Top 5 riding boots for adventurers

By MCN -


 04 July 2014 12:00

The adventure bike boom that’s been roaring for the last decade has introduced a wider audience to the joys of clasp boot fasteners. Just as bikes have crossed over from the dirt arena to the road world, so has the kit and now chunky-soled waterproof boots that do up with clips and straps are as common and toesliders, zips and Velcro. Here are five of the best pairs of adventure riding boots you can find for sale at

Sidi Courier, £212.99
The Couriers have been trusty performers for years, with a trials-style flat rubber sole with no instep for comfort while riding stood on the pegs. Metal shields on the front of the toes give the full-grain leather upper protection from scuffing and water is kept out by a waterproof and breathable membrane. Heels, toes and shins get plastic protectors and there’s a second layer of leather to protect against wear on the gearshift. They fasten with adjustable clasps, come in black only and in sizes 7-12.

Richa Adventure, £99.99
Budget-priced boots are made from a leather upper with a chunky rubber sole and a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry when the skies are emptying. They fasten with two clasps and a Velcro section and come in black only, in sizes 4-13.

Prexport Touring, £149.99
Move up the price scale from the basic Richa offerings and you get a waterproof membrane that’s also breathable, stretch panels for a closer fit and reflective panels at the back of the heel. They fasten with adjustable straps, have shin and ankle protectors built-in and come in black in sizes 7-12.

Falco Mixto 2 ATV, £169.99
Classy Italian-made boots with a full-grain leather upper that comes in brown or black, a High-Tex waterproof lining, shin and ankle protectors and a micro-adjustable clasp closure system. The leather is shielded from heat where it sits near the bike and there’s a textured sole. They come in sizes 5-12.

TCX Track Evo WP, £189.99
Top-line brand TCX’s boots have off-road orientated features like elasticated closures at the top to prevent dirt getting inside, as well as a knobbled pattern on the sole for grip on dirt surfaces. There’s a waterproof membrane, protection for shins, heel and toes and the suede leather upper comes in dark grey in sizes: 6.5-12.5.