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 12 July 2014 08:00

A back protector is a worthy part of any rider’s kit. It helps protect ribs, lungs and kidneys in the event of a tumble, as well as keeping your spine covered. A decent one will secure via shoulder and waist straps, and will cover a large area of your back. Look for Level 2 of the CE standard, which absorbs more impact energy. All five of these sub-£100 back protectors meet Level 2 and are available at

Knox Aegis, £99.99
British company Knox’s Aegis is all about flexibility, airflow and comfort while also meeting the standards of the tougher Level 2 impact tests for CE safety approval. Flex channels allow it to sculpt around the rider’s back and also help hot air escape, preventing a sweaty back. The price is for an adult protector, but models for kids cost less.

Held Sakari, £84.99
The soft and mouldable SASTec material used in the Sakari makes it ideal for shaping to the rider’s body, and it performs well in impact tests. The armoured part can also be removed so it can be washed and kept fresh.

Spidi Back Warrior Evo, £89.99
This protector meets the highest impact standards while remaining thin and light, weighing just 520g. An adjustment system allows it to fit riders up to 6ft 2in tall. It also folds up to make it easier to carry around when not on the bike.

Forcefield Blade L2, £99.99
Forcefield’s new-for-2014 back protector is designed to be lighter and thinner than the firm’s other offerings. It uses layers of protective material that can slide freely across each other for extra comfort. The Blade L2 still meets the higher Level 2 CE standard.

Alpinestars Bionic Air, £89.99
The use of a dual-density material allows Alpinestars’ protector to be light and still meet the higher CE Level 2 standard. It’s made from plates that can flex to follow the contours of the rider’s back and there are wings designed to limit movement of the shoulder blades and cover the kidneys.