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Steve Hunt  says:

Old Wheels, New Waves

A few weeks ago, MCN rode down to the south of France for a custom motorcycle and surfing festival. We can almost hear your sighs from here, but maybe - just maybe - there's more to this scene than meets the eye. If you were to believe the under-breath mumbles of the traditional motorcycling press and paid heed to the comments...

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  • Posted 18 days ago (04 July 2014 16:45)

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May 09

Posts: 2

bezerko says:

Missed it this year but definately go next year.I live in northern Spain near Barcelona and I have heard so many great reports on this event.For UK riders there is a boat from Uk to Spain and then a couple of hours ride to event.Maybe see you there next time.The bike building scene here is massive at the moment especially around Barcelona.

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Sep 09

Posts: 845

Rogerborg says:

Be honest now

Was there a single man there without a "hipster beard"?

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Dec 12

Posts: 12

huntyhunt says:


Count the beards in the photos Rogerborg, how many do you see?

Yes - as I wrote - there were some, quite a few even. But that's not the point. That's like denegrating everyone at an Adventure riding meet-up for their love of grey textiles.

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Jan 11

Posts: 34


Love this.  And I see more women than beards. 

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Sep 11

Posts: 47

sovrec says:

In Defence of The Hipster !

The backlash was immediate - in fact it was instant - middle class 30-something blokes with a hefty disposable income looking for someone to build them an expensive toy ?

It's been going on for a while of sorts, with 50 somethings who have £14k bikes parked up in their double garages and who do about 3 thousand miles in 3 years if they're lucky. 

But there is something chin stroking amongst the new beard / 40's haircut / jean turn up / Tatts brigade - it is of course a 'fashion' whereas many bikers look purely at the Zen aspecst of owning and riding - the road trip, the raod craft, teh technical aspects, the mechanics, the secenery , the speed, the racing. 

The hipster scene has turned out some dandy (but not cheap) bikes (and some real shockers) but personally I view them in the same vein as Hells Angels, Harley Riders, Scooter riders and smelly bikers with long hair who are still wearing heavy rock costimes from the 80's - they have a way of life that we should respect, but they aren't really into all of the aspects of what I would call biking - the 'way of life' and 'culture' a such has gotten in the way of the experience of pure motorcyling...'s a fashion, but it is biking and ultimately anythng that promotes that shouldn't be eroded or undermined...       



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Dec 09

Posts: 2490

supermario says:

Arthouse motorcycling

Its a fad, and just like the trend for matt black mercedes and singlespeed pushbikes of a few years back, it'll be forgotten when something else becomes the new fashion statement.

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Sep 09

Posts: 397


Its the pretentiousness that I don't like, but then again I have always disliked the image brigade.

Buying your ready made "custom" motorcycle to order  is a tad contrite and will mean missing out a large part of the essence of motorcycling ie: building, modifying and tuning it yourself.

Getting dirt under ones pristine manicured fingernails might not be too trendy. Maybe it will with beocme trendy with the fashionable? A fickle bunch, one never knows what icons of the biker world wil become vogue? I am taking the rise tongue in cheeck here before anyone drops a tissue.

The essence of motorcycling is getting your hands dirty, it is the soulfullness of stripping a bike and rebuilding it and breathing life into it. Making it perform or handle better. Putting your personal statement into it with your own hands and not paying someone else to do it for you from a select parts list. Understanding how it fires and breaths. It is a hollistic thing, if you leave out half of the process you' ll never gain the feeling for the whole of it.

The stereotypes are easy and we can all identify with them.

One of the great things about bikes is there is true equality, there are no barriers between bikers. Wealth, titles and status count for nothing. I don't care a **** about what people ride its the fact that they do ride. There are plenty of dreamers out there who will never pluck up the courage to actually get on and ride.

Yeah I will take the piss out of any bike or anyone and I would be disappointed if no one took the piss out of me or my tupperwear bikes, its what we do, have a damned good laugh ! But show me snobbery and I'll show you my boot.

I have come to think in recent years that biking needs new blood and the steady decline of bikes and bikers since I first started in the mid 1970s is sad.  Biking needs new blood so it can survive.

Its good to see some people with money and careers finally realising we have been onto something pretty damned good for a few decades. We aint been hiding it, its always been there. The finest group of people you can ever meet are on bikes and we look after our own, trust me on that especially all you female riders out there. You are far safer amongst other bikers. You have to join us to appreciate the comrardery and strength.

Excuse us old die hards who started on bikes when most people still had mono TVs and bikes had kickstarts and no side stands. But have a beer with us and learn from us because we've been messin around with bikes and falling off for a long time. Half the fun is learning and listening about good times and sad times from those of us who been hooning around on bikes for a good many years. I've been riding bikes for over 43 years and when I am unable physically to ride anymore, it'll be time for my wooden box.

Time moves on, nothing ever stays the same.  So we may bristle like old grizzly bears, but underneath we reluctantly know these people are the future bikers and part of the future of bikes.


Welcome to our world !




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Dec 12

Posts: 12

huntyhunt says:

Hos busa

This is a fantastic response to my article Busa, I really appreciate your sentiment and agree wholeheartedly.

This was what I was trying to get across in my piece. These people aren't all 'hipsters'. It isn't all 'fad' as Mario too easily dismisses below...

Some of these people have been bitten by the bug and will now be bikers for life, and they're doing it by getting their hands dirty and actually learning about the machines that are sat beneath them.

This can only be a good thing!

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