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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi: Marquez not Honda making difference

Valentino Rossi says it is the man and not the machine that is propelling Marc Marquez effortlessly towards a successful defence of his MotoGP world title in 2014. The Spaniard was unstoppable again in Le Mans yesterday when he recovered from an early off-track excursion that dropped him to 10th to win for a fifth successive race from pole position. With just...

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  • Posted 123 days ago (19 May 2014 11:24)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5194

Nostrodamus says:

As always eh Quasi

nothing to back up any of your ludicrous assertions.

Yet another of your plainly wrong hackneyed statements was laid bare by Lorenzo over the weekend. Lorenzo moved weight to the rear of his motorcycle in search of drive, which of course meant he lost a little front end feel which is so critical to run the big corner speed he's so used to.

Time and again you display a complete inability to understand the most basic of set-up and riding concepts.

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Aug 13

Posts: 2839

DeGrasse says:


You're such a TARD, need to further copycat me?

Everyone sets his chassis up with more weight on the rear at this track.

Coming from a guy who can't tell  the difference between spin due to lack of grip or drift on both wheels and back-wheel steering on brakes and gas, technical comments of this sort does little more than make me laugh.

NOTHING to do with chassis geometry and weight distribution but settings to adjust to track grip and lay out.

FACT remains, both Tech3 and Yamaha Racing have now chassis which are NOT as rear-wheel biased as the 2011/13 developed by Lorenzo was, reason WHY they have more control of the front on brake and gas.

As expected, you know more about goats than M-C, keep copy/pasting stuff you don't start to comprehend you make us LOL. Cheers.

Riding concept? You know nothing about riding at all.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3353

Bultoboy says:

De Grasse

I've asked you his before and as usual you didn't answer

You said the Tech3 bikes are different from the factory bikes. The factory bikes have 2014 chassis and the first update to the 2014 chassis

So if the Tech3 bikes aren't using the 2013 chassis and they aren't the same as the factory bikes, which means they don't have a 2014 chassis, what exactly are they using? And where is the link to the information that will confirm that the Tech3 bikes have had the chassis upgrade you say they have.

Try and reply sensibly, it's a simple enough set of questions.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5194

Nostrodamus says:

Not content with being just the Terrapin's crewchief Quasi

I see you've single handedly taken over the job of the entire grid with your intimate knowledge of their individual set-ups. Yet before the Le Man weekend began you were telling us riders needed weight over the front for the hard braking sectors of the track. Perhaps that is why the Terrapin was all at sea on Friday, he was mad enough to listen to you!

And since you've decided to lead with your chin again with spin and drift I'll gladly bash you once more. Drift is spinning the rear, a lack of adhesion, caused from the engine over powering the tyre, it can only come from the throttle hand of the pilot. Perhaps you'd like to elaborate on why the car boys call it drifting,

Eh? I thought Smith and Pol were on the 2013 factory chassis. You know the one Lorenzo won eight races in 2013 on.

Copying you, copying and pasting? What on hearth are you and your helbows on about? Are you confusing me with you? How delusional can one Frenchman get? Virtually everything you say on this site is a recipe for disaster riding technique wise. I can see you rear brake steering yourself into yet another ditch; sure as eggs you won't get around the corner without countersteering the front.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5194

Nostrodamus says:

Quasimoto rear wheel steering

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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:

Go easy

on him Nostro. You need to chill. I know this seasons not going well for you, but calm down and try and cheer up a bit. 

I`ve just read through these posts and it would seem Rossi`s speed and good results this year are really pissing a few people off bigtime! Just remember folks he`s bound to have a bad weekend sometime, then you can all gloat and wallow in your own hatred.
There`s too much gloominess around these boards so I hope you enjoy it when it comes. You never know he might even do the decent thing and break a few bones!

How come Bautista found the podium so early in the season? Its not like him! 

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Mar 11

Posts: 214

slit says:



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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

or worse than that CM

Marquez might break a bone or two and Rossi might win the championship!

Now that would really shut a few of the moaners up!

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Sep 10

Posts: 726

Druids says:

Should have been a 2nd podium in 5 races for Bautista if he wasn't so reckless

 Gotta take the good with the bad though. But AB is probably the fastest "non-alien"  at the moment. 

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Apr 11

Posts: 16

gixxa630 says:

Boring mug Nostrodamus

Nostrodamus you really are the most boring wally on here!  Does every other word out your mouth have to be terrapin. No one wants to read your negative views about motogp riders.  If you have got nothing nice to say then say nothing or if you really must at least make it something contructive.

Is it just me or is everyone else board with the spiteful hatred that you relentlesly spout?


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