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Suzuki SV650S 2007

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29 September 2008

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Nearly stock SV650S, Conti Road Attack Shod. Peg-down litre bike stalking RD250 of the 21st century! Cant you tell I like them a lot? SV FTW!!!

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Brakes, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Footrests, Front suspension, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 1.5 (58 ratings)

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I got one, had it from new, nearly 5 months old now. I can see the attraction, price, looks, engine, but the reality is, it is indeed a good deal in relation to its £4465 OTR cost, but the frame is actually extruded ali, look on its inside and its actually hollow! nothing there except a few strengthening webbings, from the outside it looks like a proper solid extrusion but its not!

Brakes are only good because of its lightweight, they are not good quality/powerful brakes, just merely adequate compared to many other bikes. If it weighed 15-20kg more they would struggle alot. Same with the suspension, only preload adjustment on already very soft suspension, Easy to bottom out, no rebound damping and alot of dive under braking. Brake hard, suspension bottoms out, steering angle gets very steep, feeling of going over the front, and no suspension travel left to soak up any undulations in the road. Quite a scary situation. Its very basic, but built to a price. Be happy it only cost you half of what a gsxr etc costs and its a fab bike as standard, Compare it to others and you'll be disappointed like i am becoming. The paint is so thin it dulled within a few weeks of riding-either side of my tank protector, tho hasn't worn through yet.

Screws and bolt heads are made of cheese, softest bolts i've ever found on a motorbike.

But like i said, it is a good bike for the money, just don't compare it to other simillar looking stuff thats twice the price as you'll be very disappointed,

27 February 2012 00:06


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still my favourite!

29 September 2008 20:21


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Love 'em !

one of the best mid range bikes on the road ,and this one sounds and looks a corker!

Maxie x

29 September 2008 11:26