unserviceable.

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Sep 13

Posts: 99

charlie79 says:


Hi. If you say your fan isnt cutting in until the temperature gauge hits the red and the cuts out before it is in the "safe zone" there are two possible issues, either you're bike is over heating and the fan is cutting in later than it should and then cutting out again while the engine is still hot in which case it is most likely a thermistor fault or the temp gauge is saying the engine is overheating when it isn't in which case you're looking at either a sender fault or a faulty gauge. In either case also check the wiring and connectors for damage and corrosion. The fact that when you get moving the problem resolves itself makes it more likely out of the two that it is a thermistor fault. :biggrin:

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