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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:

Very worst ride ever!

I often get chronic knee pain riding on most bikes at the 1 hr mark. I don't have any problems with them under normal circumstances... just bikes. I narrowed it down to this:

Well, only two things help it so far:

1. lots of anti-inflammation drugs (I'd save that for the odd very long ride)

2 A really tight support around the knee (usually my left)

SO, i got a bit over enthusiastic over the tightness of the knee support on the commute to work this morning. Of course, because the knees bend on the bike (considerably as I ride a sports bike)... well, I only discovered how tight (too tight) the support was when my left leg started going dead on the motorway.. then I'd get pins and needles too hehe! So... I rode for about an hour like that, just managing it safely. Hopefully never again.  Then on the way home I didn't tighten the support enough, and when I got off the bike it felt like I had knives inserted into my left knee cap (I'm serious!)... the pain is very comparable to having a triple fractured ankle... its bad. But, I like bikes (especially sports bikes) too much. 

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  • Posted 93 days ago (21 June 2014 00:37)

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Mar 09

Posts: 8933

jaffa90 says:


Change the bike or replace the knee, I had to get rid of the fazer 1000 due to hip problems.:upset:

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Jan 08

Posts: 7538

kcmc says:

That will be

all the running up and down hills with the YBR:lol: told you it would be a problem if your not fit:biggrin:

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Sep 10

Posts: 1321

SatNavSteve says:

Interesting topic!

In the latest Ride magazine, there's an article on bikers, as well as airline passengers getting DVTs, due to tight leathers and cramped riding positions. Its something you might want to read. I suggest you change to something more comfortable like a sit-up-and-beg style roadster/adventure style bike. Otherwise, you other alternative is a new knee joint, physiotherapy, or cortisone injections, which, I believe are bloody painful to start with but things get better later! A support is only treating the symptoms and is not a cure, and I think that's what you really need.

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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:


I am generally very fit though. I can cycle long distance, run every other day... don't generally have any knee problems at all... that's the strange thing. The only time I ever in my life have pain like that is on a bike. Although my ankle sometimes still complains after the surgery... its not a biking issue for me now. 

I can see rational of getting more comfortable bike... but riding for me is sports bike hehe... that's the problem.  

Cheers... yes I'll check that article. 

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


you tried riding on strong opiates? It makes it a little more like flying than riding but you certainly don't have the pain.

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Jan 08

Posts: 616

Steveyman says:

knee pain

Have a look at the Lindsey leg foundation, she knows her stuff about legs. her husband rides a motorcycle and she looked into how riding motorcycles affects the riders.

Basically the calf muscles pump blood back up to the heart and in the knee is a valve (kind of non return valve) and when riding with knees bent for long periods causes discomfort / pain in the knees.

I took her advice and on longer rides I wear sports compression socks to help circulation. And because I suffer with my knees anyway, I have started cycling again to try and strengthen my knees.

It does seem to help, when riding I can now raise my bum to move around in the seat, wheras before it would hurt my knees.

hope this helps. :smile


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Oct 06

Posts: 1535

BaldE35 says:

Take a break

An hour on a sports  bike sound more like torture than fun. If you can't or will not change the bike then take a break, walk around and then back on the bike.

I do stand -ups, leg exercises and seat position changes on the bike in safe sections of the journey more for comfort rather than because of out-n-out pain. 
The tanks hold around 150 miles worth of fuel, I ride until the last bar remains on the gauge so stop every 120 miles.
As some of the other posters have indicated maybe if you have got to the point of riding in pain it's time for some medical attention.       
Ride safe.     

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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:

pain control.

cheers guys. 

Well... that's interesting you say raising your self off the seat would hurt your knees, because when my pain kicks in (about 55 mins into ride)... that's the first indicator. It would really hurt my knee to push forwards against the peg or try to raise myself slightly.

I'll give them socks a go then.  I did try a compression knee support back in 2010, when i first came across this problem, back on my CB500... they didn't help much. But the leg strap knee support does. Anything that helps apart from a slower and heavier bike it very, very welcome.  

hehe... opiates (like morphine)? I had plenty of them after I came off. Ibuprofen does work pretty well though, as a pain killer.... although couldn't use that every day. I will max out on them for my summer ride to Plymouth though... just hope i make the 4 hour long commute!   

As I said, if the pain kicks in properly, bringing the knee down off th bike when I stop, the pain is pretty close to ankle surgery... its no joke. 

Yes,, regular brakes has to be part of the solution. I wont mind stopping every hour. 

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Jan 10

Posts: 3424

Beelady says:

Have you

tried altering the position of your footpegs, bars and levers? Even a small adjustment can make a big difference after an hours riding. That way you can keep your sportsbike.

If that doesn't help maybe try a few test rides on other bikes, just in case things get too bad to carry on. It might be better then giving up altogether.

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