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Matthew Birt  says:

Dani Pedrosa remains keen on new Honda deal

Dani Pedrosa remains adamant his priority is to remain an official factory Honda rider in 2015. The Spaniard has been linked with a lucrative switch to lead Suzuki’s new 1000cc project, but he is keen to secure a new deal with HRC, despite the prospect of having to take a big pay cut. Serious talks between Honda and Pedrosa will kick off...

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  • Posted 94 days ago (21 May 2014 10:49)

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Apr 13

Posts: 71

VeritasH says:

 The only possible other rider I can see Honda taking is Lorenzo, but with his recent form that seems less likely. I'd like to see him take on Marquez on the same bike, but personally I don't think he will, if he was still being beaten then mentally that would be very hard to take. 

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Oct 11

Posts: 251

redracer46 says:


Wellll........  Even with his current (relative) slump in results, he still has 2 more championships than Dani in his pocket and has beaten Dani alot over the last few years, and was the only rider to really to look like they could take it MM last year.  I like Dani, think he is a great rider, but Honda even if only ended up with someone who finished 2nd to MM by buying Lorenzo, what they would accomplish by that is sending one alien on  to an untested bike, and taking another of the aliens from a rival factory.   All depends on what sort of paycut Dani would accept, and possibly what sort of pay rise lorenzo would be offered by ducati....

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Jan 12

Posts: 13

spitfire74 says:

Honda Pipeline

The real question is who will it be after Dani?   MM has proven that the old guard are fast, but antiquated in riding style.  I think Honda would do well breeding someone that has a lot of history fighting against MM93 in Moto 2.  You could say that's Bradl, but he's had a hard time showing an ability to keep the power on all race.  If I was at Honda, I would look at Andrae Iannonne.  As a Moto2 rider, he's shown brilliant ability, albeit a lack of consitency.  He's shown flashes of brilliance on the Ducati as well, but we all know that bike isn't the measure of the man at the moment.  

So keep DP on, he's in second place afterall, move IA to Bradl's seat and work closely with IA to breed him for the DP spot.  This would give the Repsol factory team a lot of piss and motoroil from two, young, brave riders with a long time to go before they're outdated.  MM93 has already proven to be the best by a long shot.  So use his talents to help shape a rookie or young rider.  


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Nov 13

Posts: 25

gwcrim says:

Give his seat to Bradl or an Espargaro.  Pedro is like Spock from Star Trek:  only half alien.  Honda has the next GOAT on board. Be out on front of the next wave.  Give a young buck a chance to develop.

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Sep 10

Posts: 700

Druids says:

I would take Bautista over Bradl in a heartbeat

 Bradl is having trouble to adapt physically to the moto gp class for years and shows no sign of improvement. Bautista on the other hand is the epitome of inconsistency but when he's on, he's maybe the only one at the moment capable to keep up with an alien pace.  AB is likely to be a decent developper moreover, doing a great job with Showa, also with Suzuki a few years back, despite a concerning amount of crashes. Last but not least, Bautista is a strong finisher. Me thinks it's a no-brainer, AB>SB

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Feb 14

Posts: 201

TheApexTwin says:

I think it would do everyone a favour, including Dani, if he took up a new challenge. His seat's been too safe for too long - no pressure = no progression? Maybe.

Suzuki could do with someone with proven pace to show what the bike will be capable of. Say what you like about Pedrosa, but he's one fast little guy.

If Ducati can sort their technical sh!t out for next year, Lorenzo would be a similarly good choice to showcase new hardware. Hmmm, 4 aliens on 4 different factory teams (Nostro & Bob, please feel free to step in and dispute the Italian alien contingent, but your position is looking weak right now). Imagine - 8 bikes capable of winning on any given sunday! Sorry, 7 bikes capable of coming 2nd behind Marquez....

Druids +1 and all that, I too would enjoy seeing Bautista unleashed.

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Aug 13

Posts: 94

uservirgin says:

that's the thing though Apex, with Dani blocking the way we might never find the next alien before MM has rewritten every record going.

Pol, Scott, Aliex, Bradders, Ianone, these are all riders who might, just might be the answer to MM with full works backing and Honda know it so fill the one spare seat with a number 2 and the records continue to tumble which Honda want and MM isn't going to argue with (there's a story of MM blocking Honda signing Lorenzo, might be true but immaterial with the Number 2 in place and taking alien money for privateer results).

MotoGP is becoming a mirror image of the era of a few works bikes and the majority with customer bikes not capable of winning.

Honda own MotoGP and until that changes racing will continue to be boring and about 2nd place and they really don't care if it's Dani in second or not (unless you believe the bullshit about the manufacturers regarding the manufacturers championship above the riders equivalent).

Dominance is good for manufacturers but piss boring for the fans.


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Feb 14

Posts: 201

TheApexTwin says:

And therein lies the problem - 4 bikes capable of winning is not really enough competition to make a spectator sport. Dorna need to focus on getting things level from the front and making MotoGP a realistic prospect for every major manufacturer by whatever means necessary. But the members of the MSMA are really only interested in developing bikes - Honda being the epitome of this culture.

It's funny, I think CRT, Open and some of the other 'level playing field' measures are just Dorna's smokescreen to keep the Grand Prix Commission sufficiently confident that they're doing they're duty and retain their power. But the production prototypes I thought had the potential to be a good thing. Shame the RCVR looks more like stillbirth every race...

I don't see why the likes of Aprilia and Kawasaki can't produce something similar, but more competitive. Not so much of a parts-bin special, more prototype to bring the manufacturer some good PR. Sub-satellite price, but helped with Open style rules to put it on par. Granted, the satellite teams would possibly feel cheated at paying more for their bikes, but ultimately they should be the feeder class for Factory teams anyway. And if all the privateer bikes were made that way, maybe some of the poorer teams would drop out but those who didn't might have a fighting chance.

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Nov 03

Posts: 2088

saturn392 says:


Has reported today that HRC are going to supply major upgrades to the RCV1000R .................. but not till 2015.

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Aug 13

Posts: 94

uservirgin says:

exactly Saturn, by the time the upgrades come the works bikes will still be streets ahead.

How long must we put up with a few (well 2 basically) factories calling the shots and making it a series for factories, not for fans?

FFS, just supply engines like F1 and let the small teams fight it out, the impetus then for Honda et al to produce a winning engine for all will mean more power for everone on the grid but of course Honda can't let go for fear other engines might just beat them.

Appaling way to run a series but as long as Dorna get their cut the racing will be boring and we'll have another Rossi/Doohan era that all but fanboys and factories will cream their pants over.

In this day and age MM is merely a product of marketing, not racing, yes, he's good but only because the factory deem it so.

Remember that we pay MM and the aliens wages, MM will be on 15-25 million for boring us shiteless.

We did the same for Doohan, Criville was a decent team mate who didn't play the Honda game, Pedrosa does and gets his pocket money for it.

Crap racing, crap bikes outside the top 4, we may as well give MM the win every weekend and toss a coin for the minor places (obviously with the Honda/Yamaha 2 headed coin for the second teir places and chocolate coins for the other places).

Ducati stepping up?

No chance, Gigi might have clout but he needs the money to go with it and Duke dont have it so we'll be waiting for years for competition as long as Dorna hold the purse strings.

The way it's going Dorna will implement weight "penalties" for winning bikes just to make it the slightest bit interesting.

Or reversing the qualifying places to try and make a race of it, all ridiculous concepts when all that's needed is for Dorna to insist there are at least 4 works bikes of equal quality on the grid from each manufacturer.

Honda will baulk, Dorna will fold (they're more interested in money than competition) and hey presto, MM becomes a legend, more importantly, a Honda legend.

So, Dornas/Hondas/Yamahas atitude will result in one thing: control tyres, control engines, control ECU's, you can see the seeds already in Moto2.


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