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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

What's your take on biking?

Interesting reading about peoples attitude to biking. Just reading the thread by BB regarding her thoughts and I thought, how do people view their connections to motorcycling? Are you the type who refuses to have a car and bikes are your only mode of transport? Is it like an executive toy for tiny mileages at weekend when its hot and dry? Are you the type who say 'I'm not going out on a ride unless we do over 200 miles'? Do you have an old British bike in the garage and refuse to buy modern? There are so many 'bikers' out there who vary a lot in their given choice of bikes and biking so what's your view on what biking is all about? And let's keep it clean please!!:smile:smile:smile:smile

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  • Posted 147 days ago (29 May 2014 10:09)

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Aug 02

Posts: 29367

Kamchat says:


I'm in it for the friendship and camaraderie ..particularly on-line.

It's a great way of making new friends ....:winkie:

Oh, and the fact I get to dress up in leather.  :tongue:

But mostly I'm in it for the 'throttle blipping'.   

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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 716

It'll never catch on!!!!!!

My God, a bike related thread on MCN, what is the world coming to!


Personally, I've been riding since 9 years old, had my own first bike at 11 and haven't been without one since that day (I'm now 50).  I don't own a car, but my wife is a back sufferer and she has a car which I have to drive her around in sometimes.  Other than that I'd rather be on 2 wheels (or 3 if I have the kids with me) whatever the weather.  I have old british bikes (Vincent Black Shadow, Velocette Venom, Velocette KSS, Cotton 6J, BSA Sloper etc.) but also have modern bikes for their practicality (KTM Adventure, Ducati, BMW etc.). When my first child was on the way I went out and bought a sidecar outfit, later, when the second arrived I went out and bought another, with a bigger sidecar.  I used to average about 50k miles a year, but in the past year or two I've been lucky enough to work closer to home so have done a bit less.  Holidays?  Isle of Man for TT / Manx GP or if I've had a good year both, last summer took in the Belgian Classic TT instead, then a few days in Paris on the sidecar outfit and with the kids.


Not saying you have to be as obsessive as that, but it's a real passion for me.


Ride safe,



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Aug 02

Posts: 2751

spondonste says:


Similar to black shadow I have a few bikes and occassionally use her nibs car as and when required (can't justify the expense and space of having a car sat on the drive that would seldom be used and costs far more to insure than a batch of sportsbikes/ modded bikes).

My bikes are used for commuting, having a play, track days, touring etc and I design and manufacture race parts and custom parts for bikes - amoungst other things (I run my own business).

Rode speedway bikes from age 9 and semi raced them from 12 onwards. Used to road race and have competed at the Manx plus also national and european level road racing and supermoto.

My current bikes range from 5 years to 30 years old and I don't find many of the latest manufacturers offerings to be much to get excited about.

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Feb 14

Posts: 21

Beefy1902 says:


Got 1st bike when i was 4 (italjet 50cc) - it blew up in flames. Got next bike when i was 13 (ts185) still got it and I am currently restoring it. Also have a KH100, TDM850, 1989 GPX600 and 1999 ZX6R G2. Share a car with my girl friend, although hardly ever drive it. Use bikes for work, commuting and going on ride outs. Also just been to NW 200, usually catch a BSB round at some point, ride with a club, watch as much as I can on TV and buy MCN, Practical Sportsbikes and Performance Bikes to keep up to date with whats going on. Planning on getting into track days next + purchasing and old maico for off road fun :)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8416

snev says:

first big bike was

A Chopper with 3 Speed Sturmey Archer ....Gearshift...... then a Sun GT racer with upturned handlebars........ then an SS50 with Flames on the tank.......... have been riding pretty much ever since............(Obviously not all the time).... during a typical day, I'm out about 10 all weathers. can't stand being in a car....much prefer being in a Van.      

I enjoy Longer Trips and have a real Laugh on many shorter ones during my day to day travels.


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Sep 10

Posts: 2255


keep it keen

owned a bike since age 4. QR50, Mama sold it and i cried and cried, she was obsessed with me riding horses but i wasnt in control and wasnt having any of it!

She would nick the spark plug so i would push it up the hill outside my house just to coast down

She had a lot of bikes and still has a full bike licence, so looking back she got used to the idea,

one of her boyfriends owned a proper old school shop called regents.. so i worked there since about 7 years old every saturday, started just sweeping up and doing brews, lead to breaking mopeds and scooters and other jobs.

had loads of chicken chasers coming in stolen recovered so i would strip em down and sell em to other kids.

had a few ole shitters, most memorable was my KDX some really nice bikes came in written off, sometimes.

Had an RM250 as well. Used to love getting chases :shock:

Had a NC30 as first road bike over twelve years ago...tottally couldnt do that now with ANPR!

even rode my Kdx to school once! Just to prove i had a bike!

Was a bad boy school! for disturbed kids..

nowadays fully legit..used to ride that nc without a helmet got busted but managed to put the original reg plate on it before the cops came round! stopped it getting seized..

spent a long time without a bike and really missed them. when i can be bothered i will take my theory test and das.

so thats me, didnt mean to write a biography!

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May 14

Posts: 38

annmarie30 says:


Probably quite different from the rest of you................but I didnt start as a toddler!

My first BF had a Suzuki ZR50 that he let me mess around on and I loved it!
Just got more into cars when I was a teenager and then recently just thought sod it!
I want a bike and did my CBT and bought my CBR125!
I have not used it much since I passed cos of the weather and I dont feel brave enough for wet roads yet but have loved the rides I have had so far!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8502

aehewitt says:


Are a huge part of our lives... I spend most of my cash on them..... New Rubber day tomorrow.. more expence..

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Jan 10

Posts: 3509

Beelady says:

I ride

most days. I commute, as well as trying to get out at weekends if I'm well enough. I do drive a car if I need to carry anything that doesn't fit on the bike, but I have no adaptations on the car as Mr B and I share it, so it's not very comfortable for me to drive. My bike has lots of mods, that make it the comfiest way to get around, but they don't affect the performance and handling too badly. I can still keep up on a good day.

I can't remember when I learnt to ride a bike. My Grandad used to be a works rider and there were always bikes around when I was growing up. I did manage a few years without a bike when my kids were small, but as soon as they were off to school and I went back to full time work a bike was top of my shopping list.

I enjoy riding alone and group rideouts as well. I love the way bikers are generally so easy to get chatting to. I get to meet all sorts of people when I'm out on the bike, because you have something in common to start talking about.

I also like a good car park, black coffee and plenty of cake., although ice cream is a must on a warm day.

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Aug 05

Posts: 7582

babyblade41 says:

refreshing posts

I started way way back, a bike was all I could afford and was a natural thing to venture on.

My bro raced bikes and was a spanner man as well, my uncle raced at the TT a few times so it was always a part of family life .

However having to commute very day come rain or shine was out of necessity for me and bikes then were a whole lot different.

 Gear, what gear???Belfast jacket if you were lucky and that was about it.

My skin has met a few tarmac surfaces in it's life:upset:

Fast forward to present day and the bike is a luxury item now I think that's why they are changed so often.

No more wet weather rides unless caught out and the beast gets tucked up all winter and is admired only

The actual riding experience is something I enjoy predominantly on my own, it's a time where I can focus solely on what I'm doing and all other thoughts disappear through concentration so it's a bit of escapism for me.

I have a few selected routes which I use depending on mood and I can be as long as I want or it will be an hour squeezed into the rest of my day.

Biking is not a lifestyle anymore it's purely for enjoyment and when I put on my boots and other gear I don't suddenly change my personality .

Luckily Mr BB served his apprenticeship at Honda so all mods /repairs tyre changes etc are all done in-house which can save an awful lot of money on the extras of having a bike 

Plus as luck would have it I got offered a part time job at a bike dealers and as I have nothing else to do I can't think of a better place to while away a few hours a week :smile

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