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MCN  says:

Ace Café could be closed

The Ace Café in London is under threat of closure if Brent police follow through on the threat to implement the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014. The act gives police new powers to close venues accused of anti-social behaviour without the need to go to court. The issue stems from a minority of scooter, motorcycle and car owners performing stunts...

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  • Posted 55 days ago (31 July 2014 11:57)

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Jul 14

Posts: 13

Codezombie says:

So wait, the innocent are punished for the actions of the guilty?

I doubt other than acting as an attraction for these people, the cafe is encouraging the behaviour, so why are they being punished and not the scrotes acting badly.

There is something not right here.


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Jul 12

Posts: 3079

wosihound says:

The Police state.. here.

Come and shut your ass down..if the man decides.

Only one way forward Wilsmore..dig deep and start handing out the brown envelopes. Protection money !


Not right ?..try, downright fkn scarey..

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Jan 09

Posts: 31

buckr says:

"There is something not right here"

Of course there's something not right.
It's the filth using another excuse to persecute YES PERSECUTE !! the motorcycle rider.
It's the easy route. They cannot catch the real criminals (the ones causing the trouble or, as far as I can make out, ANY real criminals)) so take the easy route to get thier crime figures and punish all riders at the Cafe and the owners/employees as well.

Here in Yorkshire we have a dedicated motorcycle team whose sole role in life is to chase and catch motorcycles. Sometimes as well as 2 or 3 cars they use 2 motorcycles (one a Hyabusa, the rider of which I have heard boasting about his figures) and sometimes even a HELICOPTER!!!

Don't worry though if you are the victim of a real crime they will get to you in 2 or 3 weeks ????

The biggest scumbags and criminals in this country are the arse****s that police it.




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May 14

Posts: 14

foxens says:

More ideas.

I hereby also request the shut down of the local convenience shops in my town. It is here where all the junkies meet at nightfall to smoke God-knows-what. Clearly they purchase beer and crisps in the shops so they must go. Close pubs too, all of them... people who frequent those places tend to have an anti-social behaviour. Seems fair.

Or just punish those who keep breaking the f***** law. Severly.

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Mar 10

Posts: 22

nakedbri says:

Draconian Enforcement, AGAIN!!

This is a disgusting abuse of law to persecute a specific group, with a bogotted and prejudiced application. A legitimate business that employs staff and helps the local economy is being threatened with closure, simply because a minority of mindless idiots who happen to gather in the vicinity act like morons. So the police reaction is to pervert the anti-social behaviour laws to punish  a large number of innocent people????!!!!! Disgraceful, lazy and pathetic! As had been said, simply enforce the law on those causing the problem. I am sure Ace Cafe is doing all it can to assist in reducing this unacceptable behaviour and I am sure it will be refusing to serve those that bring disrepute to their business. These laws are not meant for this type of enforcment, but for the likes of pubs and clubs that continue to encourage and profligate anti-social behaviour by the activities on the premesis. Next, Football Clubs will be threatened with closure because of hooligan behaviour?!?!? I think not! Ridiculous. 

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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:


A country of "Tell people what to do" control freeks!

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Sep 12

Posts: 209

domster says:


 To petition brent police to stop abusing these powers and perform their duties MCN?

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Mar 14

Posts: 179

mirloXXbob says:

Law Enforcement

should prosecute the violators. If people were doing burn-outs and wheelies in front of a church or a school would the police shut down one of those establishments? What they should do is post an officer across the street from the Ace to deter the activity or write citations to violators.

The Constitution of the United States would not allow this draconian abuse of authority, although our current chief executive would probably try to get away with it.

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Nov 10

Posts: 13

pippawilky says:

No leather jackets , no noisy exhausts , no trail riding, no motorcycles in the national parks, no building any custom bikes , no motor racing , no ace café , no future with these dictating wankers and general weird fu@k wits running the country. The rest of Europe you can do all of the above no hassle at all , we should not let the fu@k wits get away with it .

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Dec 08

Posts: 1291

boybilly1967 says:

Funny how the Police dont close Mosques down preaching race hatred, and inciting people to commit acts of terrorism. Hmmm

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