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Feb 11

Posts: 124

IsraelsRSV says:

wife giving me stick

Having some serious "wife hating bike trouble" lads.

I sold my bike a few months ago and forked out 10 grandish on a deposit for a house. Now we've got the house I am wanting another bike again. While we've got the weather. But my wife is giving me a really hard time! It started off as "we need a house" then, "we need a new car" and now the family holiday is booked. But when i come up with the means to get a bike without it being a problem it comes down to, "your selfish, how could you look me and the boy in the eye and know it maybe the last" and says "I can sod off back to Scotland if I want a Bike" (as I am Scottish)
Bikes are all I think about. I sneak mcn and bike trader at work. Whenever I've had to do without I'm depressed. I would commit crimes to have a bike! (not that I have) I am a bike addict. I use to ride to work on my bike and work as a bike mechanic then ride home, and look at bikes on the internet, watch bike racing on tv, and get into bed and read a bike mag. Then the next day I'd do it all again. at the weekends I'd go out on my bike. But Now the wee hour a week of pure power and thrills, keeps me sane! (I think) Its all I get.
I'm a placid nice family man 99.9% of the time until I get out on 2 wheels. I NEED MY POWER HOUR.
Emdy else struggle with the same thing?

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  • Posted 132 days ago (11 May 2014 20:59)

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Sep 10

Posts: 2254


green eyed monster

Hypocritical woman, its alright her having a new house and car but when you want some fun shes putting the thumb down, Its not as if your expecting her to pay for a new ducati is it? No, but she has got you to pay for everything else!

Shes just jealous. 

This is exactly the reason i vowed to be celebate and live in a motorcycling monastry

Sorry to be rude im sure you love your wife, but lets face it, you love motorcycles more!


I edited this so as not to cause offence


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Barney Fartpants


Sep 07

Posts: 2174

No offence intended

...but if I were you I'd sod off back to Scotland :wacko:

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Jun 12

Posts: 3597

calamityjane says:

If it wasn't for the fact

you had a child together I would say 'sod off back to scotland' and enjoy what you love doing. You only get one chance in this life, sometimes we spend too much time trying to please others and forget about ourselves?

As Jawa has said, you must really love your wife so the only thing to do is put your foot down, get a bike and go out and enjoy. Ball is in her court then, i'm sure she wouldn't really want you to bugger off.

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Nov 07

Posts: 2424

smidget says:


you are up shit creek without a paddle, you have supplied all her wants and needs financial and material including your son.

She has you by the balls, all she has to do is go to a solicitor and claim that you are being unreasonable an file for divorce and you pay all her bills and for the upkeep of your son. 

If he goes into full time education you are going to pay till he is 21 even if you get remarried or have another family you still pay.

My advice, get to a solicitor before she does or forget bikes for the foreseeable future.


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Feb 11

Posts: 124

IsraelsRSV says:

I love my wife

I love my wife to bits. I love my family to bits. I wouldn't divorce her over a bike. I'd just keep the bike at my mates house and go for secret runs lol I do actually love my wife and son more than bikes. Just I'm obsessed! I've been biking since I was a kid. I was never drinking or taking drugs or breaking windows, cause I was in the garage or on ma bike. Since I was 2, explainably thats all I've been interested in. You can't change who you are.

I understand she's scared. she keeps bring up my close biking buddy who was killed, and another mate who broke his back and another who lost his leg and another who is still in a comma, and my accident. Nothing puts you off though. And I've really chilled out since being a dad and husband. It makes you think a bit more. 
Recon I'll just have to get one anyway and it be a sore spot for the rest of my days ah :lol: I'll just need to learn to block out the nagging, and she'll need to learn to live with it. After all, she knew what I was when she married me.
Anyone else have the same issue with their wives hating the fact you bike?

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


I'm in constant pain and any woman who tried to take away one thing that can make me concentrate enough and produce enough endorphins to ignore it can go Bollocks. If riding is your release then that's that. Perhaps there are other things you could try but nothing I've found has come close to seeking perfection in riding to and from work. Taking that perfect corner or filtering to a roundabout and timing it perfectly is something most people just can't perceive. 

Make her understand, find something else or just do it and accept the consequences. Your choice. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 995

being a bit

Selfish in my opinion.

After all, you have bought her a washer, a cooker, a iron, a vacuum cleaner, etc etc. I am sure she is careful she does not injure herself with them.
Ask her if she be happy if you got a smaller type bike (then sneak in a  small powerful 600).
She must trust you to ride safe knowing you have a young family.
Wanna buy a T-Max, it's a 530cc ya know.:laugh::laugh:

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Jan 08

Posts: 7535

kcmc says:

Should have done your research

before putting a ring on it :lol:

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Bit to late now bro :upset:

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Aug 02

Posts: 997

ANichol says:

Think of all the

bikes you could have bought with all the money you wasted on a house and transport for your family. If you all cammed into a bedsit and ate out of dumpsters, you could ride all you wanted.

I'm sure there's no way you at all benefit from the house or car, or from being a provider to your family.

In my less sarcastic counterpoint to some of the drivel above, I'll say this:

My wife hates bikes. She tried various safety, etc, arguments to get me off them. Didn't work. Then, we needed cash for a house. We then needed a car, and a second car when my son was born. Providing a house, car, and holiday time to spend with my family is more important than owning a bike. I still have mine, but its in bits in the garage as a project I never have any time to tackle. To keep a riding fix, I do off-road school type days (try it even if you don't have the war at home).

You're a husband and a father as well as a biker. That means something. When you have the cash, then look for a bike. But, you might have to give up other stuff (pub night, season ticket, whatever) I did. And you may also might want to think about this: does your wife spend multiple thousands pursuing ahobby that is only of benefit to her. Or does her money go towards family (compromise) needs too? If the answer to that is she blows a load of cash on herself - you have an argument. If not, you might wanna think some.

Just IMO.

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Aug 09

Posts: 6896

stevedeejay says:


'should have done your research' :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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