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15 April 2011

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Desmosedici D16RR with full race termi system and Rossi 2011 sticker kit as fitted by Ducati Wolverhampton (thanks guys - top job) And before I get any bitchy comments I worked long and bloody hard to get this Bike!!!

Mods: Engine tuning, Exhaust, Front suspension, Paintwork/cosmetics, Rear suspension

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Average rating: rating is 4 (87 ratings)

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Throbbingdonkey I never ask this question of riders because it seems overdone to me but what top speed have you seen on this bike? It is gorgeous!

03 December 2011 06:25



Nice Bike :)

15 August 2011 20:24


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VW ??

Still love the Desmo....but VW campers etc are right off my radar

S'pose that folks who are good at making money are good at exploring new ideas and finding niches in the market.

I wish u luck with the new venture, but as a middle aged bike nut I love most things with two wheels and can't really find any interest of enthusiasm for v dub campers or bike trailers!!...still,  it wouldn't be good if we were all the same.

Forget the vans, the trailers, the the jealous bods....and get that beaut' out and have some fun; happy days!

24 July 2011 10:28


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Your post about my Bike

Hiya matey... Many thanks for your post about my Bike..And appreciate your comments.. Makes me a bit sick sometimes when I get all kinds of abuse and sarccy comments from supposed Bike fans.... I have also got an old 1975 Honda Monkey Bike I use for hooning around on (62m.p.h flat out ha ha) and get also get people looking down their noses when I,m on that.... But as Suzi Perry said in MCN a few weeks ago us Bikers should try and stick together a bit more before the idiots from Brussels make it compulsory for us all to ride electric Bikes and dress top to toe in day-glow yellow! Grrr.

Anyways - cheers for your message and I have no ideas if its of any use to you (or your mates) but I am just starting a classic VDub Camper Van Hire Company and was wondering what the general reaction would be from Bikers??? - I know loads of people love going off on their Bikes but do you think it would appeal for anyone as a "sweeper" vehicle and somewhere with a half decent bed to crash in at night??? - Or maybe even stick a tow-bar on the back with a two Bike trailer and then trundle off somewhere for hols and take Bikes with them to use when they get to their chosen destination???
Or have I gone totally  mad with that idea???
What you think??? - You seem like a decent bloke and I would appreciate a totally independant point of view.

Whatever... Have a top day and keep it sunny side up!
Regards... Rog   a.k.a    throbbingdonkey:smile

04 July 2011 10:12




Throbbing donkey your a legend!!

30 June 2011 14:37

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