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BMW K1200S 2005

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11 February 2008

Average rating: rating is 3.5

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (8 ratings)

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BMW K1200S

As an ageing pensioner, I bought this to keep up with the lads on out trips out, the riding position is not tank lying so no more aching back n wrists, Lots a power, you have to keep an eye on the needle, good sized fuel tank, so filling up not so often, it is a heavy bike , so thank god for the centre stand. Will out live me for sure. Wish I got one earlier

15 September 2011 09:41


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i no uve heard it b4

They are better than they look. I am not so keen on the new colours but that is just preferance. The bike handles really well and although quite long, it can hussle through the twisties really well. Just keep checking the speedo because going fast is sooo easy and exceptionally comfortable. The riding position is not extreme so its good for long distance. I can quite happily ride until i need fuel. So in short the answer is YES.

21 February 2008 11:52

brutale r

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brutale rsays

i no uve heard it b4

but i was so close in getting one but they wernt readerly avialable in australia when i was ready to upgrade so are they as good as they look and the test repoerts

12 February 2008 04:56