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Kawasaki ZX-10R 2006

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01 June 2009

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Best model ZX-10R... The underseat cans look great and in the best colour too, (Metallic Raw Titanium is better than green!).

Mods: Brakes, Crash protectors, Exhaust, Lightweight parts, Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 4 (3 ratings)

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A lot of the speedo business could be down to gearing? I don't know really, but I've heard 'speedohealers' can right the speedometer. But yeah, even if the speedo says 70, you can bet anything it's actually 65... or lower.

I agree with you on the sexy curves of the D model too - it looks great, doesn't it?!

13 June 2009 11:35


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ZX-10R 06/07 The best!

I bought the 07 model of this bike (Basically the same) because it had underseat exhausts!

It is a matter of taste but I prefer the feminine lines and curves of this model and the sexy exhausts.

I did have to get my bike in titanium but replaced the tank and plastics with green ones once I could - and when titanium the fastest I ever got was an indicated (not actual I know!) 187mph, and yet since turning green I have had an indicated 191mph so I argue that in fact, Green ones do go faster!

This also begs the question - if restricted to 186mph why is the bike able to display higher? Does it know what speed it is REALLY doing and still shows the typical indicated speed - everyone knows speedos are inaccurate but why not display the actual speed? Have you also noticed this?

09 June 2009 11:25


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Cheers mate

I've always wanted the 2006 model 10R personal preference like you said). Cheers fastasfox, I like all Kwaks too, but mine don't have to be green! Your ZX-6R is mint btw ... deffo 5 stars!

03 June 2009 16:59


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Im a big big kawasaki fan and over the past 20 years i could point out what kwaks changed things big time gpz900  zzr 1100,  zx6 f,  zx6 b1h,and the zx10r c1h. The 06 model just didnt do that.The rear looks too fat and heavy thanks to the under seat pipes. The 06 zx10 is still a fantastic bike and im glad you love yours but for a real green blood kwak fan it just misses the mark.The press dont bang on about it like they do about the c1h and even the zx6 b1h. please dont be offended we all have different taste. Ride safe !!!

02 June 2009 21:08


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Erm... no.

I'm sorry, but in back-to-back speed tests, the Metallic Raw Titanium bike has been consistently quicker - that green paint is thick you know... But fastasfox, the 04/5 is erm... wait for it.... slower, and my Akkies, I'll think you'll find, look MINT! And date the bike? Not really. Plus, the D6F has the new (better) clocks, clear indicators, mean headlights, more aerodynamic bodywork, updated slipper clutch, etc etc... Cheers anyway, cos I think it's the best!

02 June 2009 07:46

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