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Yamaha MT-01 2005


27 August 2008

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Stage 2 Kit with ECU, Single Seat and full Akkros. Loads of Carbon, by Pro-Bike Newbury. Tail Chopped off, obligitory Stella Can, Mini LED Indicators, Screen and Mirrors by me. She is so loud she makes Grannies drop their shopping!

Mods: Bodywork, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Lights, Lightweight parts, Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 4 (28 ratings)

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Looks awesome!

03 December 2008 18:57


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Looks (and I bet sounds) awesome. The reviews put me off buying one.. but looking at this one.. I don't know. I bought an naked FZ1 instead and it has lived up to my expectations as a great street bike (even if lacking torque and good looks.. I could go on).. love the mods.. you must be loaded !!!

26 October 2008 19:28

irsh jordie

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irsh jordiesays


I love these bikes. tastly modded too.

04 September 2008 10:33