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Nov 06

Posts: 1115

admin says:

Poll: Have loud pipes had their day?

Have loud pipes had their day? Every bike on the road seemed to have one a decade ago, but they're becoming less common – what's your stance?

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  • Posted 119 days ago (06 June 2014 13:34)

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Jan 09

Posts: 485

hairybob says:

I like an exhaust pipe

 that makes some noise, but not too loud. 

Around my area it's loud cars, exhausts and music.


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Jun 14

Posts: 1

gavyn20 says:

cans sound great!

 also change appearance of a bike but the cost is the issue for me :( especially when their getting near value of the bike..

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Aug 02

Posts: 39

bud says:

As long as they're not on my twatting neighbours Duwankti with open termi's, I don't mind them.

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Feb 12

Posts: 240

Titosfuneral says:

 I live in the fens - even a non standard pipe you can hear it coming for miles. I can understand the arguments for loud pipes, but they can be antisocial for people who live in the villages and who are not motorcyclists. So of the very loud pipes allied with the fact the engine is in the high rev range and you know he's doing the ton+ down a lane barely wide enough for two vehicles -  I understand when others start taking number plates.


Btw. To the dude that comes past our gate on his Blue GSX - 100 meters inside the 30mph limit, still doing 60-80 on a bend - please turn your brain on.  1/2 the village is retired, the other half - like me - has young kids and the verge has no pavement.

When I lived in town I never thought I'd agree about this stuff - I thought it was little England rubbish.

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Apr 10

Posts: 115

tim8061 says:

Why do you think . .

 Plod sets up speed traps on sunny weekends? The poor copper standing there would rather be tucked up in bed with his missus but the Chief Constable and his rich mates are constantly p...eed off by the noisy twonks screaming past his country house all weekend with open pipes. What do you think they're going to do? So when you get a ticket or banged up for doing 120 there's no-one to blame but yourself.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4763

philehidiot says:


is this limit where loud pipes cross being useful and start being antisocial. My bike is quiet. I stick it in first for filtering and it makes a little more noise - I'd like a pipe that is pretty loud at high revs so I can do what I like but not be antisocial around estates, etc. I want something quiet at low revs and loud at high revs - then I can pootle out of my estate and through villages and neighbourhoods and drop down a gear when I'm filtering down the middle of a dual carriageway. When people have their windows down they tend to notice you more and that's most likely because they hear you. What I also want is an MOTer who will pass it with a loud exhaust but check all the safety critical things properly. Finding an exhaust that does what I want is almost impossible as they're all within the legal range or need the baffle removing which makes it silly. 

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Aug 09

Posts: 178

busaman195 says:

i ride with the baffels out of my fuel cans,not to bad,and yes one ride out on a sunny day over chedder,nice n twisty roads a family on push bikes  on a side road was just going to pull out but heard me coming so waited,if it was standard pipes things could off been alot differant....for all,and wasn`t speeding.

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Jan 14

Posts: 60

plumbgod says:


 I for one will always fit a loud can, or at least while our EU masters let us anyway.

Regardless of what some say i know for a fact it has saved me more than once from an inattentive driver or daredevil pedrestrian crossing the road oblivious to oncoming traffic

Plus i like it loud :-)


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Sep 11

Posts: 48

sovrec says:

Everything has to be within reason

Improving the look, saving weight and releasing a few horses are the most likely motivations for most riders - a more interesting burble and more rorty sound is a blessing, but straight through pipes with 1980's noise blasts are just going to get you labelled a ****.

Unfortunately it almost seems that the louder the pipe the greater the chance of **** headedness from the rider, from rattling windows to pulling wheelies whilst riding in a group. If you've noticed there's a growing movement amongst motorists to agressively challenge bikes, or through poor driving blame anyone else for their own faulty road craft.

People sat eating their tea also don't want it feel like they're tucking into a TV dinner whilst sat next to the Mistral straight. 

I followed a Yam 250 R4 the other day with a bean can motogp style pipe on - it was f&*%ing ridiculous, especially as it can only do about 80mph  on a long flat out straight - all it ws doing was entertaining the rider and pissuing everyone else off.

Don't get me started on the absolute nob of a joke that custom V-twins are with their frilled leather tack and absolutley out of this world stupid straight through pipes - instant numpty ! 

All this does is feed negative press and perceptions about biking - ride safe, keep your speed and antics for the right time and place and just don't be anti-social for the sake of it ! There's room for a bit of leeway all round if it's played sensibly IMHO. 

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Jan 11

Posts: 105

RageRider says:


Personally I do like loud cans, especially on V-twins, but in my old age I'm not so worried about the sound as much as the new exhausts are massive, look bloody hideous and weigh a tonne which is the reason I'd change an exhaust these days.

Never changed the can on my GSXR750K6 as it looked amazing out of the crate in my opinion and to change it would have been to ruin the looks for me. One of the best standard exhaust arrangements ever I reckon.

By and large I think if the manufacturers did a half decent job in the first place and made the exhausts more compact and vaguely attractive I think most people probably wouldn't bother changing them.

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