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Liam Marsden  says:

Mugello MotoGP: Marquez knocks Lorenzo for six

Marc Marquez was forced to fight hard with fellow Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo to make it six wins from six races in 2014 at Mugello. Lorenzo and Marquez moved to the front of the pack early on in the race and pulled away from the rest of the field, although Marquez looked unable to make a move on Lorenzo. Marquez left it late...

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  • Posted 178 days ago (01 June 2014 14:10)

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1617

DeGrasswipe, you're the one that said Lorenzo didn't get out of shape.

Are you mental?

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Jan 12

Posts: 1937

doohanfan says:

No change from my first post on this thread then De Grasse.

If Lorenzo hadn't crashed on the first lap of the Qatar race and jumped the start at the second race, it is very likely he would have done much better in those races; however he did make those errors, his problem and no-one else's . If Rossi had qualified better he also might well have done better in this race (he also might still have finished third); however he didn't qualify better, a "fact" undeniable even by you, again his problem alone, same deal.

I am not a particular Lorenzo fan, but admire his fighting qualities which he seems to have regained. Your contorted attempts to deny reality when it doesn't fit with your theories are a matter of complete indifference to most of us, we can wait and see how events unfold ourselves. As others have said no prizes are given for positions mid-season, although the real prize is pretty much decided barring misadventure to MM.

I personally think Jorge is up against it to finish in front of Rossi at the end of the season from as far behind as he is with Rossi riding as well as he is, but we will know at the end of the season, and you seem determined to see Jorge do badly at least as  much as those you accuse of having that attitude in regard to Rossi; surely having more riders near the front is no bad thing for any actual fan of the sport. 

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Jun 11

Posts: 238

Smackbum says:



The quality of that race is only matched by the lack of quality of these comments!

The only pity was that apart from the battle for the win there was not much excitement,  The other two aliens duly slotted themselves into 3rd and 4th.  The rest may as well have pulled over and watched Marky-Mark and J-Lo going hammer-and-tongs for the win.

Great stuff!

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Oct 08

Posts: 653

hello4646 says:


At last.  Good post.  All Nostro and Bob can talk about is.  If, buts and maybe's 

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Oct 13

Posts: 552


 It is a fair point, why does Iannone deserve a factory ride? I personally think he has shown he has what it takes on a dog of a bike. If he had a tech 3 bike underneath him from the off i think we could be talking about an Iannone would had been battling for podiums every week. He has had it pretty rough in MotoGP since he made the move up, he has had arguably one of the worst bikes underneath him and has struggled to make it work right for him. But i think now he has got it sorted, he has looked like a different rider this season! He may not be fighting for podiums but he is fighting to be the top Ducati, and that is important. He is showing that he can get the maximum out of the bike, and if i was a factory i would be paying attention to that skill.

He does crash and burn, but so did Stoner on the Ducati (from time to time). Stoner said himself that there is no warning when the bike wants to go it just goes, you can stay on the limit lap after lap doing exactly the same thing and then all of a sudden BANG, you are in the gravel. Give him a good ride and i think he would be a consistant podium finisher. I am not saying he would be world champion (as i don't think anyone is going to threaten MM for a very long time) but he would be a fantastic number 2 rider in my opinion.

As someone on here as already said, could be a great no 2 for MM at Repsol if Pedro did jump ship, or get pushed out. He has impressed me a lot this season so far, he just needs to find some consistancy.



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Jul 11

Posts: 1918

CHRainmaker says:


 ..did the sun burn your capaciuos dew flaps again Huw?..


..nice to have you home again though.. 

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Mar 11

Posts: 217

slit says:


Are you retarded or what that you do not understand the difference between an engineer and a rider who develops the bike?

Max Biaggi, when was at the yam, apparently once came back to the box, just got off the bike and when asked what was wrong with the bike he said angry "I don't know, it just doesn't work". And left.

The Yam Engineers said this of VR: "he comes back and describes very accurately what he's seen in each turn, the sensations, the bike behaviour etc, we look at the data on the screen and see exactly what he is describing to us there".

When VR says "I'm not an engineer", it means this: I can  tell you where the bike is working, what's good, what's bad, what I need whether I think we should use a brutal powerful engine or one which is softer but gives less speed etc. I CAN'T HOWEVER DO THE MECHANICAL DESIGN WHICH WILL PUT INTO PRACTICE THOSE REQUIREMENTS, I CAN't GO INTO THE DETAILS OF MATERIALS TO USE, BIKE DYNAMICS, RIGIDITIES ETC ETC ETC.

You say you ride a bike and can't understand the differnece between a rider who develops well a bike and another who hasn't got a clue? Have you ever heard the praise engineers had for drivers like Senna and Schumacher? I am doubting your brain abilities.

Bed wetter.

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Mar 13

Posts: 308

DaniPedola says:

That be a good post, slit

But you're trying to present logic to a man consumed by his hatred of all things yellow.

Logic, facts, and reason are anathema to the Ahabs of this world, yaaarrrrggh!

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Sep 09

Posts: 313

Ben52 says:

Knocked for six?

 I,m not a Lorenzo fan, but holy **** he rode great during that race and was hardly knocked for six by Marcy

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Slit are you as stupid

as the wee woman below all at sea with only batteries for company?

No rider gets to the top table these days without the ability to convey what the motorcycle is doing. The Terrapin does exactly as JL, DP and the rest of them do. Conveys sensations from arse, hands and feet. Nothing more, nothing less. They say JL is not technical. It matters not one jot, it's not his job to suggest spring rates or coding. There's an armada of support staff specialists for that. Not that I am suggesting the Terrapin does have this degree of knowledge, if so I've never read about it.

Barry Sheene or Scott Smart might be able to turn a new fu-fu valve in a lathe. Rossi'd be lucky to find the on switch.

Jesus you bedwetters are flakes. Oh and tin tops are for deadheads. F1 drivers are bigger primadonnas with far less talent than even the Terrapin.

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