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Gavin Davies


My bikes:



Rolls Royce Aero Apprentice



Clubs I belong to:

More of a Lone Ranger really. I support NABD

Experience with bikes:

Up to 3 years

What I use my bike for:

  • Commuting

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

Mainly to/from home in Peterborough to Derby. So look out for me on the A1, the A606, A6006, A6, A50, and finally the A514 into Derby.

My dream bike:

My two older Kwaks are slowly being turned into cafe racers. I'd also love a stroker to add to the stable. And a 1992 Blade. And a KTM RC8R.

My favourite music:

Iron Maiden

Other stuff about me:

Once known as Tinkerbell (I tinker, and my GPZ used to have a "I heart my bike" bell on the fairing!), don't really have a nickname now. Since buying my er6n in may i've done over 8000 miles in erm about 3 months on the road. New commute a little shorter, but still going to be 700 a week! I think since I started riding 2.5 years ago I've racked up about 30k miles, and alot of experience, sun rain and snow. The low spot was finding frost on the inside of my visor during a 100 mile journey in nearly -15 degs! The high spot... dunno really. Could be chasing an RGV round cadwell on my GPZ500, feeling the disc warping but not giving a damn I was having to much fun. Or it could be as simple as pootling back to the house, lid open, at 30 at 11pm on the last road home, enjoying the burble of the er6 and the wind in my face. The funniest moment was chasing a lad on a derestricted dt125 who'd dropped a glove. I found it after he'd gone, and could just make out the brake light disappearing into the distance. With the glove in my gob, lid up and tears streaming due to the wind, I was doing 90 to try and catch him before I lost him. I think I found him by the smell of the dt alone! Bloody thing didn't half shift, and with half a mile head start, I nearly lost him. Funny as hell, and made my week when I caught him. Enjoy your now rather dribbley glove dude!

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